25 November 2009

Mizo pangpar te leh an Sap hming

Mizo pangpar leh hnimhnah ho hi hi an Sap hming hi hriat hi lunglen changin a lem internet velah han en duh chang atan a pawimawh ve ania. Sap hming hriat miau loh chuan zawn ngaihna a vang tlats!

Hei vang hian hman deuh atang khan ka ngainat zual ho hi tlem tlem in ka hriat belh ve zel a, chung ho chu kan share ve ang e. In lunglen nikhua a in lo Google Image ve duh takin :-) (A tam zawk hi chu kei mah pawh hi ka chiang chuang lo a, a Sap leh a Mizo hming ah, a dik lo ho chu min rawn correct dawn nia).
  • Anthur: Mallow (a ni thei em?). Mallow family zing ami hi chu a ni chiangin ka hria a, Grape leaved Mallow an tih hian a hnaih ber em aw ka ti deuh.
Anthur hi chu an lo hrisel ngang aniang, Pliny the Elder, Roman philosopher fing tak pawh khan ''Whosoever shall take a spoonful of the Mallows shall that day be free from all diseases that may come to him" a lo ti. (Mallow chu Anthur chu a lo nih ngei chuan....)
  • Artukkhuan: The Four O'Clock Flower or Marvel of Peru (Mirabilis jalapa)
  • Bal: Malanga, Tannier
  • Cecilia par (kan ti mai thin a kan tet lai chuan, a Mizo hming dik tak hria in awm em?): Impatiens - Sultan's Balsam, Busy Lizzy (Impatiens walleriana )
  • Chhawkhlei (hei chu kan hriat fur ka ring): Rhododendron
Chhawkhlei hi Mizoram ah ka la hmu ngai lo na a hmun dang ka zinna ah hian ka hmu zeuh zeuh. La par mawi leh par nasa ber ka hmuhna chu Melbourne ah, Dandenong tlang lam kan kalna kawng pakhatah ania, kan inti spisiality hle na a Mizoram ai chuan a par uar zawk deuh anih hmel :)
  • Chuailo par: Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena globosa)
  • Hnahsin par: Cosmos (A thlalak pawh hi keima pangpar ngei leh keima lak ngei kan hmang ang e - khawvel pangpar zawng zawng a ka pangpar ngainat ber leh ka mit ah chuan mawi ber leh thinlung khawih ber leh lung ti leng ber tu :))
  • Di suak (Hei pawh hi kan tet lai a kan koh thin dan ania, a chang chuan Di tlawm chi te pawh kan ti thin. A Mizo hming dik tak hi ka hre lo): Montbretia
  • Dingdi (Dingdi hi kan ti thin a, mahse hei chu a hming dik lo ani chiang sak, a hming dik tak ka hre lo): Scarlet Milkweed
Heng par hi kan naupan laiin kan in kawt ah ka phun thin a. A thran duh bakah a par tha duh lutuk a enkawl ngai si lo in, mahse pangang var lian lampang a dum a tial hi an awm duh lutuk a, chuvang chuan heng pangpar hi ka hlauh phah tawp. Heng pangang hi hmun dangah pawh heng pangpar awmna ah hi chuan an awm duh aniang, 'Scarlet Milkweed' ti a ka search hian, ka result first page zing ah ka pangang sawi ang ngei chu a lo lang ve hlawl mai!A pangang hming hi Baby Monarch Caterpillar ani leh zel e :-)
  • Duli par (hei pawh tet lai a kan koh dan bawk, a Mizo hming dik ka hre lo, a scientific name Dianthus kan ti thin bawk): Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus)
  • Fartuah: Indian Coral Flower
  • Forever par (hei pawh hi tet lai koh dan, enge Mizo hming hran a nei em ka hre lo): Moss Rose
Forever par hi chi hnih a awm thin kha, Moss Rose tia zawn pawh hian a chi hnih ve ve hian result a rawn lang ang.
  • Hruipui rah: Moriche Palm (Mauritia flexuosa) (a dik full fight em ka hre lo..han chhui zawm ve teh u)
  • Isua Thinlung (tet lai sawi dan bawk, official takin Mizo hming a nei em ka hre lo): Coleus
  • Kumtluang par : Periwinkle (Vinca rosea)
Kumtluang par hi a Zo in a nalh ka ti hle na a, uite pangang hi an awm duh lutuk avangin ka nei duh ngai lo. (Uite pangang hi Hercules Moth Caterpillar an ti in ka hria.)
  • Kungpuimuthi: Canna. Helai picture ami a sin chi ang hi chu Indian shot an ti a. A buk deuh chi khan common names hrang hrang an nei leh. Eg - Tropicanna. Heng ho hi chu a mu pawh inkhualtelem na ah chuan artui ang a kan hman thin kha.
  • Nuaithang: Balsam (Bicolor rose, Garden etc)Ram Nuaithang pawh a awmhran kha. Khang kha chu Himalayan Balsam an ti. October Mizoram ka haw khan ram ka kal a, ramhnuai ah ram Nuaithang hi an lo par nasa mai a, lung chu ti leng ve tak ani! Ram Nuaithang chu hei:
  • Mawza par (Hei ai a official Mizo hming a awm em ka hre lo): Salvia, Scarlet Sage
  • Mitthi pangpar (hei pawh hi official deuh in enge a Mizo hming a awm ang): Lantana, Yellow Sage
  • Rimenhawii (Mizo hming dik tak ka hre lo): Cypress Vine, Cardinal climber, Star Glory
  • Sap pangpar: Zinnia
Sap pangpar hi ka pi huanah a par nasa thei lutuk a, ka lung hi a ti leng tawp thei lo.
  • Sekhupthur (chi hrang hrang a awm thin a, hei a tam leh common ber thin): Wood Sorrel
Kan naupan lai kha chuan kan vir thei em em khawp a, a par nen lam hian kan ei quit vek thin.
  • Uiteka: Snapdragon
  • Zamzo: Cockscomb (Crested, Silver, Plumed etc)
Zamzo hi ka nu pangpar duh ber ani ve thung a, Zamzo ka hmuh hi chuan ka nu min ti ngai thin.
Thil dang deuh....

Hussop: Hussop tih hi Bible ah hian a lang zing riau a, 'Hussop in mi tifai la, tichuan vur aiin ka var ang' tih te. Eng thil nge maw anih le ka ti rilru thin a, hmunphiah ang lampang chi engemawni anih dawn hi ka ti mai thin a. Kan chhui chiang chu he hnim lek hi a lo ni reng a - A hming original chu Hyssop (Hyssopus) ania, Mizoram ah ka la hmuh ngai awm ka hre lo. Lo hre palh in awm a, Mizo hming a lo neih palh hlauh a, chu chu enge tih in lo hriat palh hlauh leh phei chuan rawn contri thei ula a lawmawm viau ang.


Mizote tan chuan heng pangpar te an Sap hming hriat loh ai a pawi zawk chu an Mizo hming pawh hriat loh hi! Mi tamtak hi kan pangpar te hming hre mang lo hi an tam lutuk a, a tha lo ka ti. Florist ah pangpar exotic, "foren" deuh deuh, hming dik tak a hre vek a order zung zung thei si a, Zamzo takngial pawh hriat leh si loh hi chu ka fate chu ni se ka vei viau ang. Mahse hei chu off topic....to each his own :-)

With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy :-)

18 November 2009

Of shoes and carnivorous plants

I found the prettiest shoes ever while browsing online today, and I wanted them the second I laid eyes on them. I feel like if I can get those shoes on my feet, all my troubles will automatically disappear...and I will be magically transformed into a princess, and my world will only be of lace and perfumes and rainbows and only beautiful things...sigh.

I can talk about how much I love shoes forever. I mean, they're like medicine for me. When I'm sad and blue, there's one thing that always works - I go out and buy shoes. Shoes heal broken hearts, like salve on the wounds of disappointments, and soothes the pain of not having a loved one near.

And for this reason, even though I'm a total cheapskate most of the time, I will go the distance for shoes - literally. Chances are, if I find a pair that I really like, and if I can remotely afford them, I will get them regardless of the price, always with this logic: what really matters in life - happiness or just having a huge bank balance? Easy :-)

Unfortunately, those Rene Caovilla shoes cost 661.00 EUR. And that's very overpriced, even for happiness. And I'm not stupid. So bye bye shoes. I know what I can't afford...

But the good thing is that I know what I can afford. And one of those are Venus Flytrap seeds! And I have to say, I'm as excited, or maybe even more excited about getting my Dionaea muscipula seeds than I am about a new pair of shoes.

I was going to order some seeds online from this site (flytrapranch.com), but I found out different countries have different regulations about seed importation so I decided to ask the site owner first if he knew about India's seed importation rules because I didn't want to pay money for something that might not get to me. He didn't know, but he graciously offered to send me some seeds *FREE* of cost - so if it gets to me, it'll mean they're allowed. If not, I'll just have to find another way to smuggle them in.
I'm really excited about this. I'm totally scared that I will kill them all, I know they're temperate plants and my chances are slim but if I have a 1% chance of being able to grow them successfully, I'll give it a shot. In fact I now have two shots because of the free seeds - so first shot with the first shipment, then if those die, I'll buy some more seeds. And if those die again, I'll give up and pick a different carnivorous plant.

If and when the seeds get here and I can start to experiment, I'll update regularly. Wish me luck!

12 November 2009

Attempt 1

I'm trying to save my blog, but trying to come up with a worthy post is always futile.

The only thing I can think of that's noteworthy (at least to me) is that Roman Payne is now my Facebook buddy!