30 October 2006

Chicken Soup for the Soul - My Version!

Goan sunsets - Sitting there on the beach, watching the sun go down, casting its dying lights on the water, the soft breeze on my face....I felt as close to heaven as it's possible for a sinning human being to feel close to heaven.
Pictures are untouched, no photoshop, no picasa, nothing. Uploaded straight from the camera as they are. Pretty aren't they?


virgochhas said...

wenz our Goa trip...?


MockingBird said...

Lovely pix!

Sorry to be the snake in the garden and ruin the lovely mood here but where's that 'Chicken Poop for the Soul' you once promised us?? :p

Bald Head Ate The Hermit said...

nice pics. really.

Almost Unreal said...

Beau-tri-ful, beau-tri-ful

Sundancer said...

Thanks y'all!
Virg - let's try Christmas :)
And Bird, patience! Wait till I get back to Delhi. The book was last seen there.