25 November 2011

Notes from the Katz Motel

Tonight I am going to give my poor, ignored blog some good loving and warm it up with a few scrambled words and pictures. This is going to be a very random post....

The year is almost over. It scares me, that time goes by so fast, and that I have achieved nothing, done nothing significant at all. I've been lazy, no excuse. But mostly I've just been tired. And after all, a year is only 365 days. Doesn't seem very long when you count it in days.

I've traveled quite a bit, and for that I can give myself a good pat. My one unwavering goal in life has always been to travel as much as possible. I had to exercise some self-control and turn my eyes away from the sinful call of pretty shoes in order to finance my trips.

I've been to Delhi several times this year and I finally got a chance to go to Yashwant place after I don't know how many years for their amazing (and super cheap) pork momos on one of those trips.

This place holds a lot of memories for me. This is the place where I took my roommates at the time - Franky, Ben, Jeffrey & TM-a for a celebratory dinner when I got my first job with IBM Daksh.

And there was that one time I saw Titanic at the neaby Chanakya theatre with some friends, and most importantly, a crush who sat right next to me. But apparently, the close proximity of this especial person was not enough to stifle the sniffles, which was soon followed by all out wailing and honking of the nose. He awkwardly bid me adieu after the movie, he who was chatting so amicably with me before the movie. I then headed off to this place to drown my shame and embarrassment in pork momos with my friends.

My last trip to Delhi was for the Metallia concert where I almost got trampled to death. The place was full of wannabe rockers. The type that try to make up for their lack of badass-ness with musical instruments or admirable vocal chords with black clothing and dirty hair. And they came out in droves at the concert, men and women alike, who probably know a song or two of Metallica's (most likely 'Nothing else matters') and proclaim themselves die-hard Metallica fans :P

Here is Zorin at 3:30 pm. She was walking funny because she claimed her shoes became a couple of sizes bigger after our stampede struggle.

Zorin's bathroom literature :)

And I found some unknown fruit so I bought some and took a picture. The orange one. And it tasted BAD. Anyone know what they are called?

Laphetauh (?) - and I got to do a Laphetauh night. This was nostalgic for me. The many nights of eating these things and drinking tea with your friends in Mizoram, and every night you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and you never ever feel like going to bed. Laphetauh is a symbol of good times for me.

I'm not all self-complimentary. I am very deeply disappointed in myself that I didn't learn a new language like I promised myself I would. I promise by the end of next year, I will be speaking Spanish like a native speaker. I will write a blog post in Spanish by this time next year.

The hospital has become a constant in my life. I'm always there for one thing or the other, a test, a checkup, more tests. But I won't complain about this because these tests brought us good news after all. I did get admitted last month for about a week, for dengue this time. I actually thought I was going to die one night when I didn't have enough strength to walk to the kitchen. Funny how you can have cancer and be so calm and then a mosquito comes and bites you and gives you some viral fever and you think 'OMG I AM GOING TO DIE!!!'

My mom is convinced I got it from my Himalayan trip, she was quite freaked out (my family freaks out over everything now - a little cough will give them sleepless nights) and has banned me from cleaning any cobweb in my room :) My room has become like the Katz Motel, and I the evil Katz.

Funny. I was going to write about hair, that was the only thing on my mind when I opened my laptop. I don't know why I wrote all this. Anyway, hair next time!