17 December 2009

My Technological Romance

Have you ever thought about how complicated ending a relationship in this age of technology is getting to be? I mean the cutting ties part specifically. In the old days, all that breaking up involved was simply making a decision - by one or both parties, and coming to an agreement of sorts.

Of course, you did have some choices as to what medium you want to use. You can do it face to face, where once you're done you walk away and that marks the end of it all. Or you may be doing it over your landline phone which doesn't have the ability to store and remember phone numbers, you talk (or scream depending on the nature or extent of his sin) on the phone, and it's all over when you hang up. Or you decide to be a wimp and write a letter, it's enough dropping it in the postbox and walking away.

Look at us now...The amount of time and energy it takes to ensure there are no loose ends - assuming it's one of those nasty breakups where you know you're better off never to have any sort of contact with him again.

Let's see - you have to first delete his name off off your cellphone. If you happen to use two cellphones, that's double the work. You want to make sure you don't call him during a period of momentary weakness resulting from a momentary lapse of willpower and reason.

You also want to make sure you don't call his friends asking for his number in a momentary fit of desperation, so you'll have to see to that too - be brave and delete his friends' numbers.

Next in priority are all the other forms of instant communication - Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM...

Then there's Facebook, you'll have to delete him from your Facebook friend list.

And there's Orkut...

And any other site that you very cutely decided to join together - example, WAYN, Ask A Ninja...

You also have to remember to unfollow each other on Twitter!

Then you think you're done. But you remember you favorited that cheesy YouTube video of him and his friends graduating from high school. You mustn't forget to remove that from your favorite list.

And you know what's worse than all of these? The rare chance that you may want to kiss and forgive each other. Imagine making up after all that hard work! Think of all the intense labor that making up will entail...

This is probably one of the best reason to just go and get married. At least you can spare yourself all that trouble that way.


09 December 2009

Mizo Bible a James leh Jakoba te hi

Hei hi Mizo zawng zawng chuan kan zawt fo tawh hlawmin ka hria. English Bible a James tih Mizo Bible a Jakoba tih a han dah daih mai chu a inpersan em em mang e ka ti thin a, Mizo rilru ah chuan hming hrang hlak pahnih an ni sia. Ka zawt kual in mi in an discuss na te pawh hi ka en kual nual tawh a. Mahse chung zingah chuan Sap pa pakhat, Mizo tawng kawi khat mah hre lo in a rin dan a min explain sak hi a awm ang berin ka hria.

James hi chu he hming English version a lo ni ta a, Italian - Giacomo, French - Jacques, Swahili - Yakobo, Hebrew - Ya'akov, Latin - Jacobus. Bible an translate khan English James hmang lo hian Latin Jacobus atang in an la a ni thei em?

English Bible atang a translate pawh lo ni ta se, mihring hming te hi chu a original Greek atang a 'English version' a 'alter' tawh an lo ni ta a. Chuta tang a Mizo a thlak leh chhawn chuan keini Mizo version kha a 'dal' tawh dawn em avangin, a original source Greek atang a thlak tawh atanga Mizo version a thlak leh ai chuan Mizo Bible atan chuan Latin kha source language a hman zawk kha a fair pawh a fair zawk hrim hrim :-)

A original Greek anih ngati nge an hman mai loh tih hi rin thiam dan pawh a har tawh. Mahse ngatinge Greek an hman loh tih ai chuan, ngati nge Latin an hman tih chu risk a awl leh deuh. Latin an hman chhan ni thei awm chu hmanlai Rome ho hun lai atang tawh khan Latin kha biakin lingua franca, an language puipa ber a nih vang te pawh a nih ve theih hmel tho.

Peter, John, and Luke te pawh hi Latin chuan Petrus, Johannes, leh Lucas an nia. English hming atang a let lo ni ta se John te hi Johna tih mai awm ania, Latin atanga let an lo nih ngei chuan Johannes atang a Johana a dah te hian awmzia a nei deuh zawk in ka hria.

Mahse sawi tawh angin, hei chu risk khawm ania. Chiang taka hria in awm chuan min han hrilhfiah teh u.


Thildang lawks - Web development lam thiam, free time ngah deuh in awm em? php, mysql, advanced Wordpress leh Joomla theme siam thiam, hna nei lo, in a internet connection chak tawk nei in awm a pawisa hlawh duh in awm chuan min lo contact teh u.

25 November 2009

Mizo pangpar te leh an Sap hming

Mizo pangpar leh hnimhnah ho hi hi an Sap hming hi hriat hi lunglen changin a lem internet velah han en duh chang atan a pawimawh ve ania. Sap hming hriat miau loh chuan zawn ngaihna a vang tlats!

Hei vang hian hman deuh atang khan ka ngainat zual ho hi tlem tlem in ka hriat belh ve zel a, chung ho chu kan share ve ang e. In lunglen nikhua a in lo Google Image ve duh takin :-) (A tam zawk hi chu kei mah pawh hi ka chiang chuang lo a, a Sap leh a Mizo hming ah, a dik lo ho chu min rawn correct dawn nia).
  • Anthur: Mallow (a ni thei em?). Mallow family zing ami hi chu a ni chiangin ka hria a, Grape leaved Mallow an tih hian a hnaih ber em aw ka ti deuh.
Anthur hi chu an lo hrisel ngang aniang, Pliny the Elder, Roman philosopher fing tak pawh khan ''Whosoever shall take a spoonful of the Mallows shall that day be free from all diseases that may come to him" a lo ti. (Mallow chu Anthur chu a lo nih ngei chuan....)
  • Artukkhuan: The Four O'Clock Flower or Marvel of Peru (Mirabilis jalapa)
  • Bal: Malanga, Tannier
  • Cecilia par (kan ti mai thin a kan tet lai chuan, a Mizo hming dik tak hria in awm em?): Impatiens - Sultan's Balsam, Busy Lizzy (Impatiens walleriana )
  • Chhawkhlei (hei chu kan hriat fur ka ring): Rhododendron
Chhawkhlei hi Mizoram ah ka la hmu ngai lo na a hmun dang ka zinna ah hian ka hmu zeuh zeuh. La par mawi leh par nasa ber ka hmuhna chu Melbourne ah, Dandenong tlang lam kan kalna kawng pakhatah ania, kan inti spisiality hle na a Mizoram ai chuan a par uar zawk deuh anih hmel :)
  • Chuailo par: Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena globosa)
  • Hnahsin par: Cosmos (A thlalak pawh hi keima pangpar ngei leh keima lak ngei kan hmang ang e - khawvel pangpar zawng zawng a ka pangpar ngainat ber leh ka mit ah chuan mawi ber leh thinlung khawih ber leh lung ti leng ber tu :))
  • Di suak (Hei pawh hi kan tet lai a kan koh thin dan ania, a chang chuan Di tlawm chi te pawh kan ti thin. A Mizo hming dik tak hi ka hre lo): Montbretia
  • Dingdi (Dingdi hi kan ti thin a, mahse hei chu a hming dik lo ani chiang sak, a hming dik tak ka hre lo): Scarlet Milkweed
Heng par hi kan naupan laiin kan in kawt ah ka phun thin a. A thran duh bakah a par tha duh lutuk a enkawl ngai si lo in, mahse pangang var lian lampang a dum a tial hi an awm duh lutuk a, chuvang chuan heng pangpar hi ka hlauh phah tawp. Heng pangang hi hmun dangah pawh heng pangpar awmna ah hi chuan an awm duh aniang, 'Scarlet Milkweed' ti a ka search hian, ka result first page zing ah ka pangang sawi ang ngei chu a lo lang ve hlawl mai!A pangang hming hi Baby Monarch Caterpillar ani leh zel e :-)
  • Duli par (hei pawh tet lai a kan koh dan bawk, a Mizo hming dik ka hre lo, a scientific name Dianthus kan ti thin bawk): Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus)
  • Fartuah: Indian Coral Flower
  • Forever par (hei pawh hi tet lai koh dan, enge Mizo hming hran a nei em ka hre lo): Moss Rose
Forever par hi chi hnih a awm thin kha, Moss Rose tia zawn pawh hian a chi hnih ve ve hian result a rawn lang ang.
  • Hruipui rah: Moriche Palm (Mauritia flexuosa) (a dik full fight em ka hre lo..han chhui zawm ve teh u)
  • Isua Thinlung (tet lai sawi dan bawk, official takin Mizo hming a nei em ka hre lo): Coleus
  • Kumtluang par : Periwinkle (Vinca rosea)
Kumtluang par hi a Zo in a nalh ka ti hle na a, uite pangang hi an awm duh lutuk avangin ka nei duh ngai lo. (Uite pangang hi Hercules Moth Caterpillar an ti in ka hria.)
  • Kungpuimuthi: Canna. Helai picture ami a sin chi ang hi chu Indian shot an ti a. A buk deuh chi khan common names hrang hrang an nei leh. Eg - Tropicanna. Heng ho hi chu a mu pawh inkhualtelem na ah chuan artui ang a kan hman thin kha.
  • Nuaithang: Balsam (Bicolor rose, Garden etc)Ram Nuaithang pawh a awmhran kha. Khang kha chu Himalayan Balsam an ti. October Mizoram ka haw khan ram ka kal a, ramhnuai ah ram Nuaithang hi an lo par nasa mai a, lung chu ti leng ve tak ani! Ram Nuaithang chu hei:
  • Mawza par (Hei ai a official Mizo hming a awm em ka hre lo): Salvia, Scarlet Sage
  • Mitthi pangpar (hei pawh hi official deuh in enge a Mizo hming a awm ang): Lantana, Yellow Sage
  • Rimenhawii (Mizo hming dik tak ka hre lo): Cypress Vine, Cardinal climber, Star Glory
  • Sap pangpar: Zinnia
Sap pangpar hi ka pi huanah a par nasa thei lutuk a, ka lung hi a ti leng tawp thei lo.
  • Sekhupthur (chi hrang hrang a awm thin a, hei a tam leh common ber thin): Wood Sorrel
Kan naupan lai kha chuan kan vir thei em em khawp a, a par nen lam hian kan ei quit vek thin.
  • Uiteka: Snapdragon
  • Zamzo: Cockscomb (Crested, Silver, Plumed etc)
Zamzo hi ka nu pangpar duh ber ani ve thung a, Zamzo ka hmuh hi chuan ka nu min ti ngai thin.
Thil dang deuh....

Hussop: Hussop tih hi Bible ah hian a lang zing riau a, 'Hussop in mi tifai la, tichuan vur aiin ka var ang' tih te. Eng thil nge maw anih le ka ti rilru thin a, hmunphiah ang lampang chi engemawni anih dawn hi ka ti mai thin a. Kan chhui chiang chu he hnim lek hi a lo ni reng a - A hming original chu Hyssop (Hyssopus) ania, Mizoram ah ka la hmuh ngai awm ka hre lo. Lo hre palh in awm a, Mizo hming a lo neih palh hlauh a, chu chu enge tih in lo hriat palh hlauh leh phei chuan rawn contri thei ula a lawmawm viau ang.


Mizote tan chuan heng pangpar te an Sap hming hriat loh ai a pawi zawk chu an Mizo hming pawh hriat loh hi! Mi tamtak hi kan pangpar te hming hre mang lo hi an tam lutuk a, a tha lo ka ti. Florist ah pangpar exotic, "foren" deuh deuh, hming dik tak a hre vek a order zung zung thei si a, Zamzo takngial pawh hriat leh si loh hi chu ka fate chu ni se ka vei viau ang. Mahse hei chu off topic....to each his own :-)

With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy :-)

18 November 2009

Of shoes and carnivorous plants

I found the prettiest shoes ever while browsing online today, and I wanted them the second I laid eyes on them. I feel like if I can get those shoes on my feet, all my troubles will automatically disappear...and I will be magically transformed into a princess, and my world will only be of lace and perfumes and rainbows and only beautiful things...sigh.

I can talk about how much I love shoes forever. I mean, they're like medicine for me. When I'm sad and blue, there's one thing that always works - I go out and buy shoes. Shoes heal broken hearts, like salve on the wounds of disappointments, and soothes the pain of not having a loved one near.

And for this reason, even though I'm a total cheapskate most of the time, I will go the distance for shoes - literally. Chances are, if I find a pair that I really like, and if I can remotely afford them, I will get them regardless of the price, always with this logic: what really matters in life - happiness or just having a huge bank balance? Easy :-)

Unfortunately, those Rene Caovilla shoes cost 661.00 EUR. And that's very overpriced, even for happiness. And I'm not stupid. So bye bye shoes. I know what I can't afford...

But the good thing is that I know what I can afford. And one of those are Venus Flytrap seeds! And I have to say, I'm as excited, or maybe even more excited about getting my Dionaea muscipula seeds than I am about a new pair of shoes.

I was going to order some seeds online from this site (flytrapranch.com), but I found out different countries have different regulations about seed importation so I decided to ask the site owner first if he knew about India's seed importation rules because I didn't want to pay money for something that might not get to me. He didn't know, but he graciously offered to send me some seeds *FREE* of cost - so if it gets to me, it'll mean they're allowed. If not, I'll just have to find another way to smuggle them in.
I'm really excited about this. I'm totally scared that I will kill them all, I know they're temperate plants and my chances are slim but if I have a 1% chance of being able to grow them successfully, I'll give it a shot. In fact I now have two shots because of the free seeds - so first shot with the first shipment, then if those die, I'll buy some more seeds. And if those die again, I'll give up and pick a different carnivorous plant.

If and when the seeds get here and I can start to experiment, I'll update regularly. Wish me luck!

12 November 2009

Attempt 1

I'm trying to save my blog, but trying to come up with a worthy post is always futile.

The only thing I can think of that's noteworthy (at least to me) is that Roman Payne is now my Facebook buddy!

28 October 2009

Thoughts about life and family

I got back from Goa last night. I wasn't too sure about going but I was having a really great time, but I've been thinking a lot lately and realised a lot of important things about my life that I've been missing.

Like the fact that in less than 2 months, I've been on 11 long airplane rides and spent 38+ hours sitting in airplanes. I've spent roughly around 28 hours in cars and buses traveling to and from airports. All of these by myself.

And if I were to start about the time it takes to go through security checks in each airport, and the time it takes to just generally hang around and wait for your plane to land or to take off, or wait in the car stuck in traffic - I guess it might shock me how much time I actually spend on my own. And I actually complain about never having enough time on my own!

I talk a lot about how much I hate eating alone and how I never do. I never actually realised it but apparently, I've been eating 'by myself,' technically, quite a bit in the past few weeks. If I eat my lunch and dinner by myself but in a plane full of people, does it still count as eating alone?

I went to my friend's granddad's 78th year old birthday in Melbourne. That was anothing thing that sort of made me sad. It was a nice, warm family get-together - big dinner, aunts cooking, kids gorging themselves, good conversation around the dinner table...all the usual family things. I enjoyed myself, but it suddenly made me miss home and our own family dinner where we'll bring out the big pots and ladles and plates and do our own family thing.

The Mizoram trip home was good. My mother is the one person I miss all the time, and I am not even ashamed to admit this, because it's too precious to be ashamed about. These days when I go home, I only sleep with my mom. I'll get my little cousin, and we all sleep together, and talk and laugh late into the night. And there is nothing in the world better than that. Nothing.

But it bothers me that I don't talk enough with my dad. In a year, if I count all the hours I spend with my dad, it won't even make a day. I've spent more time chatting with Taxi drivers - loving fathers talking about their families, how many kids they have, what kind of future they envision for their kids, but I haven't had the time to spend enough time with my own father.

I mean, if I can talk all day to a random man I met on some lonely beach about my fears and insecurities and what about dying scares me, and what in my life hurts, and what makes me proud or happy - all with a total stranger from a different continent - why can't I with my own dad? What if I die tomorrow? Or what if he dies tomorrow? It would be so painful I wouldn't know how to deal with something like that.

I don't know what the solution is, but this is partly why I packed my bags and left Goa and my friends last night. It's not that easy - they're there having fun and I make this trip to the airport alone to leave it all and go home on my own. But I don't care. I miss Mizoram just too much right now to care too much about Goa or the rest of the world.

I'll try to be a better daughter. I'll try to spend more time with the people that are closest to me. Even if it means working less, or cutting back on the fun.

(I did get some amazing pictures in Goa. Actually very excited to post about those. Will share as soon as I upload.)

12 October 2009

Back once again

Back again. That's all I've ever been doing in the last few months. I'm always back from somewhere, but I'm never 'there.' Because I don't know where 'there' is.

Well, anyway, a 3 week vacation is enough to kill all sense of duty I have toward work. And it's the traveling that gets to me a bit too, it was the Bangkok - Sydney - Melbourne trip, and back to my one and half CRAZY hectic week in Hyderbad to quickly wrap things up before I head for home, and then the 3 weeks of peace and rest in Mizoram, and then to be thrust back into all of these... And then I will be off for my yearly Goa trip next week. And then make plans for Christmas...

And then after that, I will be still. I will stay in one place, and make sure I have enough time to read, to write, and to think. I will force myself to work less, and pray more. I will fall, and more importantly, stay in love. But then, that'd be so boring.

Anyway, my main reason for taking the Mizoram trip so soon after the Sydney trip was this - Yep! My sister had a little baby boy, and I wanted to be around for it. He is sooooo beautiful it's nothing like having a brother or a sister or anything else (does that make sense?). I couldn't stay away from him, even when I had to go out for dinner with relatives, I couldn't help but rush back home as soon as dinner is over because I couldn't wait to hold him. His name is Jonathan Malsawmsanga. I picked Jonathan, Hebrew for God has given/gift of God, and after Shirley's favorite Biblical character - Jonathan, Saul's son, King David's brave and loyal friend.

10 September 2009

Up for some Nepali sex, anyone?

Omg! I have to blog about this right now. It's friggin hilarious!

Okay so I was just casually browsing through my blog traffic stats, and I noticed that there were like TONS of leads from the search term 'Nepali sex.' I ignored the first few ones but after seeing it page after page, I became curious and clicked on one of the leads to see how users get to my blog by searching on 'Nepali sex' - content which my blog definitely doesn't have. It took me to some Indian porn site (?) and look at what I found on the site!
(Amateurishly blotting out the graphic details. I intend to keep this blog family safe!)

Did you see it? (In case you didn't, here it is again)
I think we need a close up..
HAHAHA! Looks familiar? Terribly striking resemblance to my friends from my When people start changing post don't you think? :P

I'm so dead. But I'll worry about that later after I finish laughing!

(Contacting the site owners immediately about removing it from there. Immediately meaning immediately after everyone have seen it :))

09 September 2009

Want an Apple iMac?

I was trying to pick out a gift for someone on an online electronics site, boring right? But nothing's ever really boring on the internet, it always gives you something to laugh about even when you least expect it.

See something amiss?
In case you missed it even after clicking on it, here's a close up:


I'm so buying this iMac!

08 September 2009

Some pics - Google Australia office

Someone told me that the way I always refer to my office as 'The Bakery' or the mine makes me sound cagey and even almost ashamed of where I work. Well, just to proof that I am a very, very open individual who isn't afraid to call my workplace 'my office,' I will post 'real' pictures of the bake.. err.. my office. It's a pretty darned cool office as you can see :) (And now I'm sure I will be accused of just lounging around doing nothing at all all day!)
The amazing view!And I also eat cupcakes all day long in order to enhance the lounging experience :)

02 September 2009

Try this if you consider yourself smart

We had a big word we tried to play smart with and decipher and unravel without external help today but we're still nowhere and I'd like to see what you all think. Well it's a pretty average word, just too big for Macavity (whose only experience with Etymology was contemplating taking it up in college) and me (who recently read an Etymology for beginners type of book, and is still only halfway through).

I was looking at Larry Brilliant's Twitter page, which had this:

  • Name Larry Brilliant
  • Location San Francisco
  • Bio Philanthropedemiologist, President, Skoll Urgent Threats Fund; advisor to Jeff Skoll and Google
I immediately shot off an email to my friends saying this:

"What's a Philanthropedemiologist
? What is Skoll Urgent Threats Fund?"

Of course, Macavity being the literary genius that she is responded immediately with this:

"My guess is a demi (half) specialist in the philanthropic realm of feet (or children). And this is biological in nature.

Regarding the Skoll Urgent Threats Fund - I think there's this guy called Skoll who is constantly being tormented by danger and terrible threats that come in times of least expectation. Brilliant I think supports his cause. More so since he is also a lover of man."

Of course, being the half-taught expert Etymologist that I am, I had to reply with this:

"So, a half specialist in children's feet?? I might think - philan from phile = love, and anthrope from anthropos = man, logist from logos = study, lover of mankind and ...someone who studied edemio, whatever edemio is."

(Quite makeshift, but not all that bad you have to admit :P)

Macavity faithfully followed with this response:

"I can't even find any definition for it on Google. Edemio. Could be the study of skin? Or demons?"

Since my friend had resorted to Google, I thought I'd follow suit and sent Macavity what I found:

"If you search for 'edemiologist' or 'edemiology' there seems to be scientist type people validly using it, but there is no wiki page or a dictionary type page for it. It has to do with some disease I believe. The closest I could get to was 'Edema' - some sort of medical condition where tissues swell up. And if I borrow the 'PE' from my previous 'Anthrope' - I would agree with you on the foot part becauyse then we'd have 'pede' - so when it comes to pedemiologist, does that mean a specialist in the swelling of the feet??"

Macavity's response to this:

"I'd be concerned if Larry Brilliant was a specialist in the swelling of feet. Is that what it takes to be a recognised Google person? Not so much the showcasing yourself - as much as showcasing yourself in swollen feet."

And I had nothing better to add so there ended this deep conversation. Perhaps you can do a better job?

28 August 2009

Daffoldil days are back again!

The main purpose of my trip has come to pass! It's so nice to get out of the darkness of the mines, away from the coals to do our fancy coal miners summit at the beautiful Bondi Iceberg at of course, the stunning Bondi beach.
Bondi Iceberg - pretty isn't it! (In my rustic, poverty-stricken Indian mind, I see Australians as quite spoiled! They have all these blessings, Bondi beach would be a good example. This beautiful beach with such clear, sparkling water, plus two gigantic swimming pools right on the water itself! While back home, in most places we are deprived even of a plastic kiddy pool. But it's something to thank God for that we aren't deprived of happy hearts too. All goes to show, swimming pools and pretty beaches aren't directly proportional to a cheerful heart!)
The happy miners :)

Also took some time out to spend a day at the fabulous Katoomba falls (and frolic with dreamy leprechauns! I know dreamy and leprechauns don't usually go together but I was lucky this day!)And also took the time to spend some time exploring a small town, and wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high...o'er vales and hills, when all at once I saw...a host of golden daffodils....:)
***Sigh*** That certainly awakened the sleeping Wordsworth in my heart! It made me miss several people, people that are dear to me and to whom Wordsworth and his daffodils are dear. Is it that we simply don't have daffodils in India or we do but I just have never seen them anywhere? Daffodils would definitely help in taking the whole happiness thing to a higher level! That's it! I am coming back with daffodil seeds/bulbs. As many as I can carry with me.

I'm doing this Australian thing properly this time. No more hotels, I'm leaving the Oaks tomorrow to go and stay with an Australian family for the rest of my stay! :P Kidding! I'm leaving for Melbourne tomorrow to spend the weekend with my friend and his family. Quite exciting!

24 August 2009

Busy Days

I've been meaning to blog every day since I got here, but it's just been impossible. As you can see, I've been hard at work...
Even now, I have to run. It's after 8:00pm and I am starving and late for dinner. I shall update soon.

And oh, I want to add - I LOVE Sydney because I have been having lovely Mondays - one after the other. And back home, I always, inevitably abhor Mondays! :)

And another quick one - I have to say your prayers must have been very weak because they went unanswered. I sat next to an old business man and a Sardar on my flight to here. So no, I didn't get my Gerard Butler look-alike. (But I found him somewhere else :P)

14 August 2009

Back to Aussie Land

Finally got my visa and I'm leaving tonight! I'm going to Sydney for some client meetings and to attend a summit for Account Managers for all Australia and New Zealand. (Yeah, I'm bragging :)) I will be back after a month.

I'm very excited, but at the same time, I'm not very fond of the idea of traveling all by myself. As someone who can never sleep during flights and therefore needs conversation to kill the time, it's going to be a pretty long journey for me. For want of anything better to do, I'll sink into deep thoughts about the littlest things like I always do and eventually end up thinking nonsensical, useless, often morbid thoughts all the way from here to Australia. By the time I land, it might be with the conviction that a giant asteroid will hit Earth and kill us all in the near future! But not a big deal, I will lose that fear after a good meal and a good night's sleep.

I'm excited that I'm going via Bangkok this time. I was not initially because for some reason, I thought I'd been to Bangkok before! I even believed that I once forgot my favorite sweater at the Bangkok airport, but my friends told me that I left the sweater in Hong Kong and not Bangkok :) So I've never actually been to Bangkok at all despite my initial belief. So there you have it, another new place to see along the way!

Wish me a safe trip, wish me God speed, send me your prayers, and also keep your fingers crossed that this time, I get seated next to a Gerard Butler look-alike who is witty, funny, smart, charming and can give killer conversations! :)

09 August 2009

Is he really worth lying for?

Shirley was telling us about a guy she liked. I wasn't around when Shirley and Sohna met the guy, so I was just a passive listener as Shirley raved about this guy's hotness. Sohna didn't say much either, she only had one point to contribute - "He's balding."

Shirley's response? "He's not balding!! He just has a nice forehead."

In the end, we were forcibly made to accept that the guy indeed just possesses a nice forehead, where the forehead's owner's wisdom was prominent in the prominence of his forehead :P

This conversation kickstarted a train of thought about how we women. even the ones who are otherwise smart, never stop being stupid about our men. And the lies we tell others and ourselves to defend their honour. Which is quite sad because men will never do the same. If his buddies tell him that his wife is getting old/boring/fat, his first response will be to agree. I'm lying. They may say 'No, my wife is still sexy' but the seed of doubt will be very firmly planted in his mind anyway.

Unlike us stupid ladies, who when we say 'He's got a nice forehead' proceed to immediately believe that he is not balding and that he really does have a nice forehead. Even if he's really balding and that's evident to everyone else on the planet except you.

If he's smart, you tell your friends that you've always dreamt of someone smart, intellectually stimulating and not just a hot bod. If he's just a hot bod, you tell your friends you love the relationship because you don't feel intimidated and never feel like you're under pressure to come up with smart, witty conversations.

If he earns more than you, you admire the man and look up to him and love him better for it. If he earns less than you, your motherly instincts kick in and you want to protect him, help him, you understand the struggle and you love him better for it.

If he's much older than you, you love the warmth and comfort and security he provides and you love him better for it. If he's younger, he drives you to madness with his energy :P and his enthusiasm and you love him better for it.

But most of the time, when we say all nice and glowy things about our men, it's usually half truth and half lie. The only time a woman's ever really truthful about a guy if after he's left her and there's no hope of him returning and she knows it.

Well, I'm exaggerating in all of these points. It's not that extreme. But we women can be really stupid. And this. bugs. me. no. end!

04 August 2009

When things get too crappy

These past couple of days have been like something out of a bad dream. Everything's out of sync, work is never ending, and all electronic things die at my touch, and I AM tired. Some nights I even fall asleep with my work clothes on.

What is a woman supposed to do when her laptop's died, her iPod's died, and her phone company just wrongly charged her an extra thousand rupees, and she's got a flight booked for Monday but her visa's only coming on Tuesday, and when it's she herself who has to run around to fix and pay for all of these - all in 2 days?

And on top of all these, people expect her to fix their problems too, or take some part in their problems, and they throw questions at her all day long, wanting to know when to feed the dog, wanting you to talk with someone because they can't stand them, wanting you to take responsibility for something because no one else will, wanting to know why she didn't call, why she missed Church this Sunday, wanting her to talk to the landlord to fix the leaky shower....

At times like these, she will sit back, relax, close her eyes, and listen to this song and she'll feel all better again :)

26 July 2009

When people start changing.....

Did I mention that we went to stay with some friends for a month and only just recently moved back in? We packed our bags - Orpi, dog, and I and moved in with some guy friends. You know it was almost like being back in college. We have the two friends, plus any amount of their friends who'd drop in every night, pretty fun. It was like one big party every night.

Anyway, I sensed something different in the air. These friends who are usually rough, hairy, deep voiced, tattooed men behaved a bit differently this time. And definitely looked different.
A friend suggested all of this change is coincidental with the legalisation of gay sex in India. Of course, the guys vehemently disagree the legislation has anything to do with their change in behavior. I wouldn't know, I'm not a Psychologist. But what do you think?