29 December 2006

Quick Update

Christmas over. Wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. It wasn't (still isn't) even cold so it didn't even feel like Christmas. Prevented me from dying from homesickness.

Eating Christmas 'vawksa' - oily, unhealthy, cholesterol-packed, full of artery-clogging fat. How could I not be satisfied? Spent the whole day at the church. I actually had fun.

Now time for me to brace myself. New Year coming up.
I'm going to a gambling party. Might be interesting. Everyone's going to sit and gamble the night away.
And I don't even play cards.

19 December 2006

Christmas Cheers and all that..

So Christmas is right around the corner, and here I am stuck in good ol' Hyderabad.

Christmas parties only make you feel worse...
Even the sky looks like Mizoram sky now. One of the most beautiful thing ever - the winter night skies of Mizoram during a power black out, the milky way visible in all its splendid glory, sitting out on the verandah with friends with a warm 'sikri' warding off the cold...

But anyway, nothing much to do. Except to try and enjoy and make the best of whatever's my lot. I'm thinking maybe I should go to Bangalore...at least there are human beings there.
I dream of Delhi every night, South Extension and Greater Kailash markets...Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini...I can just close my eyes and imagine I'm buying all the beautiful stuffs there. And here I am, with some money to spend and nothing to buy. NOTHING! I already know the few malls and their contents by heart, and I know they've got nothing I want. Would you believe the lingerie section at Hyderabad Central haven't had a new stock in more than a year? They still have exactly the same stuffs they had August last year. Nothing new, the laces have just frayed a little I guess. Maybe they could get more money out of them by passing them off as vintage items.
Lifestyle's lingerie section's a little better, they restock now and then. They were also showing off a new brand recently and I was excited because they were all pretty and cute and reasonably priced. But the funny thing is, every single bra of the new cute brand is so heavily padded I'm just guessing they're targeting 7 year olds. If anyone with 'breasts' wear those, they'd end up with something like Dolly Parton boobs. So again, you look around but never find a thing to buy. It is soo depressing!!
But Delhi..mmmmmmm! Clothes and shoes and chappals and junk jewellery and comic books (oh I think I haven't mentioned this before but there is NO place to buy X-men comic books here!). I'd go there if I was sure I'd be in the company of sane people there but there's very little chance of that so no go. :-)

12 December 2006

Composite Portraits of Scientific Men

Not Francis Galton's this time. These are my portraits - I don't know about the scientific part - but yeah, composite portraits of men!
(Also, I think this is what Rami wants and means by shouting 'update update' all the time :-))
Type I: Not much to say. Might surprise you in bed, though highly unlikely.
Type II: Very nice to look at. Tattoo on his shoulders looked sexy. Inked specimens not always healthy though.
Type III: Middle-heavy specimens = healthy for your nerves. You don't have to sit up nights wondering if he's got an affair with his secretary because most likely, he's not.
Type IV: I found type IV extremely interesting. Very quiet. Comes out for a walk every day at the same time at the same spot. Quiet, brooding, very mysterious, just like the hero of the books. In one word, very attractive.
...plus he's got terribly sexy feet!
Type V: What can I say? Type V is perfect...as far as visual assumptions go.
Type VI: Looks good but probably's a pain in the ass - male ego's in full bloom. Note the body posture..it's obvious isn't it?
Type VII: Nice to look at, probably's got a foul mouth.
Type VIII: The elusive specimen who comes out to hunt only in the twilight. Can't tell a lot about this type but he definitely sizzles in the dim light!

So what's your type?

05 December 2006

Good Ole Boys Like 'Them'

...It all goes by so fast
There it goes, up in the sky
There it goes, beyond the clouds
For no reason why
I can't cry hard enough

John Conlee's singing 'As Long As I'm Rockin' With You...' on my iTunes radio, and it's 10:31 in the morning - usually my most productive hour of the day. I've had two cups of coffee already, enough to spur me on till lunch. But it's cold outside and it feels like Christmas and I miss home so much it hurts my ribs (Ouch!).
hmm now it's Dan Seals singing 'You Bring Out The Wild Side Of Me.' The person who sings this song best next to Dan himself is my brother.
The nicest thing in the whole world is to be a kid during Christmas. Even just being a kid with a truckload of homework during monsoon was better than being a sinning adult during the best season of the year.
Dolly Parton's 'Smoky Mountain Memories' pretty much sums up what I'm feeling right now -

..It's a stuggle keepin' sight of who you are
Ya know I've been thinkin' a whole lot lately
About what's been and what awaits me
It takes all I've got to give what life demands
You go insane if you give in to it
Life's a mill and I've been through it
I'm just thankful I'm creative with my hands

Oh and these northern nights are dreary
And my southern heart is weary
I wonder how the old folks are back home
But I'll keep leanin' on my Jesus
I know He'll love and guide and lead us
Appalachian memories keep me strong

I'll keep lookin' to the Father
Keep our heads above the water
Appalachian memories keep me strong...

Country music is the only music I truly enjoy listening to right now. And I'm in no mood to hear those comments about country music and artists..
No matter what you think or what people say, I'm just going to keep on loving this music....
...and all the artists who've meant so much to me over the years..
...and who've touched me with their songs.
I guess it takes a country bumpkin like to me to really appreciate country music.
So what does it matter where I work or what I wear or where I go?
It's all a world of pretense, inside I'm a country bumpkin and I'm happy being it!
I'd probably be happy living in a farm with cows and chicken and growing my own vegetables. Especially with horses and a cowboy husband around :-)
I love country music! I love all the emotions it stirs up in me.

Like Virgo's unc says, there's not a song with 'Mississippi' in its lyrics that's not beautiful! :-)

Well there’s just a little bit of magic
In the country music we’re singin’

So let’s begin
We’re bringin’ you back down home where the folks are happy
Sittin’ pickin’ and a-grinnin’
Casually, you and me
We’ll pick up the pieces

Somebody yelled out at me
Country music and company kind of makes it
On a sunday afternoon
Picnic lunches of yesterday
Should still have a place in your heart today
Think it over
’cause we’ll all be goin’ home so soon

Pickin' Up the pieces - Poco