07 February 2006

Green Park

Green Park, Delhi
This is how Green Park looked on the night of 1st Jan '06.
And speaking of Green Park, I remember a story someone once told me about this one firang guy who used to live there. And since I'm not sleepy as yet and there's absolutely nothing to do, I might as well make good use of my time by sharing it with you all. Well, it seemed this guy, who was supposedly very good looking and extremely 'loaded' to boot, fell in love with his illiterate Indian maid, got her knocked up and went away. Everyone thought the guy got scared and that he was gone for good but he came back and married her and took her with him to wherever he was from. End of story.
Now there's no way I can prove the authencity of the tale, and the friend who told me heard it from a friend of a friend of an uncle of a friend who used to live next door to the subject. But I choose to believe it to be true and that people are good and things like that still do happen.
***Sigh*** Some girls have all the luck!

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