30 October 2006

Chicken Soup for the Soul - My Version!

Goan sunsets - Sitting there on the beach, watching the sun go down, casting its dying lights on the water, the soft breeze on my face....I felt as close to heaven as it's possible for a sinning human being to feel close to heaven.
Pictures are untouched, no photoshop, no picasa, nothing. Uploaded straight from the camera as they are. Pretty aren't they?

27 October 2006

Enter The Dragon!

I'm back - with a not-very-flattering-tan and a new tattoo. Check out my new tan and my new tattoo.
So what do you think? The tattoo was supposed to be a dragon. It, however, came out looking like a very fierce seahorse!
Goa is beautiful! It's lovely, the people are marvelous.
Things are CHEAP!
I'm already planning my next Goa trip.
There are plenty of hot men so if you plan on going you better go alone or with other girl friends. Do NOT bring a male friend with you. All those hot guys with their hot bodies....and all they'll do is smile at you and wave when your friend is not looking :( That was all I got - furtive, flirtatious smiles and nothing else. Bummer!
But despite the unwanted tan and insufficient male activity, the trip was still worth it. Girls, wanna join me on my next trip?

19 October 2006

Cosmos, Goa & Ophelia

Diwali! I looove this time of the year!!! I'm going away for the next 6 days. I'm going to Goa. Imagine that...6 days of not being woken up by the alarm, six days of sun and sea and sand, 6 days of no work. I'm going to have fun. We plan to rent bicycles and pedal everywhere so hopefully, we'll get a lot of exercise as well.
I remember Diwalis in Delhi and right now, I'm thanking my stars that I won't be in Delhi this Diwali.

Lemme present my picture of the day - Somewhere in the deep recesses of KBR Park again. Reminded me of Shakespeare's Ophelia. I can just see her there in the water. All we need are flowers to complete the picture and of course, Ophelia. We'd have a pretty nice picture, like so -
Well, my flower fascination continues...I was talking with Sloppy S the other day, and well yes...about flowers. We both agreed our favorite flower of all is the 'hnahsin,' and how we haven't seen those in years because they only grow wild (I think). Anyway, feeling a little nostalgic, I decided to pull up images of hnahsins, opened Google images and sat there dumb - I'd forgotten what they're called in English! And I knew for sure 'hnahsin' wasn't going to work. I wracked my brain but couldn't come up with anything. All I remembered was that they've got this Universe/Space-sounding name :)
I asked Sloppy if she knew...
I think that's the only flower name she knows.
Anyway, I decided to blindly grope through Google in the hope that I might come across the right flower and the right name.
'Universe+flowers' I typed. Nothing.
'Space+flowers' Again nothing.
'Stellar flowers'
'Astral flowers'
'Star flowers'
I even tried 'Quasi-stellar flowers.' :D
All zilch. I couldn't rest for two days because this little flower bugged me so much. I don't remember all the fancy search terms I came up with but nothing, no query gave me the result I wanted. It was so frustrating I wanted to tear my hair out of my head.
Then finally, second day late afternoon, I found it!
I had moved on to broader terms - wildflowers! I should've started with that.
Thanks to the internet and this site, the name I'd been so diligently trying to find I know now is Cosmos! Hallelujah! So these are cosmos, if you don't know what they look like - Beautiful, aren't they? If I were God, I'd replace every cultured rose on this earth with cosmos. I'd do away with cultured flowers altogether and fill this planet with wildflowers. I remember this hill we used to go to when we were kids. It was high up above the town - always green and always breezy, one rickety windmill and that's all, rolling green hills and the sun and the breeze and us..and cosmos..thousands of them! I think heaven would be a little like that. Everytime I think of heaven, that's how I picture it. I can't think of golden streets and golden robes. I see green mountains and hills and wildflowers and fruit trees. And T-shirts and jeans.

16 October 2006

Therapy For The Soul

I'm trying to think peaceful thoughts...
More pictures from my jaunts across my most favorite place in all of Hyderabad. I'm not a flower person, but one can always try and learn to be something that's good to be :D. I'm going to try and be more feminine and lady-like and gentle and flower-loving and all that!

Anyone know what these flowers are called? In Mizo, we used to call them 'Isua Hlinglukhum' (Jesus' crown of thorns) or something like that. In any case, I think that was something that some wise-ass friend just made up and convinced the rest of us that that's what it's really called!
I like this purple flower, looks a lot like the flower of passion fruit. I LOVE passion fruits!

This little 'lake' is so well hidden I'll bet there are people who walk in the park everyday but don't even know it's there. I have to crawl around under mean thickets and break some rules and climb across an iron barbed-wire fence. So I always have to make sure no one's around when I take a trip this way. You'll end up with dead leaves and twigs in your hair and torn jeans and dirty shoes but it's so beautiful and peaceful out there it's always worth it.
Kind of funny, these flowers remind me of Dilwale Dunhaniya Le Jayenge.
I don't know the difference between violet and purple. Is this flower violet or purple??? :) It looks pretty, violet, purple or whatever.
Now this is pink. Not a big fan of the color.
Mary says this flower looks like an animal! Of all the things for a flower to resemble!

I've been a real pain in the ass, I've become so 'anti-social.'
I lose my temper for all the wrong reasons - taking the lift to the 9th floor every morning and for all the people who keep coming in and getting off in between..as if I own the elevator :D
Restaurants, the family with newly born twins bawling their hearts out (I always wonder why some people drag their fragile infants out to all these polluted, public places. Look at how much these poor babies howl in disgust, I think mothers with young children just should not eat out, and those babies cries gets to you like no other thing does, and if it goes on for a long time, it grinds on you like a painless root canal surgery, not necessarily good - lack of physical pain, yeah but everything else is there, including the mental torment!), the noisy teenagers on the next table, the lewd, moustached, pot-bellied men...not very good for the blood pressure, especially for someone like me who eats out as much as I do.
So I spend a lot of time at the park walking. Taking pictures. And I always feel great except when people I don't want to spend time with insists on tagging along.
So anyway, I have a hard time telling people no so I try to remain calm. I'm thinking flowers and butterflies, white fluffy clouds, colorful butterflies. Maybe I should just enjoy my anger. Wouldn't hurt to raise my blood pressure, come to think of it. Doctor told me couple of weeks back that my BP's 'alarmingly low.' Fancy that! A girl can't even diet in peace anymore.

10 October 2006

Gah! I've Been Poisoned!!

Sitting here fuming. I went to get something to drink and there were a couple of guys and a girl sitting there discussing Orkut. Not the community but the founder guy. And no, I wasn't prying. It was mainly the girl who was doing the talking and she was LOUD. As I walked past and opened the fridge, I heard the girl exclaim to one of the guys - 'How could you not know what he looks like? He's this chinky-looking guy...', a little louder than I thought was necessary.
I flamed up.
'Bitch!' I thought (I wanted to say it, but it's the bakery after all):-)
'It's because I'm here she said that.'
'It's clear from that extra pitch she put in her voice.'
'..like she wanted to make sure I heard it.'
'Orkut chinky-looking???'
Well, I don't know how right I was to have thought that but right or wrong, I think I got a little paranoid in there. I've been reading too much of Kima's blog and his posts about racism, interracial relationships and what not. But I strongly suggest everyone click on that little hyperlink there and read his latest post and get their minds poisoned. Self-induced paranoia! Aah..bliss! It's good to loath sometimes, as long as it's for a good and noble cause!:D
But right now, I'm just sick of these village-type people who've suddenly been exposed to the world and they go crazy and they wear fake Nikes and Adidas and Dolce & Gabbana replica sunglasses they bought for Rs 80 and cheap, ugly underwear and ridiculously overwashed jeans.(Don't get me wrong. By village-type people I don't really mean people from villages. We have a word for it in Mizo. Thring. But I can't think of any English translation that would suffice)
Gimme half-naked Village People singing YMCA anyday. Big difference there. Just love how powerful one word can be. You say 'Village People,' I think 'Good.' Now add 'type' there and say 'village-type people,' I'm not going to think anything good about it.
They try too hard to be cool and hip and happening and a part of the in-crowd they don't even remember where they live or who they are.

They will inevitably start off by getting their eyebrows pierced. And proceed to pierce every part of their anatomy that is piercable.

If you hear 'Chinky' or any other form of racial slur, it's very likely that it came from a specimen belonging to this particular family of losers. They seem to think insults and all other forms of rude words are cool.
They also like to pepper their sentences with the F*** word for no reason at all. They thrive on that word. It's oxygen to them. It completes the image.

They will invariably claim to be die-hard fans of Nirvana, Dream Theatre, Deep Purple etc (these are the better ones.. you also find the Bryan Adams, Venga Boys and Hotel California groupie) and buy all their CDs and learn every song by heart and get a tattoo saying Kurt Cobain or something like that even though it was only a few months ago that they learned that these musicians even exist(ed).
Inside, the blood in their veins throbs in adoration for that Himesh guy and Baba Sehgal and Sukhbir. Nothing wrong with that. But go right out and say you like Baba Sehgal. Pretense is sickening. Be yourself! :D

They think being rude to waiters/waitresses/rickshaw-wallahs and salesmen is cool so they do it. It's also a way for them to try to exert their 'superiority' over the rest of us common folks. They insult. They annoy.
They think being lazy is cool so they won't lift a finger and their place ends up looking and smelling like a giant garbage dump because they can't afford to hire a maid, in spite of all the high-living and looking-down-their-noses on anyone who they deem is inferior to them.
They go to a rock concert with their 'cool' friends and a band plays Rammstein's Du Hast and they start doing Mithun Chakraborty-style disco moves to it. The slightly evolved species do a Britney Spears style pop-py dance.

They are all potheads.

And promiscuous.

The female version loves make-up. Caked in every form of makeup that has ever been invented under the sun. Will reek of cheap perfume. Legs need a shave. Rough facial hair. Dirty underwear again.
She is village-type.
I'm going to make sure all my friends hate her! :D

hehe..Okay, I know I'm raving. Guess I'm still a little mad. Which is stupid. Who gives a rats ass what that girl said?
And Orkut doesn't even look 'chinky' - unfortunately for him :D!

03 October 2006

Se(e)n Riya?

Anyone know who that girl in the Limca commercial is??
In the ad she wears a short white dress, white strappy shoes and is dancing on a table (..I think) and drinking Limca and there's water everywhere and it's all wet and she's wet and the table's wet and she's got one foot on the wet table (...or maybe both, don't remember) and sultrily sipping on her Limca through all the wetness.
Mary says she's Riya Sen, I say she's someone else. So who's right?