18 May 2009

What Women Really Want

Now that I've blogged enough about my 'baby' sister's marriage, I've had many questions about when I get to do it (as expected). It's difficult because like Macavity says, all the good men are either married, gay, priests, dead, or Vampires.

See, the thing here is, it's easy for some because the kind of things they look for in a man are maybe a bit more realistic and therefore easier to find (and I mean that in a good way). While there are these unfortunate, stupid few who can't shake their dreams of romance and everlasting love and dancing under the stars and are, therefore, doomed to wander longer, if not for their entire lifetimes on earth. What I mean here when I say what women really want are what those unfortunate women want. I'll tell you what those crazy women want because I'm one of them.

On one of my travels, I met this lovely couple from Israel - Anat & Arieh. Anat is actually Italian and so they love and eat a lot of Italian food. Before her mom passed away, Anat's mom gave all her secret recipes to Arieh instead of her own daughter! "Cook for her" she told him, and they're in their late 50s now and Arieh has been faithfully cooking Italian food for Anat ever since. And that's the kind of story I want for myself.

And what else do I and the rest of those unfortunate women want? Not all that complicated really....

- We don't want you to cross oceans for us. We only want you to swim just two miles across a lake for us. Swim across forbidden lakes, defy governments and house arrests to be with us. (Apparently, someone's been reading the news :))

- Fly across the planet because you suddenly realise the world may end anytime and you think it would be sad to never get to be with me before it ended ;) (I'm winking at you Hellboy :))

- And do small, easy things. Like using my name as your password.

- Love my dog. Or my cat. Or my goldfish. Or my parakeet. Or my pet snake. Not for their sake, but because you love me.

- Write me a poem. Or a song. However crappy it may be. Let the grammar and the syntax be all off, but write me one anyway.

- Strengthen my belief in myself and God. All too often I see couples where the women become increasingly neurotic and insecure as the relationship wears on. And all too often, for some reason or the other, God becomes a distant 'third party' in your lives.

- Make me a better person by treating my family and friends like they're better than you.

- Ask me to dance with you in the rain. Wake me up in the middle of the night to dance with you under the stars.

- Run through the water sprinklers with me on a hot summer day without worrying about looking stupid and what people think.

- Go shopping with me, and pretend you don't hate it so much. Even if you do.

- Write me letters sometimes (not emails, real paper letters). Even if we see each other every damn day.

- And still woo me and read me poetry when I am old and gray and full of sleep...

And I can go on and on...as I'm sure all my similar-feathered friends will have their own inexhaustive lists. But hey, none of them are that difficult are they? Nothing about diamonds or fast cars or fancy homes.

Just real love and real men.

(And don't mention reading too many Mills & Boon novels. I've only read one, or two at the most in my life!)

12 May 2009

Isn't she lovely!

Here it is finally - my sister's 'I Do' pictures. I'm happy for her, but it's still a weird feeling when somebody you still can't stop thinking of as your 'baby' sister is now a married woman. But looking at this picture, I see she is indeed a woman now, and she looks lovely!
Someone I know saw the above picture and exclaimed "When in the world did you get married??!" :P
The many kids in our family. Check out the encircled area, that's got to be the cutest little pair of slippers on the most adorable little pair of feet I've seen in a long time :)And I look at this picture of a Kolasib (where the wedding took place) countryside and all I can think of is how much I miss Mizoram right now. I want to walk on those tiny roads and roam the forests and breathe in that good Mizoram air. In fact, I know exactly what that countryside must smell like - fresh earth and foliage baking in the sun. The type of smell that the most expensive perfume makers will never be able to capture in a bottle. The type that makes you remember warm daddy bear hugs and soft mum hands and cute cousin feet :) I haven't missed home this badly in a long time, and I don't think I'm going to be able to wait till Christmas to get there.

04 May 2009

And yet more disadvantages

What used to be a 10 Rupee note after Bozo -My iPod speaker cable after Bozo -
Cable that used to connect iPod to laptop after Bozo (the new one cost me Rs 500)
Something that used to be a Rs 250 leash after Bozo -
And now after many, many chewed up pairs of shoes and T-shirts and many other disabled cables (cooler cable, extension cords) later, he's still with us. Also, dog food isn't cheap, he drinks more milk in a month than I would in a year, and doggy toys are as expensive as real kid toys. And I pull out of so many dinners and night outs I feel like a mother who's got to rush home early every night because she's got kids at home. But yes, he's still around, and it's because of moments like these :)

01 May 2009

Advantages & disadvantages of owning a dog

Bozo the much loved, spoiled family dog. He is 9 months old but he still thinks he's a month old puppy. And as you can see, his cuteness is overwhelming. Bozo guards my room faithfully. Bozo makes coming home so lovely. Bozo is affectionate and extremely loving. Bozo makes us laugh.
Then he chews up my friends' ciggies when they spend the night here. No room for anyone else's cigarette packs except mine and Orpi's I guess.