29 March 2006

Pool Party

It has been an extremely hectic half week!
Monday - late for work, late for every meeting I was supposed to be in, nodded off to sleep right in front of my computer for a good 30 minutes.
Tuesday - late for work, late for every meeting I was supposed to be in, but managed to keep my eyes open the whole day!
Wednesday - on time for a change! And no meetings today, still busy though. Have to try and make up for the very unproductive Monday and Tuesday. And I'm definitely not going to have any trouble staying awake.
Tomorrow - holiday!!!! Yayyyyy! God knows I need one. It's Ugadi, I think that's something like the Telegu New Year..? I'll have to ask someone. But the only thing I really care about's that it's a holiday.

See the trend? Things start from low and go up and upper as the week wears on and reaches uppest on the weekends! :-) But there's this thing called The Common Office-going Citizen's Law of Weekly Gravitation - what goes up must come down, and it usually comes down on a Monday.

Pictures are from yesterday's pool party at the Leo Meridien, they actually 'allowed' us to wear shorts, I remember Pragati Resort and their nightmarish, radioactive-looking pajama "swimsuit" **ugly to the core**. Now these pics might seem contradictory to what I've just written about life being hectic but all mature adults know enough to not take things at face or picture value! ;-)
The keyboard is mightier than the picture! My word..or some crummy pictures??

24 March 2006

Team Soul At Zaffran Exotica

Zaffran Exotica, Quarterly team dinner, last night...
...finally happened after a lot of postponements, and the theme changed from L.O.T.R's Elfin warriors to simple red.

Bennet's the one in red,
Nicolette's the one in red..
I'm the one in red
Akshay's the one in red :-)

Posh restaurant, one wrong step and you'd go splash into shark infested water! haha cute sharks though! :-) I loved these fishes outside better than the ones on the menu.

"I must so they can"

Sailesh, Me, Akshay & Elika showing off our new CRY bracelets.

There were prizes given out for best dressed & red hot males and females. No, I didn't get any. The only reason I didn't was because I was asked to judge ;)! I was a little disappointed at first because judge = no prize! But Akshay finally convinced me that being asked to judge was a bigger compliment than winning something...haha does it sound like my "sour-grapes attitude" need a little adjustment? But it was fun. My first stint as a judge! :-)

This is Sohna, winner - Red-hot Soulmate-Female..I mean the one in the black top and red skirt.

And this is Shyam, winner - Red-hot Soulmate-Male.

Manroop, winner - Best dressed Soulmate.

Leaving was a bit suffocating :), the restaurant was on the top floor of the building and there was only one lift and everybody wanted to leave at the same time. But we did manage to get everyone out of the building.

22 March 2006

Make Sense of the Tide

I can't work. There's a little guy with a pair of horns and pointy tail and forked tongue flying around here whispering things into my ears. And he's being very persistent. I'm trying not to listen and...the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I keep straining to hear him better.
Sunita's gloomily back in Delhi.
My tongue hurts...
Sailo-i's got her eyes set on forbidden fruit!
Biteii's been painting the town red, from what I've been told.
..and the person sitting next to her still stinks.
Virgo's becoming very "ril" over on misual.com. I liked the post on 'vais'.
I miss school.
Pw's still happily in love - with the SAME GIRL he's been in love with for the past FIVE YEARS now!! Imagine that...five whole years!

In our pursuit of happiness
It's crazy how much misery we will endure
Hope something you see on the Cote d'Azur
Makes you think of me
When you look out to that sea I'll be there treading water
Trying hopelessly to make sense of the tide
And of all the questions that we pondered
Nothing can explain the reason why
Did I live in your heart for at least a short while?
'Cause you'll live in my heart till the end of time
Now I recall I moved with purpose
But now there's no particular place to go
In our pursuit of happiness
It's crazy how much misery we're willing to know.

Still trying to make sense of the tide....
This time last year, I was in love and obsessed. Lots of talks and dreams about Africa and lifetime supplies of toothpaste and dental floss, of fishing and leeches and turkey hunting, family, Toby Keith, NASCAR, money, rearing sheep - who gets to shear and who gets to wear :), schools and cars, flights arriving late at the airport, flights coming in early, heights...not very romantic. But it was beautiful at the time. We did a lot of talking, correction - I did a lot of talking, he did a lot of listening. He told me the song that reminded him of me the most was Toby Keith's 'I Wanna Talk About Me'. I must've freaked him out...
But I did live with a purpose, which I'm not sure I'm doing now.

Ka ha thlalak khi a nalh em? I think I got teeth nice enough to use for a Colgate ad! hehe
Ka ning ka lei hi na tawp thei lo. Honey's what I need. Benjamin-a inah khan a awm tih chu ka hrechiang a, Delhi a kan inah pawh. Mahse not here.

"cos' I never quite got back from loving you
I'm still out there in that world you took me to.."
- my favorite song for the time being.

And oh..almost forgot. I was going to do a proper post on Sunita's weekend here. I don't feel like it so much anymore, so I'll be quick and keep it short and simple.

Me & Sunita at Treasure Island.
We were there till 4 in the morning because she didn't want to go home and kept on insisting the crowd gets better the later(or should I say earlier?) it gets. I was tired, a bit bored, started dreaming of my bed and my computer and my books - Sunita said Google has turned me into a geek, I told her Google's not to blame, other 'chronological' factors are at work. Age has mellowed me down :-)

I saw the weirdest thing that night. I was in the ladies room, a few girls came in to powder their noses. One of them had the most outrageous make-up on, and as I watched her, she whipped out a bottle of black liquid eye-liner from her purse and proceeded to line her lips, yes, her lips, not her eyes with it! It looked funny, and she had this really shiny, metallic pink lipstick on with matching metallic pink eyeshadow. So you can just imagine how horrendous that must've looked with the black liner. I wanted to take her picture but of course, couldn't. And when she got on the dance floor with her excessively long-armed boyfriend...now that was something only a picture could have captured, words wouldn't suffice.
It's always fun being with Sunita. We get along like a house on fire, she's got vocabulary a truck driver would be proud of. She knows how to have fun, and she makes me look tall!;). You have to agree I look tall in that ^ picture, well..at least that I don't exactly look short :-)

2:00 AM, Monday. A very emotional goodbye at the airport.

One last huge smile and she was gone! :(

Couldn't resist adding this last pic - of me (my normal height) and Bennet, who's 6"2. A real eye-opener, I've always been oblivious to the fact that I'm actually that short!!
That's the last time I'm taking a picture with him standing!
So much for looking tall!
And so much for keeping it short and simple...

20 March 2006

Of Work & Weekends

I was just getting ready to do a big blogging session but there was something in the mail which I read just seconds before I got started and now I'm too excited to do much of anything. Quick update:
1. Got rid of Tina Turner hair.
2. Sunita came all the way from Delhi to spend the weekend with me. We had a blast!
3. Life is absolutely fun these days.
Here's us over the weekend, I'll be doing a more thorough update later.

And oh, the mail I got that got me all excited...here's an explanatory picture :) -

Yep, that's right! I'm going to be a Team Advisor, yipee!! I'm absolutely thrilled!
The Lord does watch over me!

14 March 2006

More of My Favorite Things...

(Ie is always better than Mozilla, at least as far as where my page is concerned :))

Midnight, a cool breeze, palm trees, the moon and a nice long walk under it...

"Be still, sad heart, and cease repining; behind the clouds is the sun still shining." HWL

Cute little boys, especially if they live in Mizoram and go by the name of Ririna...

Cute big boys too :)
"And through the ages I'll remember
'Green' eyes crying in the rain." WN
(ka bialpa mit anih hi ;)!)

...and my new Tina Turner hair! Ka Monosodium Glutamate model hle na a nalh ka ti tlat he pic hi :)

Chukchu ke! Zoology classes in college saw a lot of these on dirty dissection trays, never thought an insect leg could make me feel nostalgic **sigh**

I'm thankful for these, they make pretty subjects - the flowers outside my aptmt building

Heng hi enge a hming khah? Jasmine?

The later the night, the diviner they smell!

I couldn't sleep and went out and took these pictures at like 2 in the A.M. The night watchman, Usman asked me 'Kya hua, madam?', I said 'Kuch nai, Bhaiya'- my all-time favorite words in Hindi and clicked away, he must've thought I was mad. But like all sane people, which he very much was, and still is - he knew it was not his concern if one crazy lady decided to start taking pictures in the wee hours of the morning, and it was chilly and he was sleepy so he bundled himself up in his shawl and nodded back to sleep, leaving me in peace.
Ka Nu Thuami te in 20 years ago min ti hre chhuak heng pangpar hian.

10 March 2006

Fridays At The Bakery

Found that written on one of the 'welcome to the yet very empty new office' balloons on my desk. I was ecstatic..'Wow! a secret admirer!' I thought...

But alas! It was only Mrinalini. I caught her in the process of giving false hopes to some other poor soul so I shot her!

Fridays means you can take extra liberty at work, like leaving work and trooping up to the terrace to watch the sun go down instead.

Somebody forgot their tix for a match taking place halfway across the globe!

Just in case you ever decide to come work here, this is where you run to to get new headphones when somebody breaks your old one in half.

Pastries and masala chai (and mutton kebabs on Akshay's plate, not mine - yuck!) makes the sun set in style :)

I've had countless nightmares about hanging from the end of a crane like this one.

Sushmita, Akshay & Natasha wishing for the day when they get to be promoted to 'crane operator'

Sushmita heading back to work - shoulders slumped, you can't see it but her eyes were cast down and the smile gone from her face. I'd fire her if I were her boss! :)

08 March 2006


It rained Monday. As if it being a Monday wasn't enough, the sky grew dark, the wind howled and the clouds opened up. But it cleared up pretty soon, and this magnificent rainbow made the storm worth the while. God's little presents! :) And I luckily had my camera with me.

Taken the day after the day of the rainbow! You see this pretty temple when you look down from Silicon Tower's 8th floor window - the Bakery's new space. It was the first thing that caught my eye when we moved here.

My favorite subject - myself! :)

Uncle-ji again! Idly sitting in the shade after another downpour. I don't know why but I really do like this little old man.
When I looked down from my balcony and saw him there..with the trees and the birds and the breeze, it made me feel very peaceful. See if you can stare at his picture for awhile and feel some of that peace too.

Akshay tired after packing all his belongings and trying to get to TGIF on time.

Late for a movie! That's Jessie in front of me - the person responsible for us being late. And that's Akshay behind me who took the picture.

Celebrating Women's Day at work.

The neighbors' maids - that looks like a nice job! And they do a good job too, their driveway is always clean.

Go towards the light!
A mournful Akshay walking towards a place he didn't want to be.

06 March 2006

Delhi's Devils

Thil sual chuti em em a lian awm ang pawh a lang lo, mahse rilru ti hreawm tawp thei lo tlat hi in nei ve ngai em? Chu ai a sual lian zawk zawk pawh inthiam lohna nei lek loin theihnghilh leh ang lawi bawk thin sia...
Ben-a (of Delhi) pawh a thianpa Victor(?) ani ta in ka hria, ar an rap hlum ve ve a vawikhat, an Christmas hmang ar kang tur phur awm ngaihna hre loin, tun thlengin a mu tui thei tawh lo (Sorry Ben, ka lo in puan kep mai che).
Keipawh hman deuh tawh ah, mi huan a mi balhla kan ru a. Chaltlang DC Workshop bula mi huan te reuh te ah balhla kung pakhat ah bawr khat a rah a, a bawr pumpui kan la vek a, 2-3 vel banana chips siam practise nan kan hmang a, kan peih leh vek sia, tun thlengin ka inthiam thei lo. A ru tu zing a member tlangpui te..hei lo pawh an tam a mahse thlalak a awm remchan loh avangin a awm zawng...

DD, South ex lamah hian thle ve bak bak thei reng mai nia, tihian chhunah chuan office nalh deuh ah intinalh deuhin Birthday cake a balhla ru lo ei leh hmiah hmiah a.

Like my fangs?

"Ka luhlul, ka luhlul, do cats eat bats? do bats eat cats? do cats bat? do bats bat?"

A in pose nalh hle na a, hetia a inpose lai hian khawvel a tawp thut ang tih chu hlauhawm!

Ka naute pahnih pawh hi an bang lo!

p.s: hei B ka sam tan chu - mipa ka ang rapthlak! ka before leh after..heh heh!