04 August 2009

When things get too crappy

These past couple of days have been like something out of a bad dream. Everything's out of sync, work is never ending, and all electronic things die at my touch, and I AM tired. Some nights I even fall asleep with my work clothes on.

What is a woman supposed to do when her laptop's died, her iPod's died, and her phone company just wrongly charged her an extra thousand rupees, and she's got a flight booked for Monday but her visa's only coming on Tuesday, and when it's she herself who has to run around to fix and pay for all of these - all in 2 days?

And on top of all these, people expect her to fix their problems too, or take some part in their problems, and they throw questions at her all day long, wanting to know when to feed the dog, wanting you to talk with someone because they can't stand them, wanting you to take responsibility for something because no one else will, wanting to know why she didn't call, why she missed Church this Sunday, wanting her to talk to the landlord to fix the leaky shower....

At times like these, she will sit back, relax, close her eyes, and listen to this song and she'll feel all better again :)


Varte said...

I hla thla chu a nalh-in a fuh khawp mai. Hmanah a mizo hla-in ka hre thin.

Khawvel thilte chu Lal Isuan a lo phur zo ta
Nang pawh unau i phurrit a chhawk ang che

tih vel ni ta-in ka hria.
A tha hle mai.

virgochhas said...

dam dammm...

khawnge i zin don a?...enjoy...haf a safe journey

mnowluck said...

oh where oh where?

Jerusha said...

varte - a Mizo hla chu ka la hre miah lo, zawn ve tur anih chu. He hla hi chu ka duh teh mai ania!

Rams & Mnow - Sap ram ah ka kal dawn :P

illusionaire said...

i kalna tur te pawh chu han ziak ve la awwww... :-)

And yes, I know what you mean by sleeping with one's work clothes on. Two friends of mine got a divorce because the husband usually comes to bed and sleep with his work clothes. He's an astronaut by the way...


OpaHmar said...

"When its not always raining there'll be days like this
When theres no one complaining there'll be days like this
When everything falls into place like the flick of a switch
Well my mama told me there'll be days like this"
Van Morrison
The Mizo version is sung by Besy choir 2000 ablnum ah a awm