02 November 2006

The bakery and all the bakers on Halloween

I still got some Goa pictures here that I want to share with y'all. I know you're all probably sick of those. I don't want to make you barf but I'm still going to subject you poor people to more Goa pictures, but here's a breather...pictures of my office and all its happy people celebrating Halloween.

My previous employer's really got something to learn from my current employer. Lesson #1 would be on how chillin' out once in a while sure don't hurt, that jeans and T-shirts are NOT evil! But mostly, I think they need to know that it's important to keep your employees happy, not just plain exploit them.
(...and to think Unreal and my own dear sister are still working there :D!)
Keep us happy and we'll happily offer ourselves up to be exploited out of our own free will :D


claytonia vices said...

wow! Is that the toilet-paper zombie I heard about?

Sundancer said...

haha claytonia, not sure what that is exactly, but I'm guessing she won't be running out of toilet paper for a long time :)

Almost Unreal said...

How did u go as?

Sundancer said...

Didn't go, stayed home as a 'devoted girlfriend' :p

Shankari said...

hi sundancer!