30 November 2013

My sky shoes are spiked with lead heels

...and I'm lost in this star car I'm drivin', but my air sole keeps pushin' big wheels...etc etc

Yeah that song. That's the song that pretty much sums up all that I feel about life right now. And as depressing as it sounds, it's really not even that bad. I mean feeling this way. I think my incessant need to be happy or having fun or feeling some form of thrill or excitement at all times will actually do me more harm than the rare times that I sit and brood and worry or just be miserable.

Anyway, this post is to a blog as CPR is to a human being with heart failure or something. I will do a real post soon. I guess.

Round and around this world you go, spinning through the lives of the people you know
I feel like a spinning top or a dreidel...