24 March 2006

Team Soul At Zaffran Exotica

Zaffran Exotica, Quarterly team dinner, last night...
...finally happened after a lot of postponements, and the theme changed from L.O.T.R's Elfin warriors to simple red.

Bennet's the one in red,
Nicolette's the one in red..
I'm the one in red
Akshay's the one in red :-)

Posh restaurant, one wrong step and you'd go splash into shark infested water! haha cute sharks though! :-) I loved these fishes outside better than the ones on the menu.

"I must so they can"

Sailesh, Me, Akshay & Elika showing off our new CRY bracelets.

There were prizes given out for best dressed & red hot males and females. No, I didn't get any. The only reason I didn't was because I was asked to judge ;)! I was a little disappointed at first because judge = no prize! But Akshay finally convinced me that being asked to judge was a bigger compliment than winning something...haha does it sound like my "sour-grapes attitude" need a little adjustment? But it was fun. My first stint as a judge! :-)

This is Sohna, winner - Red-hot Soulmate-Female..I mean the one in the black top and red skirt.

And this is Shyam, winner - Red-hot Soulmate-Male.

Manroop, winner - Best dressed Soulmate.

Leaving was a bit suffocating :), the restaurant was on the top floor of the building and there was only one lift and everybody wanted to leave at the same time. But we did manage to get everyone out of the building.


virgochhas said...

any pictures of da pretty judge...? :)

Sundancer said...

The judge also acted as one of the camera-person, only when I uploaded the photos did I realise I didn't take any of mine! :(

virgochhas said...

tsk tsk tsk...okie....nxt time.... mebbe... :)

Sundancer said...

B & Zuali, khi Manroop khi nih khi Gurki cousin ka tih kha. Small world! Ka ngei deuh hlek lolzz..a cousin ang deuh, Shergill phakar rukna nei tlat ang chi hi. Lolzz
Thank God for Mizo trawng hehe

Anonymous said...

a van nomhmel chim chem ve a

benjamin rualthanzauva said...