23 June 2009

Genral Hot Men update :P

I saw Angels and Demons and Ewan McGregor in his priest's habit was so freakingly sexy! I think I've finally uncovered one of the hidden truths that have escaped many a wise man, which is this: The only thing hotter than a Scottish man in a kilt is a Scottish man in a priest's habit :)

I also saw Wolverine and I thought Wade with his mouth stitched up and eyes all surgery scarred was crazy hot in a weird, inexplicable way. Unthinkable, but yes, even sexier than a naked Wolverine.

I worry myself sometimes, I have such sick taste in men.

And the best thing I've heard lately in the world of movies: The ultimate favorite book of my life, Alice in Wonderland, has been made into a movie by my favorite genious movie maker, Tim Burton, and stars my favorite genious actors, Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter. Is anyone else as excited about this movie as I am? Me, I think I'll just hibernate and only wake up when this movie comes out.

12 June 2009

BDSM gears from Pakistan?

Did you know that there is (or maybe are..) a factory in Pakistan where women make BDSM fetish clothing and other bondage gears?

I didn't either. I saw it on TV some days back and thought it was report worthy. Of course, I was shocked, but after thinking about it for a while, it just started becoming funny. Apparently, the Pakistani factories are making them for big sex shops in Europe.

This may sound a bit wrong, but I still have to say it because the whole picture if you think about it is quite priceless :) ---------- Okay, think of some trashy racist white people who likes to scream 'Dirty Paki!' at all dark-skinned Dravidian looking people. And then they go home and don their naughty S&M gear made by the same group of people as the one they derisively called 'Paki' that day. And remember, this 'donning' here is not regular donning. It is 'donning' in the most intimate way possible!

And then on the other side, we have a bunch of self-righteous, ultra-conservative group who look on the white man with disgust - all of them lacking in morality, sexually indulgent, does all sorts of unthinkable sexual acts, all bound for hell...

And yet...their own people make with their own 'purist' hands these white people's dirty tools of hedonism! :P

Those hideous leather masks...those leather whips, those sinful collars, leashes, clamps and other equipments used to carry out such *gasp!* unspeakable acts?! Yet, yet...it is so.

If this is like drugs where the person who makes and distributes it is as to blame as the buyer and user (or even more so) - one has to wonder who's really bound for hell.

Anyway, on a more serious note and leaving the funny aside, isn't it astounding how little we know about the world and the people around us? BDSM & bondage gears & Pakistan, our warm & friendly (:P) next door neighbor?! Who would've thought! So many things on Earth that we're not aware of, so many new things to learn every day it's an absolute pleasure :P