04 January 2009


I am possibly the maddest person in the world right now. I landed in Kolkata yesterday to find that all flights to Hyderabad were all booked out, not just for the day but for Sunday and Monday as well! I got a very overpriced ticket for Tuesday, headed to a hotel recommended by a friend, undressed and have just been generally scowling ever since. And with due respect to all Bongs, Kolkata is really not of the places I'm very fond of. I don't think there's anything lovely about it for me to love it.

And why is everyone so amazed that I picked a hotel and not Mizoram house? Why should it be strange that I don't want to be stuck there for 3 days and night? I didn't go to Mizoram house because of the very simple reason that Mizoram house is a shitty dump and I hate it. I can stay there for a night maybe, but 3 days? No frigging way. It's got stained, dirty mattresses, and equally unhygienic looking sheets. And common people like me invariably only end up with some dank corner of the dorm. And last time I was there, we slept on mattresses on the floor. With strangers sprawled all around you breathing down your neck. So I hate it, and I think my hatred is reasonable and justified.

Too mad right now. Will continue later. I have all the time in the world. And I'm going to go find a funner way to kill some of it now.

(And just for the record, I sat next to a huge Sardar army man on my last flight - just to reiterate the fact that when it comes to airplanes, my luck is zilch).

And I feel like laughing now because it's almost funny. I'm sharing a hotel room with a huge double bed with a guy I never knew before. When we got to the hotel, there was only one double room left, and I was too tired to look elsewhere. So here I am, a nice enough hotel room, massive double bed, and a guy I met around 3 PM yesterday haha. But he is a Mizo, and that makes everything okay. Or does it? In any case, I don't give a damn anymore. He sleeps on his side of the bed and I on mine. And all you my gasping friends, you should try it too. I can tell my granchildren some day that grandma liked living wild and that I once spent 3 nights sharing a hotel room and a even a bed with a stranger. While all of you will never have such an interesting story to tell your grandkids and they will forever think you were an old person even when you were young.

Stranger and I are going to see a romantic movie now. hahaha this is sooo funny. The funniness is seeping into the very core of me, and I want to throw my head back and laugh out loud. But you only do that kind of thing with friends. Sigh.

Wish me luck. Or pray that tomorrow just magically becomes the shortest day in the history of the earth.


illusionaire said...

Welcome back dearie! About time you throw us an update too :) Glad to know you had a great vacation, and sorry about the current experience there in Cal. lolz.

Man you ARE wild! :-P When you tell your grandkids about these wild days of yours, let me know so that I can come over and show them some photographic proof too :D

hehehee, sharing a bed with a strange man is sometimes not considered odd in our close knitted society, especially in unforseen circumstances like this. But other people would definitely find this strange, as most people usually assume two people to be having sex if they sleep on the same bed*... I guess these are some of the few things I really like about our culture.

*Although, of course the last time we all slept on the same bed together you "decorated" my face with hideous make-up and did something that would haunt me for the rest of my lives, but other than that, I guess its ok. :-)

illusionaire said...

Ps. Mizoram House is a shitty dump only if you are over there all alone by yourself. But if you're lucky enough to find someone you know or somebody who has the same common friend as you do, then I sincerely believe it is better than any other hotels in Cal. :) Its all luck, my friend.

BW said...

Kima hian comment pahnih a rawn dah hman elaw? Ava ngaisang tak che em! Hetianga comment han phur em2, a mak ka ti tawp..lolz, dearness, experience etc etc tih hian in inko nasa riau mai, ka ngaih a tha lo..Bteii chance a tlem tlat...
Bakah, Kolkata hi REL tawh suh ang che!

Moral Police - Legal Cell of Mizoram

Nags said...

hahaha, that does sound like fun. And it makes me feel a bit sad that i may not get the chance to do something like this again. but who knows, eh?

have fun! ok, try :)

Sam said...

A dignified cow deserves a better room than the shitty rooms at Mizoram House. With Human-rickshaws to see around Bongs' great city is nothing to be proud of either.

I hope some sensible person like you will one day highlight the shameful and unhygienic state of our 'Mizoram Houses' in any major newspapers back home in our home state.

Btw, the stranger must be careful for even his breathing sound might be blogged here.. haha...

Wishing u all the best in your fight to stay calm and in peace.

claytonia vices said...

Well, if MY grand kids ever make a comment on how boring OUR generation was I will bring them to you :)

DayDreamBeliever said...

ka nui hrih phot...will be back.
PS: Erm...could this guy be the "perfect" stranger? :P

Almost Unreal said...

the starnger...i guess you are not "hawwt" for him else he won't be in one piece...hahhahahaa

VaiVa said...

Mizoram House pan loh chhan kha by chance nge by luck!!! Ka thiam mai ang che

Kumthar i va han hmang hot bik ve!! lol

Jerusha said...

Kimkims - When you come over to show my grandkids photographic proof, remember to bring your grandkids so I can show them some pictures to make them see grandpa in a new light :)

I hear you about sleeping on the same bed and how harmless it can be in our culture, it's good to be able to let down your guards and relax knowing you're with your people and you feel safe. And come on, quit being a whiner. We did a wonderful job on you, that makeup was by no means hideous!~

And as for Mizoram house, forget about the good banter and camaraderie that we Mizos share that make all place fun. We just need to look at the house minus all that, and it's a shitty dump and that's it.

Jerusha said...

BW - Kol rel lam pawh a ni lo, a nihna ang a sawi ani deuh ber mai :) And I couldn't make it that last day because we were sleeping in the evening and got up late at night so all our plans were messed up.

Nags - Absolutely! No one knows, you know what, I think this would actually be funnier and even more interesting if I was married, so I hope you get a chance to do it too! And I hope your husband doesn't read this lol

Jerusha said...

Sam - The shameful state of our state houses has always been something I've been complaining about. When I wrote this post, I actually had a full paragraph about what I think of them - the budget they got, the amount of money used, and the end results and the food and the people...I could go on and on. If I wrote for a paper, I would definitely write about this. But a poor blogger's got no chance on the real papers, so I guess I'll have to wait for you or someone else to do it.

Clay - Sure, you and illusionaire can come together. Save money carpooling.

Jerusha said...

Cherrie - Unfortunately not. The perfect stranger I hope would not be years younger to me as this guy was lol

Unreal - haha yeah of course, I don't go running around having the hots for someone who'd be the perfect match for my baby sister lol. Young men are best left alone :)

Vaiva - Luck loh vang bak ani lo lol Hot thra khawp mai hei, mahse tunah chuan kan khua ka thleng leh tawh a ka mood a thra leh e!

Calliopia said...

LMWAO this reads almost like a romantic comedy. So did you and Stranger exchange phone numbers and stay in touch? Or was it a slam bam thank you for the night together and movie, man? :P

Happy new year btw. Cherrie and I wanted to get in touch with you while you were here but we didn't know how. Pity, cause you missed a chance to meet two of your fans here :)

virgochhas said...


BW te inah va thlen tur alawm...a hming a va tihbuai ve re re a tan...

stranger pics ron post loh chuan naupang a ni tih proof pawh awm si lo :D

Happy New Year

BW said...

Hyderabad kha India rama ka khua la kal tawh a, a hrehawm BER awm e :) ...Hyderabad kal takah, Hyderabadi biryani a hming in ka ei ve a, Delhi ami a tluk lo daih *hihi*
I rawn kal lo chu pawilo ti tawh mai ang :)))

illusionaire said...

Hettttssss sala Hyderabadi biryani in Delhi a mi a tluk lo a maw??? uaaak thuuu. Delhi Biryani a tui loh nen nen!!!! Khawvel a tui ber Hyderabadi biryani.

Nilenga Abids Paradise vela Biryani ei reng hi a van nuam thei tak e awwwwwwwwww!!!!

My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!

Anonymous said...

stranger-a chu i khoih chhiat loh atakah.......(poor guy)