10 October 2006

Gah! I've Been Poisoned!!

Sitting here fuming. I went to get something to drink and there were a couple of guys and a girl sitting there discussing Orkut. Not the community but the founder guy. And no, I wasn't prying. It was mainly the girl who was doing the talking and she was LOUD. As I walked past and opened the fridge, I heard the girl exclaim to one of the guys - 'How could you not know what he looks like? He's this chinky-looking guy...', a little louder than I thought was necessary.
I flamed up.
'Bitch!' I thought (I wanted to say it, but it's the bakery after all):-)
'It's because I'm here she said that.'
'It's clear from that extra pitch she put in her voice.'
'..like she wanted to make sure I heard it.'
'Orkut chinky-looking???'
Well, I don't know how right I was to have thought that but right or wrong, I think I got a little paranoid in there. I've been reading too much of Kima's blog and his posts about racism, interracial relationships and what not. But I strongly suggest everyone click on that little hyperlink there and read his latest post and get their minds poisoned. Self-induced paranoia! Aah..bliss! It's good to loath sometimes, as long as it's for a good and noble cause!:D
But right now, I'm just sick of these village-type people who've suddenly been exposed to the world and they go crazy and they wear fake Nikes and Adidas and Dolce & Gabbana replica sunglasses they bought for Rs 80 and cheap, ugly underwear and ridiculously overwashed jeans.(Don't get me wrong. By village-type people I don't really mean people from villages. We have a word for it in Mizo. Thring. But I can't think of any English translation that would suffice)
Gimme half-naked Village People singing YMCA anyday. Big difference there. Just love how powerful one word can be. You say 'Village People,' I think 'Good.' Now add 'type' there and say 'village-type people,' I'm not going to think anything good about it.
They try too hard to be cool and hip and happening and a part of the in-crowd they don't even remember where they live or who they are.

They will inevitably start off by getting their eyebrows pierced. And proceed to pierce every part of their anatomy that is piercable.

If you hear 'Chinky' or any other form of racial slur, it's very likely that it came from a specimen belonging to this particular family of losers. They seem to think insults and all other forms of rude words are cool.
They also like to pepper their sentences with the F*** word for no reason at all. They thrive on that word. It's oxygen to them. It completes the image.

They will invariably claim to be die-hard fans of Nirvana, Dream Theatre, Deep Purple etc (these are the better ones.. you also find the Bryan Adams, Venga Boys and Hotel California groupie) and buy all their CDs and learn every song by heart and get a tattoo saying Kurt Cobain or something like that even though it was only a few months ago that they learned that these musicians even exist(ed).
Inside, the blood in their veins throbs in adoration for that Himesh guy and Baba Sehgal and Sukhbir. Nothing wrong with that. But go right out and say you like Baba Sehgal. Pretense is sickening. Be yourself! :D

They think being rude to waiters/waitresses/rickshaw-wallahs and salesmen is cool so they do it. It's also a way for them to try to exert their 'superiority' over the rest of us common folks. They insult. They annoy.
They think being lazy is cool so they won't lift a finger and their place ends up looking and smelling like a giant garbage dump because they can't afford to hire a maid, in spite of all the high-living and looking-down-their-noses on anyone who they deem is inferior to them.
They go to a rock concert with their 'cool' friends and a band plays Rammstein's Du Hast and they start doing Mithun Chakraborty-style disco moves to it. The slightly evolved species do a Britney Spears style pop-py dance.

They are all potheads.

And promiscuous.

The female version loves make-up. Caked in every form of makeup that has ever been invented under the sun. Will reek of cheap perfume. Legs need a shave. Rough facial hair. Dirty underwear again.
She is village-type.
I'm going to make sure all my friends hate her! :D

hehe..Okay, I know I'm raving. Guess I'm still a little mad. Which is stupid. Who gives a rats ass what that girl said?
And Orkut doesn't even look 'chinky' - unfortunately for him :D!


Pavan said...

Hmmmm, Eternal Carper , that I am, have just found out somebody who's much better at it...:)

I was also brought up in the NCR county and I've never had such things taught to me by anybody around me right from my dawn period, I strongly think that all this depends upon the family values/culture/social circle/ and a gradual developement of understaning which comes from education and self transformation.

I've had similar notions with " THIS" kinda people but somehow I kept saying to myself that its between US and GOD and never between US and THEM so lets just be okay with all the GOD creations...

All of'em are'nt supposed to be the original ADIDAS/RBK/D&G wearing so-called URBANE who've not bought anything unlabblled ever or hardcore JAZZ lovers( Jazz?) or THEY might not be aware of OUR dressing senses/tastes, or may be they've never been to any Lakme India Fashion Week or have'nt been to a "OHHH SOOOOO HAPP" disco wherin wearing anything UNORIGINAL or coming without labels is Gross( with capital S), or may be, we're tooooooo forward( may be 40 years or longer)...for those not included in your V-type people.

Crap apart,At times I feel humiliated to be born amongst such human beings who forget their HUMAN part and become soooo narrow minded that they forget the reality of this charade life....and can even be THIS down...that they make racial comments...Pathetic to the highest heavens.

Sundancer said...

hehe I was really mad yesterday. I hope I didn't put bad thoughts into your innocent head Pav :-) It's better to be too "forward" than be too "backward" - except when it comes to music.

Anonymous said...

sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me ..

Sundancer said...

I salute you then anonymous!
Not me. Words hurt me. Sticks and stones too... but words do that more often.

MockingBird said...

a band plays Rammstein's Du Hast and they start doing Mithun Chakraborty-style disco moves to it

Sundancer, if I ever need to really rip someone apart and need someone's help doing it, now I know who to contact ;)

Pavan said...

anonymous, abuse me dear,but you'rnt HUMAN

Sundancer said...

Bird - yours truly at your service! :D

Everyman said...

Was confused over the 'Orkut' character..finally figured out that it was a guy :-D ..But i am still confused..

The 'Chinky' episode sounds very familiar..back in school, all people from Kerala used to be called Malbaris, and if u were tamil, you were (still are i think) called Madrasis..I think not many people are aware that Chinky can be offensive..

Du Hast outside and Himmesh inside..what a combo!!

Sundancer said...

Not a very bad combination, I guess... for some people :-)
Is that how you spell that guy's name? With a double m huh?...my bad, didn't know. Not worth correcting though, been tortured by him too often :D

Everyman said...

Oi! I didnt think abt the spelling either..

Is it M or MM..he always goes uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm though :-DD

heard he's gonna star in a movie too :))

Almost Unreal said...

One correction... for them its not 'cool' but 'KEWL'..tht word's damn cool for them.

Whosoever love to use the word 'chinky' are the one who wanted to be friends with them and I am sure they sercretly admire their so called 'chinky'. I hate these kind of ppl..just cant stand them and their undying love for songs like Brazil, Summer of 69

Sundancer said...

everyman - that's just it, I hate the way he goes ummmmmmm! Usually ummmmmmmmm is a good sound, I like it but not coming from him :D And Himmesh in a movie??? I'd never watch a movie with him in it even if the tickets comes free with full show-time supply of snacks! Also found today an Orkut community called 'I hate Himmesh' or something like that. Don't want to be too anti but I'm considering joining. Might be good fun. (btw, you keepin' a tab on the guy? you seem to know all the nitty grtties on the guy ;-))

Unreal - LMAO 'kewl' has become you now. It's you i thnk of when I see someone using it. And Brazil and Summer of '69 LOL! I should be conked on the head for missing those two!@

Calliopia said...

Next time someone makes those silly Chinky cracks, take a deep breath, count to ten and simply give 'em a frosty supercilious onceover. Let them know you're better-bred than they are!

Everyman said...

Well, blame the 'news'laden ToI here for my up-to-date knowledge on Him(m)esh..I am also well versed in 'Brangelina' adventures in Pune..which auto they took, how many potholes their auto ran over, what their kids do when their folks are away shooting..and yes, even what their security men do..i am now eagerly waitin for the series on who else stays in the housing society where the shooting is going on...

Sundancer said...

Tnx callopia, that's an advice I'm going to take.
Everyman, give us some updates on the Brangelina story - I'd like to know how many potholes they encountered!

virgochhas said...

so wat if we r *chinks*... proud to be a chinky...


4get bout da stooopid bitch...she's not worth ur anger...

Sundancer said...

lol - I think I created a big fuss for nothing, she probably didn't mean it 'that' way. In any case, she's been very, VERY nice to me (well, after that one incident.)

Anonymous said...

Its so true about 'these' people you wrote about, i cant stand them too.

You put it into words so well, you are not the only one annoyed by these people.