30 June 2006

Cute Stuffs!

My kind of litter! Sarah & Mawitea with the new kittens..
See the sack marked 'Buh Ban'? And see the 'thlangra'? That's so Mizoram isn't it? :-)

Somebody told me that's a horny spotted owlet..spotted horny owlet..well, whatever! I've forgotten..only thing I know for sure's that it's horny! :-)

It's cute anyway.

I've turned Vegan!

27 June 2006

A Day of Sports..almost

Mind still blank, head empty, absolutely nothing on my mind. So I'll just continue posting pictures instead.

Me holding a cricket bat for the very first time in my life..will probably be the last time as well.

- at the Golkonda Resorts & Spa.

Germany here we come! Our Soulmates soccer team. Pretty formidable-looking team eh?

Me doing what I do best when it comes to sports - watch from the sidelines and cheer and take pictures.

22 June 2006

Touch-me-nots after the rain..

That's the Bay of Bengal...

My mom's poor strawberries thrashed by the rain -

Lengpui from a plane -
Aizawl pumpui a ka ngaih ber -
That's us at the Zo Mahal.

21 June 2006

Yakkity Yak

I'm up late.. again! And to think just a few days ago, I resolved to be in bed every night by 11:00 P.M. Anyway, the reason I'm up late is that a guy I know's yellow face on yahoo suddenly glowed and we got into this real deep, extremely enlightening talk.
Lately I've been feeling dumber and dumber each day, thicker in the head, hell, I swear there are days I can feel the juice of ignorance seeping into my very marrow! And now I finally know the reason why - it's because of the company I keep! If you'll see the kind of intellectual conversations that goes on between us, you'll know what I mean!
And now, straight from my yahoo archives, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you an example of one of my more intellectually stimulating conversation with one of my more gifted friends -

_mee:so wat u been oin?
vice:howz u?
_mee: im bored
_mee:tell me a joke
vice:nar ok
vice:why did the man with the one hand cross the street?
_mee:um..dunno, why?
vice:to get to the second hand shop
vice:shitty really
vice:Did you hear about the 3 aboriginal terrosits? (terrosits???)
vice: they found 2 but 1 is missing, they found Bin Lazy, Bin Drinking
vice: but they haven't found Bin Working
_mee:who do you like better? superman or batman?
vice:cause he is trying to hide his insanity
vice:Superman is insanity, but hides it to become a human
vice:Batman is human but becomes insanity
vice:not some fuckhead that is crazy that wishes he was human
vice:Someone that wishes he was human has an identity crisis
vice:U understand ?
_mee:but i like Superman way better
vice:because u see his underwear?
_mee:he's the real superhero, not a human who's only superhero part-time
_mee: like batman, or some freak mutant like spiderman
vice:well spiderman has a life ... whereas superman wishes he had a life
vice:plus Superman is a homosexual
vice:i guess that's why you like him
vice:ha ha ha a smart ass
vice:i'd bash him
_mee:my tongue hurts
vice:ha ha ha well get your tongue out of my a**
_mee:why don't you get your a** off my tongue?
vice:cause my ***... is BIG
_mee:like how big? bigger than superman's?
vice:man u better not be a freak
vice:i'm trusting you here

You who? Me?? ***GRIN***

20 June 2006

For Rocky

Yes, thou art gone! and never more
Thy sunny smile shall gladden me;
But I may pass the old church door,
Pace the floor that covers thee.
May stand upon the cold, damp stone,
And think that frozen lies below
The lightest heart that I have known,
The kindest I shall ever know.
Yet, though I cannot see thee more,
'Tis still a comfort to have seen;
And though thy transient life is o'er,
'Tis sweet to think that thou hast been...


19 June 2006

Hello world!

I'm back!!

And here are some pictures from The Land of The Blue Mountains as promised -

Waterfall # 1 - Somewhere, Lengpui Airport - Aizawl road. I wanted to get closer but this was the best I could do, the ground was too damp and slippery to do much trekking.

The next 4 pictures are of exactly the same scenery on different days under different weather conditions.
Taken from the window of my room, the sight that greeted me when I got up in the morning almost every day during my 3 week stay there -
Cloudy, sky overcast, slightly drizzly, but beautiful nonetheless.

Another day, slightly more well behaved clouds sleeping :-) over Zemabawk -

The calm before the storm! It's going to rain 'Ruahpui Vanawn', as we Mizos call it.

One of the few days that we actually saw the sun -

Waterfall # 2 - I didn't even have to step out of the car to get this one, clicked away seated comfortably inside the car.

This one's for my sunset-loving sister - Virgo. Taken from Chaltlang Road.

Durtlang kham from Chaltang kabristan -

Aizawl Theological College te reuh te in a lang, again from Chaltlang kabristan.

The city at night from Zemabawk -

Sometimes I wonder why I even leave home at all when the place and the people are so beautiful there...but then I'd remember, all that beauty and fresh air can make one sick! And that's why I can't stay still and keep on straying.

Waterfall # 3 - Near Sairang.

05 June 2006

Dial-up Sucks!!!

I was gonna post some breathtaking pictures of Mizoram, but my old buddy, the infamous dial-up connection of home won't let me. It's such a pity cos' I got some really great pictures here, my old Olympus has been replaced by a new, more sophisticated Sony.
Anyway, just to let y'all know..I was sick and in and out of the hospital for a while, but now I'm better than new!
By the time I get back to work, I'll be considerably heavier and ..fun - inside out! :-)