17 December 2009

My Technological Romance

Have you ever thought about how complicated ending a relationship in this age of technology is getting to be? I mean the cutting ties part specifically. In the old days, all that breaking up involved was simply making a decision - by one or both parties, and coming to an agreement of sorts.

Of course, you did have some choices as to what medium you want to use. You can do it face to face, where once you're done you walk away and that marks the end of it all. Or you may be doing it over your landline phone which doesn't have the ability to store and remember phone numbers, you talk (or scream depending on the nature or extent of his sin) on the phone, and it's all over when you hang up. Or you decide to be a wimp and write a letter, it's enough dropping it in the postbox and walking away.

Look at us now...The amount of time and energy it takes to ensure there are no loose ends - assuming it's one of those nasty breakups where you know you're better off never to have any sort of contact with him again.

Let's see - you have to first delete his name off off your cellphone. If you happen to use two cellphones, that's double the work. You want to make sure you don't call him during a period of momentary weakness resulting from a momentary lapse of willpower and reason.

You also want to make sure you don't call his friends asking for his number in a momentary fit of desperation, so you'll have to see to that too - be brave and delete his friends' numbers.

Next in priority are all the other forms of instant communication - Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM...

Then there's Facebook, you'll have to delete him from your Facebook friend list.

And there's Orkut...

And any other site that you very cutely decided to join together - example, WAYN, Ask A Ninja...

You also have to remember to unfollow each other on Twitter!

Then you think you're done. But you remember you favorited that cheesy YouTube video of him and his friends graduating from high school. You mustn't forget to remove that from your favorite list.

And you know what's worse than all of these? The rare chance that you may want to kiss and forgive each other. Imagine making up after all that hard work! Think of all the intense labor that making up will entail...

This is probably one of the best reason to just go and get married. At least you can spare yourself all that trouble that way.


09 December 2009

Mizo Bible a James leh Jakoba te hi

Hei hi Mizo zawng zawng chuan kan zawt fo tawh hlawmin ka hria. English Bible a James tih Mizo Bible a Jakoba tih a han dah daih mai chu a inpersan em em mang e ka ti thin a, Mizo rilru ah chuan hming hrang hlak pahnih an ni sia. Ka zawt kual in mi in an discuss na te pawh hi ka en kual nual tawh a. Mahse chung zingah chuan Sap pa pakhat, Mizo tawng kawi khat mah hre lo in a rin dan a min explain sak hi a awm ang berin ka hria.

James hi chu he hming English version a lo ni ta a, Italian - Giacomo, French - Jacques, Swahili - Yakobo, Hebrew - Ya'akov, Latin - Jacobus. Bible an translate khan English James hmang lo hian Latin Jacobus atang in an la a ni thei em?

English Bible atang a translate pawh lo ni ta se, mihring hming te hi chu a original Greek atang a 'English version' a 'alter' tawh an lo ni ta a. Chuta tang a Mizo a thlak leh chhawn chuan keini Mizo version kha a 'dal' tawh dawn em avangin, a original source Greek atang a thlak tawh atanga Mizo version a thlak leh ai chuan Mizo Bible atan chuan Latin kha source language a hman zawk kha a fair pawh a fair zawk hrim hrim :-)

A original Greek anih ngati nge an hman mai loh tih hi rin thiam dan pawh a har tawh. Mahse ngatinge Greek an hman loh tih ai chuan, ngati nge Latin an hman tih chu risk a awl leh deuh. Latin an hman chhan ni thei awm chu hmanlai Rome ho hun lai atang tawh khan Latin kha biakin lingua franca, an language puipa ber a nih vang te pawh a nih ve theih hmel tho.

Peter, John, and Luke te pawh hi Latin chuan Petrus, Johannes, leh Lucas an nia. English hming atang a let lo ni ta se John te hi Johna tih mai awm ania, Latin atanga let an lo nih ngei chuan Johannes atang a Johana a dah te hian awmzia a nei deuh zawk in ka hria.

Mahse sawi tawh angin, hei chu risk khawm ania. Chiang taka hria in awm chuan min han hrilhfiah teh u.


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