05 February 2006

Thirst but hunger no more

I & my buddies were talking about Dopamine and it's overall effect on a person's mental and physical health during lunch the other day. Now I'm not about to launch into a full-scale, scientific discussion about the little bugger, not that I'd be able to even if I wanted to. Anyway, to keep things simple, my thoughts often stray to Dopamine and it's little cronies, the other feel-good chemicals - Serotonin and Norepinephrine, does my system have them in the right amount?, are they doing their jobs?.... and the possible lack thereof. Lately I have frequently felt like I need an extra dose of Feel Good Inc., since I've already bought the Gorillaz album and it hasn't helped. Maybe I don't need an extra dose, maybe my body's producing the right dose but my CNS gobbles them up too fast...you can never tell. Anyway, here's the interesting part - there's this lady I know who has been diabetic and obese almost half her entire life. A few months back, her doctor directed her to this amazing drug which, get this - "inhibits" the reuptake of Dopamine, Serotonin and Norepinephrine by the CNS, leaving them free to float around in your system and make you feel good, and feel full too. No more hunger pangs gnawing at you while you're dieting. Plus the drug apparently raises your resting metabolic rate, and it supposedly doesn't have any serious side effects, besides some minor ones like dryness of the mouth etc. Sounds too good to be true you say? I agree, but it won't hurt to try if you're dieting and struggling with it and also combating a mild case of the blues. A strip of 10 mg capsules costs around Rs 150/- and 5 mg Rs 80/-...financially viable & experimentable. There's a slight hitch though, it's a prescription med, so you'd have to have a doc prescribe it for you, which they won't unless you're hopelessly obese. But knowing India, if you look around a bit, you'll probably find a drug store from where you'll be able to get it over the counter, that or a doctor who'll write a prescription for you, in return for some favor, monetary or sexual..jk!
There, I've provided you with extremely valuable info, the only thing left for you to do is to find out the name of the drug and go out and buy it, or sit at home and order it online (I've seen several sites that sells the drug online and ask for nothing but what it's worth in money). And it's now time for me to take my own 'med' - TusQ, cough lozenges, orange flavour. B-O-R-I-N-G.
-certainly won't raise my resting metabolic rate, but at least I won't get dryness of the mouth.


PhoeniX said...

U sure are pretty knowledgeable... Keep it up? Are u sure u are not interested in it...

Sundancer said...

I wrote that one for you..sometimes we don't know what we need until someone pushes it in our face :)