03 October 2006

Se(e)n Riya?

Anyone know who that girl in the Limca commercial is??
In the ad she wears a short white dress, white strappy shoes and is dancing on a table (..I think) and drinking Limca and there's water everywhere and it's all wet and she's wet and the table's wet and she's got one foot on the wet table (...or maybe both, don't remember) and sultrily sipping on her Limca through all the wetness.
Mary says she's Riya Sen, I say she's someone else. So who's right?


Anonymous said...

mary's right.riya sen

Everyman said...

Riya or not, she is quite good looking I say!! :)

The name's unimportant.

Sundancer said...

Darn, now I have to buy her dinner!

everyman, I agree, she looks good, never knew Riya Sen looks that good..

MockingBird said...

it's all wet and she's wet and the table's wet and she's got one foot on the wet table... or maybe both

That doesn't sound like a Limca advt, Sundancer! LMAO!

Almost Unreal said...

Riya sen maw? Doesnt look a bit like her. Whterver, I loke the ad but big doubt if it is Riya Sen

Sundancer said...

Bird - I agree. In fact, I have a lot more to say about some of the shitty ads we see on our Indian TV!
Unreal - I ti ve law?? Keipohhh...a niin ka hre lo aa. Khi anonymous khian a inti hrechiang angreng fuu bawk sia :-)

illusionaire said...

yup she's freaking hot. damn jerusha, why can't you be more like her? The Gods must have been really drunk when they made you!

*That is for the "sexy IIMB dropout" ad you made about me* :-P

Sundancer said...

Kim, you remind me of Dorian Gray. Handsome, intelligent, rude and cruel to the people unlucky enough to worship you, sexy, hot....and gay! :D