28 February 2006

Tribute - Biteii Prays

Cuz Biteii honored me with one whole post dedicated to me on her blog, so I thought I'd return the favor.
This post is dedicated to Biteii, captured here doing what she loves doing best - praying, albeit to a slightly unusual God.

Biteii's Prayer

Our lager,
Which art in barrels,
Hollowed be thy drink.
I will be drunk,
At home as in the tavern.
Give us this day our foamy head,
And forgive us our spillages,
As we forgive those who spill against us.
And lead us not into incarceration,
But deliver us from hangovers.
For thine is the beer,
The bitter and the lager
Forever and ever,

27 February 2006

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

MASSIVE signboards with letters that actually say something meaningful without a word misspelt.
After a week of breakfasting on apples and high-fibre, less-calorie cookies and boring brown bread, chocolate donuts on the weekends tastes like heaven.

Biteii says heaven is where all the shops have a 'SALE' sign permanently posted on their windows :)

The lake - always beautiful out there in the late afternoons. Pretty boats, the Buddha serenely smiling out in the middle of the lake, and lots of polaroid cameramen(polaroid cameras, polaroid pictures, polaroid cameramen-love them all!) - bring along a good book of poetry and a whole day will pass without you knowing it or even finding a chance to get bored.

I never thought I'd ever work in a place which's got exercise balls scattered all over! But here I am, and the colorful balls are everywhere, and I love them!

26 February 2006

Not All That Cool

I am nerdier than 17% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

My Score Summary

Overall, you scored as follows:
83% scored higher (more nerdy), and
17% scored lower (less nerdy).

What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:

Not nerdy, but then again maybe not all that cool either.

I would've preferred being just plain nerdy than 'not all that cool', tests results never come out the way I want them to *sigh*

23 February 2006

Delhi Ganja Hmangaihtute

Rivers Cuomos, tlangram style - Dalai Lama phalna nen ngat a zu tawh....
A favorite letters President of India in a zawh chuan, 'H' a ti ni. A chhan? Hashish!
"Trip, trip, trip!!" - Maruati tawngvai.
Pawl 12 kum 5 a zir dawn, a hming dik tak chu Zuali ania, mahse Mary Jane tih in hmanni khan Delhi Magistrate hriatpuina in officially in a thlak tawh.
Ganja powder ei dan dik.

22 February 2006

18 February 2006


Men I'd readily marry -
Now I don't know who this soldier is but the picture speaks enough!
The Mahatma - that is if he comes packaged with a Brad Pitt body like this :), kidding! But I figure if you spend enough time with a man like Gandhi, some of that goodness will rub off on you too.
The Gentle Giant, divine voice, plus I love those cowboy boots and hats.
p.s: check out those sideburns ;) - way cool, don't you think?

The Bakery Again - A BIGGER Picture

The view outside from inside the bakery.
Deeper inside the bakery is my nest(that was supposed to be the birdie to Akshay for taking a picture while I'm messy and oily, ew! but inside the bakery, we behave).
The bakery from outside.

15 February 2006

Meet My Flatmates-

This is Tina, she works nights a lot and I sometimes don't see her for weeks on end. We've promised we'll go out together one of these nights and have some wild fun together, but that's still to happen.
Anjali-she's an architect, she usually comes home tired. But I've never seen her in a foul mood, she's terrific.
And Manasi, I think she spends more time at home than the rest of us. But she's changed these days, she dresses up real pretty and goes out saying she has to meet a 'friend' :)!
Tina again, cooking in the kitchen. Tina's proud of her culinary skills and always offers to cook up something for me.
I'm lucky I got cool flatmates, we give each other our spaces but when you really need to talk, you know they're there. And it's also good to know that there's someone else in the house when you wake up in the middle of the night from a bad nightmare scared silly. Manasi sometimes complain about the volume and the nature of the music coming from my room, that bugs me everytime, but besides her super-auditory senses, she's cool.

13 February 2006

The Evidence Of Unseen Things

I like my Bible verse of the day, I just think I should share -

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. By faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did. By faith he was commended as a righteous man, when God spoke well of his offerings. And by faith he still speaks, even though he is dead.

Hebrews 11:1-4 NIV

12 February 2006

Sunday Morning, Up For A Lark

Yep, nothing to do, 2:06 in the A.M, reading stuffs on the net which are way beyond my comprehension. Intelligent people everywhere are talking about things that seems to be really important all the time, and most of the time I read through stuffs and I go 'Yeah, this sounds like it should be really interesting, I wish I understood what it's all about.' Duh! Wish I could install Google or Wiki in my brain.
1. Hyderabad's finally got it's own PVR, yay! Hopefully, we no longer will have to wait for weeks and months to see a movie which everyone else on other parts of the planet have seen and talked about.
2. Hyderabad's burning! It's only early February and it already feels like it's the height of summer...I have a feeling I won't be in much of a celebratory mood by the time my birthday swings around in June.
... and that's about all the update I can think of. Told you my life is uneventful ('uneventful' is a nice way of saying 'dead boring' really)
And lastly, my apologies to Translated & Shankari, I can't publish your comments. Neither Blogger Help nor Support have been very helpful or supportive. In fact, the support people answered my first distress call with several links from Blogger Help(..can you use that little emote that rolls eyes from Yahoo here??). I'm a good girl, I know enough to try and do my homework myself first before hollering for Papa!!
And Lloyd, say hi or something, it'd be lovely to see your blog too!

07 February 2006

Green Park

Green Park, Delhi
This is how Green Park looked on the night of 1st Jan '06.
And speaking of Green Park, I remember a story someone once told me about this one firang guy who used to live there. And since I'm not sleepy as yet and there's absolutely nothing to do, I might as well make good use of my time by sharing it with you all. Well, it seemed this guy, who was supposedly very good looking and extremely 'loaded' to boot, fell in love with his illiterate Indian maid, got her knocked up and went away. Everyone thought the guy got scared and that he was gone for good but he came back and married her and took her with him to wherever he was from. End of story.
Now there's no way I can prove the authencity of the tale, and the friend who told me heard it from a friend of a friend of an uncle of a friend who used to live next door to the subject. But I choose to believe it to be true and that people are good and things like that still do happen.
***Sigh*** Some girls have all the luck!

05 February 2006

Thirst but hunger no more

I & my buddies were talking about Dopamine and it's overall effect on a person's mental and physical health during lunch the other day. Now I'm not about to launch into a full-scale, scientific discussion about the little bugger, not that I'd be able to even if I wanted to. Anyway, to keep things simple, my thoughts often stray to Dopamine and it's little cronies, the other feel-good chemicals - Serotonin and Norepinephrine, does my system have them in the right amount?, are they doing their jobs?.... and the possible lack thereof. Lately I have frequently felt like I need an extra dose of Feel Good Inc., since I've already bought the Gorillaz album and it hasn't helped. Maybe I don't need an extra dose, maybe my body's producing the right dose but my CNS gobbles them up too fast...you can never tell. Anyway, here's the interesting part - there's this lady I know who has been diabetic and obese almost half her entire life. A few months back, her doctor directed her to this amazing drug which, get this - "inhibits" the reuptake of Dopamine, Serotonin and Norepinephrine by the CNS, leaving them free to float around in your system and make you feel good, and feel full too. No more hunger pangs gnawing at you while you're dieting. Plus the drug apparently raises your resting metabolic rate, and it supposedly doesn't have any serious side effects, besides some minor ones like dryness of the mouth etc. Sounds too good to be true you say? I agree, but it won't hurt to try if you're dieting and struggling with it and also combating a mild case of the blues. A strip of 10 mg capsules costs around Rs 150/- and 5 mg Rs 80/-...financially viable & experimentable. There's a slight hitch though, it's a prescription med, so you'd have to have a doc prescribe it for you, which they won't unless you're hopelessly obese. But knowing India, if you look around a bit, you'll probably find a drug store from where you'll be able to get it over the counter, that or a doctor who'll write a prescription for you, in return for some favor, monetary or sexual..jk!
There, I've provided you with extremely valuable info, the only thing left for you to do is to find out the name of the drug and go out and buy it, or sit at home and order it online (I've seen several sites that sells the drug online and ask for nothing but what it's worth in money). And it's now time for me to take my own 'med' - TusQ, cough lozenges, orange flavour. B-O-R-I-N-G.
-certainly won't raise my resting metabolic rate, but at least I won't get dryness of the mouth.

03 February 2006

Love of My Life

He loves Beyblades best, I come a close second.

Smoky Mountain Memories

(A picture I took on my last trip home)
(And I stole this one from babusphotos.blogspot.com)

And I often wonder still
In memories where I rambled as a child
Makes me cry and makes me laugh
My reflections on the past
And the family, friends, and faith that shaped my life
Ragged clothes and hand-me-downs
Just enough to go around

But the sweetest things in life are always free
Like the songs the birds would sing
And the sweet new grass of spring
And the sacred blossoms on the dogwood tree

It makes no difference just how far I roam
I still cling to that part that is so dear to my heart
My faith in God and memories of home

A heartsong melody plays like a symphony
The sweetest music I have ever known
A song of joy and pain
The mountain angels sing
A bittersweet refrain of my Smokey Mountain Home.