21 April 2009

Some PhotoFunia fun

Silly, but I still can't stop laughing :)

Here's a sizzling Macavity -
Next, we have a buff Orpi -
And then a Sohna in Depp's clothing -
Then of course, Yours Truly. Couldn't pass up the chance to have Dane Cook all over me :)

13 April 2009

A contented little shit

I logged on for the first time today to see what messages people have lovingly left for me. There was only one and it said: I see that you are a little shit. I will start calling you Miss Pissy!

What would my life be without such loving people in my life leaving me such wonderful messages of goodwill and cheer like this one! **sigh** It's so good to be loved.

So today because I just couldn't get enough of the beauty of the Earth, we went walking in the park ignoring the 39 degree Centigrade heat and the toxic amount of ozone we were possibly exposed to. Nothing a good sunscreen and dark shades can't take care of right?

Anyway, it was well worth it, and I took pictures so you all can share in the prettiness of my world :D As a member of the region's fauna, I should and in fact do hate summers, but it's impossible to not love what it does to the flora though...The park was so vibrant with colors and life it just rejuvenates you. Way better than spending the day at an expensive spa.
I'm not sure which flower it came from but I swear the air smelled like honey. I half-suspected these yellow flowers...and I'm frustrated right now because I know (or at least used to) what they're called but I can't remember, been wracking my brains all day but still no divine revelations.
Now this picture below is a perfect example of how being an adult sucks sometimes. Those kids were stealing mangoes! And us, all we did was walk around appreciating trees and flowers and fruits and acted like decent citizens. Just once I want to climb over somebody's fence and climb a mango tree and steal some fruits again. I was a master in that game. And one thing about stolen fruits - the biggest, juiciest most expensive fruit that you can buy in the market will never ever ever taste half as good as that scrawny fruit you stole. That's why I strongly believe that fruits should only be stolen, never bought :-) Yet I've been consistently breaking this rule for the past God knows how many years because I'm a frigging adult!
You can't see it very clearly but see the hazy orange patch on the lawn? Those are orange Cosmos. Such a treat for this Cosmos girl.
And - single pairs of shoes on the roadside always makes me wonder. Who did it belong to? Where's the other pair? How did this end up here? An auto accident? Drunk bike rider? In this particular case, what made the owner pick this one - was it keeping the long term investment in mind? (If so, very good investment I must say!) Or did he pick them for the style and fashion? Did the wearer ever secretly find his treads heavy while wearing them? And so on and so forth...
And, we hitched a free ride back home with an auto-wallah and his family :)
And that ends the day. And yes, I may be a little shit but I'm a pretty okay little shit! :-)

09 April 2009

General boringness

Let's chase it away. This picture I took of O a couple of nights back should do it. You have to look at that encircled body part and the magnitude of its size should have you doubling up with laughter. It's just a really weird picture because she's got a perfectly normal big toe but it came out all weird in this picture. At work with Macavity. We complain a lot. We work a lot. We laugh a lot. We dream about Keats and Shelley, zookeepers in Africa, and boring-red-haired-freckled-pale-yet-omg-I-love-him Irish men. We talk about our love for Billy Graham and Ritchie Blackmore equally passionately. And both our other computers are data centers :D Well, my other other computer. My other computer is tucked away in the kitchen shelves making friends with cobwebs.
And lastly - Hellboy!In fact, I actually feel like talking about movies a bit. Very unlike me. But I'm on the topic of Hellboy now, and I love both Hellboy movies. I love that scene in Hellboy II when that flower monster died and all the plant gunk spilled out of it but immediately sprang to life with green plants and white flowers. How beautiful was that! I love all movies with aliens, dragons, strange creatures, and vikings in it.

With the exception of Outlander. When that movie came out, I was excited as hell - dragons, aliens, Vikings, PLUS time-traveling all in one movie!! I thought whoever decided to make it was brilliant. But it was disappointing. The Vikings weren't hot. I know Wulfric was supposed to be, but he just wasn't somehow. He actually looked hot only finally in the end after he died.

And Smriti insisting on calling the Morwens 'Mormons' made it difficult to be serious. I mean you're sitting there trying to focus on the movie, and then Smriti chirps "Wasn't there another Mormon inside chewing up people?!?" She never figured it out till the end, despite us laughing every time she talked about them, she called them Mormons to the very end.

I also saw Watchmen recently. I can't stand what's his name - the Iron man guy..damn it I can't even remember his real name. Some Jr (the only name that keeps coming up in my head is Harry Conick Jr and I know it's not him). Especially with his woman beating role in Watchmen, I prayed fervently that he would die soon. My favorite character was Rorschach, but even he just made me think of Psychology classes in college and my much admired professor - Murthy Madam. It made me remember our Psychology classr0om with cracks all along the concrete wall and roof from a previous earthquake, and how Murthy Madam would say 'Roarrsshach' - always very deliberately.

Sigh. When do we get another movie like..Forrest Gump! There hasn't been any movie that I've seen in the last many years that has ever made a profound impact on me. No wonder I'm not a movie lover.

06 April 2009

Please let it stop

Is there any kindred soul out there who knows the pain, the pure torment and the wretchedness of living next to a function hall in India? A function hall used for wedding and engagement ceremonies.

I want to know who in this world thought putting together a band of hyper-muscled, sexually frustrated, testosterone-pumped young men and giving them drums and cymbals and trumpets and all other unpleasant percussion instruments would be a good idea! Why was he not gagged and mummified before he had a chance to voice his idea!

And I want to know how those overdressed, obese, and unhealthy guests can not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and yet manage to perceive such damaging energy wave as 'dancing music,' even prancing and hopping around several inches off the ground into the air propelled by it - and not out of the torture of having their eardrums blasted by having to endure up close sounds of such horrific amplitude. How those diabetic and sugar-ridden feet accomplish that is just beyond me.

And in this population of horny millions, calculate the odds of that function hall ever being quiet - which is never. Our poor souls! And all of this combined with the dry heat of this land, I have to get down and ask God what I have ever done to deserve this.

Oh! Suddenly for an exultant me, the mad drummers have all been suddenly led away by the Pied Piper I think, to be led to the river where they will deservingly be drowned. And in my room peace has reigned once again! But ssssh! If they hear me hurraying, they might come back again.

And for anyone who currently lives or have or will be living next to a popular function hall and knows what I'm talking about - I want to express my solidarity with all suffering comrades. Let us hope the recession, if we're going to have to deal with it anyway, at least hit us where it matters - people abandoning lavish halls and getting married simply at home to invest the money instead on new hearing aids - would be a good example.

Bozo & Lucky - Best friends come rain or shine

Bozo got pretty big, and also became more and more difficult to leave alone. He barked and howled and yelped everytime we left him alone, which was often. The neighbours complained, the landlord complained, and more than anything I felt bad for him because he wouldn't be so difficult if he was happy. I finally took him to my friend, Lucky's owner and dumped him there. I was initially afraid that Lucky with his bear like paws and claws and fangs would pounce on puny Bozo and kill him - intentionally or acidentally. But they have become the best of friends, and Bozo even bosses Lucky around. They are together all the time, and I'm glad for Bozo, and also glad for Lucky (who was left alone even more often than Bozo was). They are really happy together, and this makes me happy because I love them both. Cute vid of them and us killing the summer heat with our water guns.

Is it a bit weird that when Bozo runs off to play with Lucky leaving me alone, I feel a teeny bit jealous? It's a very embarrassing thing to admit, but god help me, I am jealous of an oversized dog!

04 April 2009

Sober thoughts

It's 6:40 am, and I've been up since 5 - reading, writing, praying a little (or at least trying to). It's ironic that throughout the week, I have to struggle to get out of bed when my alarm goes off at 7:30. And long for the weekend to come just so I can indulge in the languoruous luxury of sleeping in late. But here I am - awake and already bored. And it's not even 7 yet.

I woke up and before I was fully awake, a thought entered my head. Why do I wake up each day? What is the purpose of my life? It can't be just about work and fun and shopping. There has to be something else. And like any normal human being, I yearn to make my life mean something, that what I do or don't do can someday make a difference to other people. But wanting to be good doesn't mean being good. And this is what I think of when I wake up every day - is it enough to be happy? Why do I feel like I'm not doing what I should be doing - that I am an underperformer in life?

I work my ass off. I love, and revel in being loved. I laugh and cry - but what does it matter that I laugh harder than anyone else? What difference does it make if I have more fun in my life than the average person? I never feel it's enough. That doesn't make me this something that I feel I have to be.

Will God look at me and think what a waste of time it was that He created me and that He loved me and guided me and that I turned out like this? Will He suddenly decide to take my life away because He thinks it's wasted? I sometimes feel like I'm still living - but on a trial basis. "Okay, here's giving Jerusha some more chance to get her act together. Let's see if she'll ever live up to the reason why I created her." And if I don't prove myself worthy of this life I've been given, what then? Is that when God usually decides to rid the world of useless human beings?

I met a man last night, some fancy business man. We struck up a conversation and I still can't get over it. To keep it simple, he was talking about the purpose of his one day trip to India - some high level business deal. I joked that one day I would like to be invisible and sit in on one of these meetings where they talk about 'billions' of dollars, just to see how different it is from the meetings that I know. He said "It's not about the billions. In the end, there's only one question - are you happy?"

If being happy is all it takes to live a meaningful life, then my life is pretty meaningful. But I'm still pretty sure it's not just about happiness.