29 September 2008

The Curious Cat has meowed!

I asked myself, "Will this make me sound like I'm shouting to the world 'I'm a self-important, conceited bitch!'?" and the answer was "Probably yes," but I'm going to write it anyway. And let me hasten to assure you that I am not conceited at all, well maybe I am, just a tad! But truthfully, I'm just curious. So pardon me this little show of vanity or whatever you may call it, because I've been itching forever with it.

So the thing is, like your everyday, normal, average blogger, I have several tracking software running on this little blog of mine. And pretty much like the blog itself, all of them started out as experiments, lessons to teach myself stuff that I needed to know because my work demanded it. That was ages ago and I no longer need them, but I still do go in once a while to check whatever data they've faithfully collected for me - to oil my ego (or shatter it), and to appease the Gods of boredom.

But sometimes I become seriously curious about the 'people' I see there...Like today, I saw a person from Al Manamah, Bahrain searching on Google for "jerusha dignified cow" and I can't think of anyone I know who knows me in Bahrain, I am just dying to know more about this person, besides the fact that his/her operating system is a Windows XP, and that he is using Firefox 3.0.1, and that his computer screen resolution is 1280x1024, and he's got Javascript enabled, and his internet service provider is Batelco...

Oh who are you, mysterious person from the city of Manama in the Al Manamah region of Bahrain?!

There's another person from Islandia, New York, and another one from Atlanta, Georgia, whose absences are very conspicuous to me now and are causes for slight disappointments because they were almost like real people that I was used to seeing regularly. Then there are the IP addresses that I know by heart, and I can tell which friend it is and which part of the world that friend is from by just a quick glance at the decimalised numbers.

And I feel terrible everytime I see someone who's reached my page through a search done for "sexy girl(s) blog," "bad girl blog" (not that I'm not bad, just not that kind of bad bad..), or even "blogger help" (for I offer no support of any sort), and the ones looking for info or pictures of famous characters, for example, Samurai Jack, Thor, and more recently, Dorflein. And especially the ones searching for the 'my cup runneth over' song or the Bible verse.

To everyone who was looking for something, and you came in here because you were misled - I'm sorry. You can close me, and block me forever, and I promise I won't be hurt.

But./I'm late for dinner. Will continue later. If there;s anything worth continuing for..

23 September 2008

One less marriageable man

Did you ever read about Knut, the orphaned polar bear? Anyway, this is not about Knut, but the wonderful man who took care of him, lovingly nourished him and hand raised him - Thomas Dörflein. Dörflein died last night, and it just breaks my heart.

Knut's mother rejected him at birth, and "Thomas Dörflein, a modest, good-natured man selflessly stayed with Knut round the clock for 150 straight days, slept by Knut's side, fed him, cleaned up his mess...Knut would have died shortly after his birth without Doerflein's care. He nursed young Knut in his arms behind closed doors and wrestled with him after the bear grew old enough to play. When Knut made his public debut in March 2007, Doerflein was at his side." Total cuteness!
*sigh* Why do men like him never ask me out! They're both so adorable I just want to pack them in a bag and run away to Alaska with them. Knut now, big but still beautiful, and still loving Dörflein. "As long as he's with us, he will always regard Thomas Dörflein as his father. Knut now howls plaintively whenever he picks up Dörflein's scent" (source)

Awww...just how adorable and sad is that! Poor Knut :( He's gonna miss his friend so much.Rest in peace, Thomas Dörflein.

Apparently, some women considered Dörflein as marriagable as I did. He received a lot of marriage proposals, love letters, songs and poems women wrote for him :-) Some men, who clearly will never be as lovable as Dörflein was, joked about that a lot. "What do they want to marry him for? For playing with Knut? haha" they say.

I will not bother to elucidate. This is something where disambiguation is worthless, one either just understands, or never gets it at all, if you need someone to explain to you why men like Dörflein are worth marrying, it means you'll never get it.

But oh! for a man like Dörflein! Big & strong, with a ponytail, big boots, whose good heart overflows with love for all of God's little creatures...and a log cabin in Alaska, and a big dog, and clear skies, and clear waters...nine bean rows and a hive for the honeybee... ***sigh*** Bliss!

And the sad thing in my life, is that I will most likely never get to meet a man like that unless I go hang out at the zoo every day. In my environment, you only meet men who sleep with their computers, a lot of them pretty spoiled, money to spend but no warmth to share, men who love designer clothing and good food even more than women do...

While all I want is not someone who is rich, or handsome, I want a good man who loves animals. To throw in a good example, I found this little dog some days back while out walking, I at first thought it was dead. It was lying motionless on the side of the road, but on closer inspection I saw it was alive. It was literally skin and bones as you can see.
I couldn't leave it, and my apartment being a no-dogs one, I called a friend and told him I was on my way to his place with a gift for him. And turned up there with the dog, fearing he would refuse. But he found it pretty funny, mostly at its size (it was incredibly tiny!). And without any complaints, took it in, fed it - 'hand fed' it because the dog refused to eat, well, it was just too weak to eat...

And as I watched all this, I swear I fell half in love with him. :P


17 September 2008


Have I mentioned here before that I'm planning a trip to Thailand with a few of my friends in October? Anyway, I already have my tickets booked from the 17th - 26th. Which means 9 whole days of fun of sand and sea. But there's something that bothers me now, and I need to know if I'm being ridiculously stupid or should I listen to the voices in my head?

I am not prone to nightmares as an adult, but for the past few months, I've been having this recurring dream about being caught in a massive tidal wave. What always plays out in the dream - I'm on a beach somewhere having a good time, the first part of the dream is always good. Then out of the blue, I see this massive tower of water over me, like wayyy high, several storeys high, crashing down on me, and there would be absolutely no time or place to run. And it always ends there, I never see what happens after that. I would wake up terrified, my heart racing. The feeling would be so intense that I would still feel disturbed even the next day.

The day we booked our tickets, I started thinking about our little island trips (we're planning on going island-hopping), and instead of getting excited, I just became anxious because the dream kept coming into my head. and I have been feeling uneasy about it ever since.

Then, to make things worse, my mom, who is a worry wart by nature when it comes to her kids going on long journeys, but who is understanding and usually keeps her worries in check, freaked out on me. She kept saying she's got a bad feeling about my upcoming trip. She who can calm down when I go halfway across the planet alone, now refusing to see reason, acting like a super-nervous cat when my destination is only a mere 4-hour plane ride away.

I have a good mind to go cancel my ticket, and just not go. But I've been looking forward to this trip for a long time, and I really really want to go.

Am I just being irrationally nervous, am I being paranoid? Or should I listen to the voices and cancel?! But I'd feel sooo stupid if I decide to cancel. I'll feel better if I get some sleep I guess. I need the trip.


15 September 2008

Pictures & lessons

This is a picture of my desk. This is how it looks on any normal morning. I took this picture because I saw it in a completely new light when I walked in the other day. Me, I have never considered myself a lover of colors. If you open my wardrobe, you'll see lots and lots of blacks, whites, and mostly dull colors. I scoff at people who bedeck their work desks with cute, colorful pictures, or stuffed toys, or pictures of themselves/boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses/kids/relatives/even starngers. Until I was struck down with the light and it opened my eyes and I realised that I'm as bad as everyone else. I'm as disgustingly sweet and banal as the common man! Oh woe! :P Well, it's not too bad. I guess. At least the tables in my room at home are not that colorful. Did I ever mention that I use 3 tea bags in one cup? Yep, I like my tea strong, just like my men! :D

Check out this picture I took of this massive eagle the other day. I was in the kitchen cooking when I saw this bird perched atop the neighbor's toilet pipe. 'How romantic!' I thought, and went to get my camera. It must've been camera shy though, because it took flight the second I was about to take a shot...
A toilet pipe is a good perching place to perch on I suppose, if you're a bird. However, if you're human who loves perching on toilet pipes, you'd be a birdbrain.

Birds, they're just like humans. We all seem to always find a reason to take flight, even when there is none.

12 September 2008

Thlahrang I hlau em nang?

Ka nau bawk hian an hlau leh mai mai khawp ah! Kan inbiak na anih nih na angin ka rawn ka rawn paste - misspellings, typos etc a ngai ngai in. Ka nau mi dawih chanchin ani deuh ber :-)

Me: Emily rose an exorcise a an aw vel an record tak tak kha ka ngaithla a
Ka nau: uii
Me: i ngaithla ve duh em
Ka nau: ka ngaithla duh teuhlooooooooooooo
Ka nau: oi min ti ewnchakkk
Me: a message received from a Carmelite nun from the district of Allgäu in southern Bavaria. The nun had told the parents that a vision had revealed to her that their daughter's body was still intact, and that this authenticated the supernatural character of her case.
Me: an lai chhuak leh
Ka nau: chuan engtin nge alo om
Me: a lo trawih
Ka nau: henu hi chu van rapthlak tak
Ka nau: vanram kai ang policy in a om lehnghal
Me: en teh hei ka thawh pui pa pawh hi, mi 1 an exorcise lai kha a lo hmu tawh ani awm e. Chuan a rawn buai chho tran kha, a rawn trap a, a mittui chu bawnghnute ang chiah ati
Ka nau: ui ka rap ltkkkkkkkkk


Me: misual a thlahrang lam post kha i chhiar em
Ka nau: chhiar e ka hlau rapthlakkkkkkkkkkk
Ka nau: buannel ah poh son thlahrang a om
Me: spikey ziah kha ka rap tawp, i hmu em
Ka nau: oo, ka rap ltk alom...amah kha hmelhriat ka chak ramhuai a hriat hnem hmel top
Ka nau: thlahrang a hmu hma em anih kha
Ka nau: a rilru ah a cham tlat toh aniang
Me: bawng trial ang a trial ramhuai kha i la hria em
Ka nau:uiiiiiiiiii
Ka nau: soi suh kha mi ang em em a ka hlauh ngai kha ramhuai ah ka la hrelo
Ka nau: mahse ramhuai poh hi ka hlauh chi hi a inthlak kual reng
Me: enge tunlai i hlauh chi
Ka nau: tunlai chu
Ka nau: darthlalang hi ka hlau a, chu ani deuh ber
Me: awiiii, i mak eee. enge darthlalang chu i hlauh nachhan
Ka nau: min lo melh ang tih a hlauhom alom



Thihna lam ve thung;

Me: thih chuan thi fel hmak mai ila te hi ka ti thin
Ka nau:chu2 ania ka ning
Ka nau: anih loh tal pon hremhmun ai hian vahvaih tur ni zok se te ka ti thin
Me: vahvaih tawp mai chu
Me: khawi ah
Me: thlarau khawvel ah maw, nge he khawvel ah hian
Ka nau: hremhmun ai chuan a zia alom
Ka nau: ka ngaihtuah dan chuan mars ang deuh velah hian
Me: vahvaih tur habn tih tawp mai chuh
Ka nau: aaa........hremhmun tlak ai te chuan a zia em mai
Ka nau: chutianga boral topp leh khovela om char te ang chu expect chi poh ani lo a
Ka nau: chhan chu kan sualna ang ang chu kan phur tur ani ta a
Ka nau: chuan kang kher lo in vahvaih ka duh hremhmun lo tla tur hi lo ni ta ila
Ka nau: hremhmun hrehom dan tur chu
Ka nau: kang mai bak ah khan ramhuai hlau re2 in

Ti tawp mai ang, ninawm a thui ee mai.


08 September 2008

Making Vietnamese Pho

OMG I just amaze myself sometimes! Check out this Pho I made this Saturday, and tell me truly if it looks any different from one made by an experienced Vietnamese who've made Pho all his life. But I've never even imagined myself cooking something like this, even though I love Vietnamese food in general.So one night I was reading about how rice noodles are made and the importance of Pho in Vietnamese culture. And I really felt like some but because I don't know any place where we can Vietnamese food in Hyderabad, I figured if I wanted it, I'd just have to make it myself. So I woke up the next day, ran to the store and picked up the ingredients, and threw them in together and out came this! Keeping all false modesty aside, this is the best Pho I've ever had :o) And I've had Pho in many different places in several countries :P I'm not sure how real a Pho this would be, maybe it's more Mizo-Pho...
To be honest, I think it's all wrong. I just threw in whatever I thought would taste good. Lots of prawns, lots of squids, some chicken, some spring onions, capsicums (these I know for sure are out of place), ginger, garlic, and some thyme and I don't remember what else. Like I said, all wrong, but damn, yummy still!
I've really started cooking a lot, mostly because the girls seem to genuinely love all the results of every experiment I decide to carry out in the kitchen. And it's a good feeling to cook when you have someone to cook for.
Oh, and check out these "winged sunglasses" I got for the girls. Cute aren't they? :)

04 September 2008

Man I feel like a woman!

But the thing is, it's not enough you feeling like one. You have to feel like one. As in when somebody touches you. That means no cracked heels, no stubbly chins, or hairy body. You also have to smell like one. I'm no expert but I feel strongly about these things so I'll pretend I am an expert so I can feel better about what I'm going to write.

What some women have wrong, is that they don't seem to realise that you can't go around acting giggly, put on fake girly voices, act dumb, weak, and helpless, it's not even so much about batting eyelashes you know. The thing here is this - If I'm a normal, average, healthy Indian woman, and I walk around with cracked heels, dirty toenails, smelly armpits, I'd consider myself a failure somewhere.

This may sound materialistic, but I also can't understand why women who are financially stable, raking in the healthy side of a 5 figure salary a month, who are very interested in the opposite sex, the outgoing mall-going, expensive dinner-eating, 5-star club-frequenter can think it is okay to wear the same shoes every single day and night for months even when it's scuffed, visibly falling apart, glues leaking.... (Of course, it's a completely different ballgame if one faces extreme financial c0nstraints).

'How can you walk in those shoes?!' "Where did you learn to wear them?!!" How many times have I heard that? From women!!! And not crazy hooker type heels, but normal high heel shoes that normal women wear. They infuriate me!

I'd consider myself a loser if I'm a woman that don't know how to wear or walk in heels. I would never think it necessary for a woman to have to be taught how to wear heels. Shouldn't that be all part of being a woman? You were born a girl means you have heel-wearing genes in you, all you have to do is grow up and reach heel-wearing age. Even if you've put them on for the first time, you should walk like you've worn them forever.

And to these questioners, I never would but if I could, I would tell them to go and wear one themselves. And to make sure they're clean. But if they absolutely have no time to do too much cleaning and have to pick between tasks, your armpits come first. I can safely say this is not an issue back home, I can hardly think of a girl who had stinking armpits. But the amount of smelly women in other places is, to say the least, disturbing.

There was once this girl who was crazy about my closest and best friend at the time. The guy never liked her too much but she got lucky one night, and got him alone at her place for one whole night. She made her move, and given that men are weak preys, and that she had a lot of time and advantage, she even almost succeeded. Only almost.

Her reason for her failure? Hairy armpits! I later learned that he had almost given in, until it was time to take off her dress. You don't want to gross out men with hairy armpits and force them to feign sleep. If there's any feigning sleep, we should be the ones to do it, not them.

Then there was another friend who got all excited because he bagged a date with a hot girl he'd met once. He never asked her out again because after much prying I found out she had 'mean dirty fingernails.'

The things we think don't matter does matter. We're not going to get somebody's utter, eternal adoration because of our pretty nails or shoes, but it's still a step in the right direction :P And even if there were no hearts to win, we must still strive to have the cutest tootsies and finger nails around because it's just not becoming for women to have dirty, uncared for digits :-)
Even if you were blown apart in a bomb and your big toe is the only piece of your body left, it should be pretty enough for anyone who found it to know it belonged to a woman :-)

And cracked heels...why should I even be writing about that?

I know all this makes me sound shallow, when people are rushing around tending to important matters. But I'm tired, let the world debate over stem cell researches, gay marriages, and greenhouse gas emissions, I want to sit back and debate over which color nail polish I want to paint my nails tonight.