06 March 2006

Scoping Him Out!

It's late, and I'm not sleepy (story of my life!), might as well do something useful..like handing out some advice to all the ladies in the house. Since all of us are always stuck in one relationship or the other, and most of them usually ends 'tragically', it won't hurt to read this, even if I turn out to be wrong. Now I've decided there's really a pretty clean and simple way of scoping out your guy-to-be before jumping the guns, so we can save ourselves the heartaches later on.
One thing before I start, for the ones who have been bitten hard and suffering from a severe case of the lovebug - the I-Will-Die-If-I-Don't-Have-Him types - here's a tip: the way to a guy's heart is really through his ego and not through his stomach as generally believed. So if there's someone you're intent on winning, spoil that ego big time, always works! There's a downside though, be prepared to have your own pride trampled on big(ger) time. It's not easy pretending to worship someone who's supposed to worship you! :)
And scoping him out? Clothes maketh a man, they say? Wrong! Books maketh a man (besides countless other factors, that is). You go to the guy's house and check out the bookshelf, all guys don't have bookshelves so you might have to check out various other places where he likes to leave his books lying around - and "read" the books that you see.
If you see a 'Doestovsky' and the like..scram! The guy's going to be a complete bore. But then...I've known a few guys who read Doestovsky and were still interesting! Remember there are always exceptions :).
It's nice to see a guy who loves his pooch, but too many pet-care books around may indicate that he lets his whole world revolve around his furry friend. You might have to diss him unless you find the thought of forever playing second fiddle to Rin-Tin-Tin thrilling.
You definitely don't want to see a complete collection of Tinkle comics lining his shelves, or even worse..Cha Cha Chaudhury!!No exceptions in this case, Cha Cha Chaudhary is a complete no-no! Sorry, Cha Cha.
Pornography! Another thing you don't want to see, well, too much of it anyway. Guys love that stuff, but they should at least have the decency to hide it under the bed before inviting you over.
Well...the list goes on but it's 1 in the AM now, I'll have to continue some other time!


illusionaire said...

Well when girls come over to my place, the first thing they usually do is pull up my mattress and show their frens my porn collection which i "decently" hid. Now is that decent of them to do that? :-P

By the way, I read lots n lotsa Ludlum novels. What kinda guy am I? :-)

Sundancer said...

If the girls are friends, and just that, then I don't see anything indecent in them wanting to see your porn collection..especially if it's a big one ;).
Hmmm..Ludlum? You're definitely not boring, you know how to thrill! Lover of melodrama, knows how to intrigue - don't overdo it with the suspense thing though. Too much suspense can kill a girl.
hehe...am I anywhere close?

Anonymous said...

It's either 'dostoyevsky' or 'dostoevsky'.

illusionaire said...

Well, I dont know if ur close or not. I'll ask my gurl tonight :-)

Sundancer said...

Right - Dostoevsky! Thanks anonymous!

PhoeniX said...

Whoa, socio-cultural physco reading!! You sure have your research, experience and wisdom in place!! So any tips that guys can use to analyze girls? Perhaps that would really help a lot of guys and you become an angel too!

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Love Bug! HAHAHAHA :-)

Evil things in the world

- Cosmopolitan
- Femina
- M & B

and other lady mags. It's becuase of tips given by the above that women learn how to screw us like.."Its good to keep him a bit jelous sometimes..." My ex always expect things to like what she read in M & B.

Hey Jerusha, can you profile me then?

I have no comic in my house. From this very table I see these books piled up

* Why Men Can Only Do Once Thing at a Time an Women Never Stop Talking. (was bday present frm Ex )

* Mario Puzo's The God Father

* Dan Brown's Angels & Demon

* One night @ the Call Centre

* In 2 Rock: Christian Rock Music leh Mizo Thalaite by Vena Pachuau. A gift from the author himself which I am yet to read.

* My diary of quotation since second of college

* Debian GNU/Linux Bible by Benjamin Mako Hill, Debian developer himself.

* iCon Steve Jobs - An authorised bioraphy of Steve Jobs.

The first room on entering the house has two shelves. There...

* The Book Against God by James Wood. I was much attracted by the title and the cover design. It's been a long time and I am yet to finish it.

* My college books.

* Tech Books mostly Linux

* Photocopied spiral binded stuffs.

* A pile of mags - The Week, Business World. Mostly Business World.

Inside my bed room -

Some Hindi Novels and Pen House Letters which I inherited from the previous occupants of the house, my senior @ work.

Now you please tell me what kind of a partner I would be.

Please email when your done.

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Shitt!! If blogger.com gives us the option to delete comments, might as well give us the option to edit.

Sundancer said...

Hmm..no publicly- scoping-Ben-out huh? ;)

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Then, send me email!!

virgochhas said...

cnt someone scope demselves up by demselves...?.....


hey sundancer...wat do say to this...

if u love someone, dsnt matter whether u share da same interests or not...u still love em.....

if u dnt love someone, even if u share all da same interests....it just CAN'T happen.....

Sundancer said...

That's very true Ram, but I'll never be able to fall in love with someone who reads Tinkle comics lolzzzz

virgochhas said...

hahahahha...am waiting fo da day u'll fall head over heels in love with someone who read cha cha chaudhary... lolzzz....

anywayz,a love men with a sense of humour..men who understand 'sudden muanga' :D