12 February 2006

Sunday Morning, Up For A Lark

Yep, nothing to do, 2:06 in the A.M, reading stuffs on the net which are way beyond my comprehension. Intelligent people everywhere are talking about things that seems to be really important all the time, and most of the time I read through stuffs and I go 'Yeah, this sounds like it should be really interesting, I wish I understood what it's all about.' Duh! Wish I could install Google or Wiki in my brain.
1. Hyderabad's finally got it's own PVR, yay! Hopefully, we no longer will have to wait for weeks and months to see a movie which everyone else on other parts of the planet have seen and talked about.
2. Hyderabad's burning! It's only early February and it already feels like it's the height of summer...I have a feeling I won't be in much of a celebratory mood by the time my birthday swings around in June.
... and that's about all the update I can think of. Told you my life is uneventful ('uneventful' is a nice way of saying 'dead boring' really)
And lastly, my apologies to Translated & Shankari, I can't publish your comments. Neither Blogger Help nor Support have been very helpful or supportive. In fact, the support people answered my first distress call with several links from Blogger Help(..can you use that little emote that rolls eyes from Yahoo here??). I'm a good girl, I know enough to try and do my homework myself first before hollering for Papa!!
And Lloyd, say hi or something, it'd be lovely to see your blog too!

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