22 March 2006

Make Sense of the Tide

I can't work. There's a little guy with a pair of horns and pointy tail and forked tongue flying around here whispering things into my ears. And he's being very persistent. I'm trying not to listen and...the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I keep straining to hear him better.
Sunita's gloomily back in Delhi.
My tongue hurts...
Sailo-i's got her eyes set on forbidden fruit!
Biteii's been painting the town red, from what I've been told.
..and the person sitting next to her still stinks.
Virgo's becoming very "ril" over on misual.com. I liked the post on 'vais'.
I miss school.
Pw's still happily in love - with the SAME GIRL he's been in love with for the past FIVE YEARS now!! Imagine that...five whole years!

In our pursuit of happiness
It's crazy how much misery we will endure
Hope something you see on the Cote d'Azur
Makes you think of me
When you look out to that sea I'll be there treading water
Trying hopelessly to make sense of the tide
And of all the questions that we pondered
Nothing can explain the reason why
Did I live in your heart for at least a short while?
'Cause you'll live in my heart till the end of time
Now I recall I moved with purpose
But now there's no particular place to go
In our pursuit of happiness
It's crazy how much misery we're willing to know.

Still trying to make sense of the tide....
This time last year, I was in love and obsessed. Lots of talks and dreams about Africa and lifetime supplies of toothpaste and dental floss, of fishing and leeches and turkey hunting, family, Toby Keith, NASCAR, money, rearing sheep - who gets to shear and who gets to wear :), schools and cars, flights arriving late at the airport, flights coming in early, heights...not very romantic. But it was beautiful at the time. We did a lot of talking, correction - I did a lot of talking, he did a lot of listening. He told me the song that reminded him of me the most was Toby Keith's 'I Wanna Talk About Me'. I must've freaked him out...
But I did live with a purpose, which I'm not sure I'm doing now.

Ka ha thlalak khi a nalh em? I think I got teeth nice enough to use for a Colgate ad! hehe
Ka ning ka lei hi na tawp thei lo. Honey's what I need. Benjamin-a inah khan a awm tih chu ka hrechiang a, Delhi a kan inah pawh. Mahse not here.

"cos' I never quite got back from loving you
I'm still out there in that world you took me to.."
- my favorite song for the time being.

And oh..almost forgot. I was going to do a proper post on Sunita's weekend here. I don't feel like it so much anymore, so I'll be quick and keep it short and simple.

Me & Sunita at Treasure Island.
We were there till 4 in the morning because she didn't want to go home and kept on insisting the crowd gets better the later(or should I say earlier?) it gets. I was tired, a bit bored, started dreaming of my bed and my computer and my books - Sunita said Google has turned me into a geek, I told her Google's not to blame, other 'chronological' factors are at work. Age has mellowed me down :-)

I saw the weirdest thing that night. I was in the ladies room, a few girls came in to powder their noses. One of them had the most outrageous make-up on, and as I watched her, she whipped out a bottle of black liquid eye-liner from her purse and proceeded to line her lips, yes, her lips, not her eyes with it! It looked funny, and she had this really shiny, metallic pink lipstick on with matching metallic pink eyeshadow. So you can just imagine how horrendous that must've looked with the black liner. I wanted to take her picture but of course, couldn't. And when she got on the dance floor with her excessively long-armed boyfriend...now that was something only a picture could have captured, words wouldn't suffice.
It's always fun being with Sunita. We get along like a house on fire, she's got vocabulary a truck driver would be proud of. She knows how to have fun, and she makes me look tall!;). You have to agree I look tall in that ^ picture, well..at least that I don't exactly look short :-)

2:00 AM, Monday. A very emotional goodbye at the airport.

One last huge smile and she was gone! :(

Couldn't resist adding this last pic - of me (my normal height) and Bennet, who's 6"2. A real eye-opener, I've always been oblivious to the fact that I'm actually that short!!
That's the last time I'm taking a picture with him standing!
So much for looking tall!
And so much for keeping it short and simple...


virgochhas said...

my my my... someone really had a blast of a week end....

and someone is sure as hell feelin' blue....

watz with da tongue thingy...whyz it hurtin'...someone bit it?... akekekkekekke.....:P

Sundancer said...

yeah..remember the only hot guy in town I was telling you about? ;)
haha..vitamin C ka tlachham aniang ka ti ve tawp!

Anonymous said...

i ha pic khi engvanga post(pose..as in model pose..hrethiam em...lol..get the joke?) nge i nih a?gross...sunita i ha amo ka ti alom.

Sundancer said...

haha..camera a pic om ho ka download zo chiah a, ka ha lian ltk thlalak khi a lo awm a, ka nuih zat nak alai a, ka blow up a chhuang takin ka ron "pose" anih khi!
Sunita ha chu i va hmusit ve a, ka hrilh ang.

Anonymous said...

lolz...sunita i ha ka hmusit lo.ka ngaisang mah2 zok.a ha hi a var seng song em a.a hang vang hian a lang var lehzual .taka..'pose' tih tak ah chuan hlirboih-i a lang bon top.pose and chess number..(is that how we spell this meaningless word?

Sundancer said...

chest number ani lawm ni? mahse a pronounce dan chuan chess number kha a dik zawk ang.

Anonymous said...

'chect' poh chu lo ni ta reng2 se,engnge a omzia?lolz

Sundancer said...

hei beauty contest a contestant ho in an awm(chest) a an number an dah thrin (em khah??) hi niang chu ka ti ve tawp

virgochhas said...

mixo chuan ...'khel nambar' an ti ... lolzzzzzz....

sundancer chuan a 'khru-ainch' ah a xiak a....'struan tut' xoh ah a namber an thlak xel.....lolzzzzz... :P....

Sundancer said...

haha..a nih nih ni rawh se, I care little, I know I'm never going to be in any beauty contest of any sort, maybe in my next life, but definitely not in this life. Khel number, chest number tih vel chu beautri contrestrant ho(eg. rami)ho buaipui tur alom hahaha

Pavan said...

and someone who's world to truce gets a place at Wish's...Keeeeewl is word for the stuff here this time.......Cheerio!

Pavan said...

and this made sense too to have it displayed .....I now know another sucess story...you desrve all that you got....more in store...I WISH!

virgochhas said...

beautri contrestrant ho(eg. rami)

min bawl em ni...ka phuan duh don miah lo a nia... :P

No Hidden Depths said...

Ka ha thlalak khi a nalh em? I think I got teeth nice enough to use for a Colgate ad!...
anih khi mo le :D :D
I second that!! ;)

Sundancer said...

haha thank you hidden! Zak lo min ti hlom raps a kha thlalak ka dah vang khan, mahse chhuan theih ve awm chhun2 hi chu ...... ;)

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Rami and Jeruzh, better each other :-)! HAHAHA!