03 February 2006

Smoky Mountain Memories

(A picture I took on my last trip home)
(And I stole this one from babusphotos.blogspot.com)

And I often wonder still
In memories where I rambled as a child
Makes me cry and makes me laugh
My reflections on the past
And the family, friends, and faith that shaped my life
Ragged clothes and hand-me-downs
Just enough to go around

But the sweetest things in life are always free
Like the songs the birds would sing
And the sweet new grass of spring
And the sacred blossoms on the dogwood tree

It makes no difference just how far I roam
I still cling to that part that is so dear to my heart
My faith in God and memories of home

A heartsong melody plays like a symphony
The sweetest music I have ever known
A song of joy and pain
The mountain angels sing
A bittersweet refrain of my Smokey Mountain Home.


PhoeniX said...

So true, your heart always beats for your home and your people...The memories of home always keep thoughts warm even during dark, cold nights. The thought brings a smile..though how long you want to be home is completely a different issue!!

Sundancer said...

I agree...as much as I love it, I can never stay home for more than a couple of weeks, I'm just too restless!