09 August 2009

Is he really worth lying for?

Shirley was telling us about a guy she liked. I wasn't around when Shirley and Sohna met the guy, so I was just a passive listener as Shirley raved about this guy's hotness. Sohna didn't say much either, she only had one point to contribute - "He's balding."

Shirley's response? "He's not balding!! He just has a nice forehead."

In the end, we were forcibly made to accept that the guy indeed just possesses a nice forehead, where the forehead's owner's wisdom was prominent in the prominence of his forehead :P

This conversation kickstarted a train of thought about how we women. even the ones who are otherwise smart, never stop being stupid about our men. And the lies we tell others and ourselves to defend their honour. Which is quite sad because men will never do the same. If his buddies tell him that his wife is getting old/boring/fat, his first response will be to agree. I'm lying. They may say 'No, my wife is still sexy' but the seed of doubt will be very firmly planted in his mind anyway.

Unlike us stupid ladies, who when we say 'He's got a nice forehead' proceed to immediately believe that he is not balding and that he really does have a nice forehead. Even if he's really balding and that's evident to everyone else on the planet except you.

If he's smart, you tell your friends that you've always dreamt of someone smart, intellectually stimulating and not just a hot bod. If he's just a hot bod, you tell your friends you love the relationship because you don't feel intimidated and never feel like you're under pressure to come up with smart, witty conversations.

If he earns more than you, you admire the man and look up to him and love him better for it. If he earns less than you, your motherly instincts kick in and you want to protect him, help him, you understand the struggle and you love him better for it.

If he's much older than you, you love the warmth and comfort and security he provides and you love him better for it. If he's younger, he drives you to madness with his energy :P and his enthusiasm and you love him better for it.

But most of the time, when we say all nice and glowy things about our men, it's usually half truth and half lie. The only time a woman's ever really truthful about a guy if after he's left her and there's no hope of him returning and she knows it.

Well, I'm exaggerating in all of these points. It's not that extreme. But we women can be really stupid. And this. bugs. me. no. end!


Nags said...

oh god, so true no? I think its partly because we feel we are judged by the men we choose to be with. once we leave him, its no longer a concern so we open up.

wonder why men don't feel the same.

Zaia said...

Haha.. a dik hmel hlawm kher mai.
A thenin 'Love is blind' an ti a, a thenin, 'Love is color blind' te an ti a. Hmangaihna hi chuan a chhe lai a siamtha a, a tha lai a hmu vawng a ni ber a ni ang. Mipate pawh hian midang neih awh loh tawkna tur vel hi chuan kan nupui/bialnu/ngaihzawng te fakna tur hi chu kan hre ve tho thin!

claytonia vices said...

Completely off topic: The Ladies Slipper orchid is listed as one of the rarest flower in the world by the Guinness Book of world records

Anonymous said...

"..the forehead's owner's wisdom was prominent in the prominence of his forehead.." nicely put.. never seen that many foreheads in one sentence. hehe
Being a guy, I reluctantly agree with your post about guys.. but if she asks, tell her I put up a good counter-argument.. lolzz
Your train of thoughts almost always lead to the valley of enlightenment.. :P

Jerusha said...

Nags - Men don't have enough powers of conviction to convince even themselves of their own emotions sadly :P

Zaia - "Mipate pawh hian midang neih awh loh tawkna tur vel hi chuan kan nupui/bialnu/ngaihzawng te fakna tur hi chu kan hre ve tho thin!"

Mipa fel over nih loh chuan mipa mawl over ho chauh a huam! heheh

Jerusha said...

Clay - Sad! The Bulldog rat became extinct because they hated black rats.

Jerusha said...

Black - I'm going to text her your comment right now word for word! :P

claytonia vices said...

Will it make you feel better if I show you men who do the same? :)

VaiVa said...

I'm loving it!!! :P Nih duh hmel e, mahse mipa pawh hi i sawi qualities nei an awm ve teuh a nia! Lolzzz

Kym said...
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Kym said...

That’s just so true. I see, I do those things you wrote. This article has made me wise..lolol..

Jerusha said...

Clay - The men who do the same, alas, are too small in numbers to uplift my spirits :(

Vaiva - haha mipa ho rawn tranna chu mipa ah pawh hetiang hi an awm ve tho tih hi a ni deuh ber ani maw?! Mahse sawi tawh angin, awm chu an awm ve pawh niang, mahse hmeichhe com[are in an tlem bik alawm!

Kim - The intention of this post was not necessarily to make you, men or anyone in particular wiser. But I'm glad if it does anything constrcutive.