16 October 2006

Therapy For The Soul

I'm trying to think peaceful thoughts...
More pictures from my jaunts across my most favorite place in all of Hyderabad. I'm not a flower person, but one can always try and learn to be something that's good to be :D. I'm going to try and be more feminine and lady-like and gentle and flower-loving and all that!

Anyone know what these flowers are called? In Mizo, we used to call them 'Isua Hlinglukhum' (Jesus' crown of thorns) or something like that. In any case, I think that was something that some wise-ass friend just made up and convinced the rest of us that that's what it's really called!
I like this purple flower, looks a lot like the flower of passion fruit. I LOVE passion fruits!

This little 'lake' is so well hidden I'll bet there are people who walk in the park everyday but don't even know it's there. I have to crawl around under mean thickets and break some rules and climb across an iron barbed-wire fence. So I always have to make sure no one's around when I take a trip this way. You'll end up with dead leaves and twigs in your hair and torn jeans and dirty shoes but it's so beautiful and peaceful out there it's always worth it.
Kind of funny, these flowers remind me of Dilwale Dunhaniya Le Jayenge.
I don't know the difference between violet and purple. Is this flower violet or purple??? :) It looks pretty, violet, purple or whatever.
Now this is pink. Not a big fan of the color.
Mary says this flower looks like an animal! Of all the things for a flower to resemble!

I've been a real pain in the ass, I've become so 'anti-social.'
I lose my temper for all the wrong reasons - taking the lift to the 9th floor every morning and for all the people who keep coming in and getting off in between..as if I own the elevator :D
Restaurants, the family with newly born twins bawling their hearts out (I always wonder why some people drag their fragile infants out to all these polluted, public places. Look at how much these poor babies howl in disgust, I think mothers with young children just should not eat out, and those babies cries gets to you like no other thing does, and if it goes on for a long time, it grinds on you like a painless root canal surgery, not necessarily good - lack of physical pain, yeah but everything else is there, including the mental torment!), the noisy teenagers on the next table, the lewd, moustached, pot-bellied men...not very good for the blood pressure, especially for someone like me who eats out as much as I do.
So I spend a lot of time at the park walking. Taking pictures. And I always feel great except when people I don't want to spend time with insists on tagging along.
So anyway, I have a hard time telling people no so I try to remain calm. I'm thinking flowers and butterflies, white fluffy clouds, colorful butterflies. Maybe I should just enjoy my anger. Wouldn't hurt to raise my blood pressure, come to think of it. Doctor told me couple of weeks back that my BP's 'alarmingly low.' Fancy that! A girl can't even diet in peace anymore.


Almost Unreal said...

I've been a real pain in the ass, I've become so 'anti-social.'
I lose my temper for all the wrong reasons

Same here. I get irritated easily, shout at my colleagues. The other day, I was about the explain one particular account to this guy and he kept on talking before I could talk. When I was about to explain the account status, he gave his alibi..as to why he is reluctant to handle that case..then losing my cool, I said with quite high tone 'Just shut up and listen to what I've got to say about this account'..then he was about to talk again then I said with somwhow harsh tone 'Just listen to me' which finally shut him up. I might have been the first to use such tone in this entire floor but it felt good.

And yes...lift...ugh..lose my temper a lot too..

BTW, nic pic

Sundancer said...

Think maybe we're getting old Unreal..
Senior sign aniang tiraw? :D
Remember we were the "noisy teenagers" everyone kept giving dirty looks at once...ages ago!

Almost Unreal said...

Hahaha...nih poh ni ta ve ang..an enrgy level sang ltk mai kan han ngaihtheih tak loh dan em2 hi :))

Anonymous said...

khi sapthei par ang deuh khi sapthei 'family' ami ani ngei in ka hria. a hnah te poh khi a in ang em khi.sapthei lianpui chi hi a ni in ka hria

Sundancer said...

Nia keipawh sapthei family ni in ka hria lawm, ka let leh ang nakinah a rah awm hun veleh, sapthei chi engemaw tak chu a lo rah ka ring, vai hoin an lo lawh zawh loh chuan.

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

The two flowers you are looking for are:

Euphorbia milii
Corona de espinas


Flora magia

Love your pictures,

Sundancer said...

Wow M Thanks. That's so cool, you're the only one who even attempted to answer that :-) I'm very impressed!