26 November 2006

Going to Outer Space?

'..So at a hundred and fifty (Centigrade) below, I bet that if you touched an axe, not even with your tongue but just with your finger, you'd never see that finger again, if, of course, you happened to come across such a thing as an axe in outer space.'

The Brothers Karamazov - Fyodor Dostoevsky

[Just in case anyone's going to outer space, and just in case you happen to come across an axe while there :-)]

Sunday evening, bored out of my wits, also feeling funny and pukey. Decided to check my space on MySpace, hoping for some messages from one of the hot guys on there. Unread messages and comments! Yipee! And the first comment I saw read:
'Shall I shag you now or shall I shag you later?'
And first message opened read:
'wasssuppp?? would you like to be my secret naughty girl?'
Photo comment:
'Can I kiss your cleavage?'
Disillusioned by MySpace, I wandered off to Orkut. Now I have this picture of me 'picking my nose' on my profile, and somehow people just seem to love it. I get new people adding me all the time after this picture went up. Just shows how we all love picking our noses :-)
Messages and scraps from Orkut usually come with lots of 'Heyyyyyyyyys,' 'Hhiiiiiiiiiis,' and 'Haiiis.' It pisses the hell out of me. I would NEVER consider being friends with someone who uses any of the above salutations. Period.
I'm not at all active on either MySpace or Orkut. My friends list on both are pretty impressive though, cos' I almost always accept anyone who adds me because I just feel bad about clicking on the 'reject' button. I thought I was being nice but being nice has its downsides.
Especially on Orkut - people who just would not stop scrapping you with stupid poems, asking why you never reply, wanting to know your Yahoo messenger ID and what time you'd be able to 'meet them for a secret rendezvous' online. I would've thought it obvious that if someone don't send a reply, then someone obviously isn't interested. It's stupid badgering someone who isn't interested for a response, there are many things that can be read from silence. Annoying Orkut-ers should learn how to.
Whether it's a picture of me picking my nose or me displaying my fake tattoo, let it also be known that I look much worse in real life than my pictures - if by any chance you should think I look like a 'hot-secret-naughty-girl' type. So stop scrapping me! Especially with those corny lines like 'baby doll how can you forget me...You know I was the first person falling in love with you..'
And then there are your real friends who are your real friends but are undeniably also your real stupid friends. I hate it when someone talks about something personal on a public scrap book. Of course I'm gonna delete your stupid scrap as soon as I see it but how many people might've seen it before I do? Yes, I'm talking about you, you dumbhead from Bangalore. You should be arrested and jailed until you're considered Orkut-safe.
There was this guy who mailed me and said 'Jerusha, please call me, *his number* - important.' Well, I thought he was that friend of my friend who I've been doing some work-related stuff with. So I immediately called him, and I found out the guy was some guy from one of my Orkut communities. I was pissed, tried not to show, said I was kind of busy and tried to hang up, guy said 'please call again..,' didn't say anything but hung up anyway. Immediately wrote a very polite message in response to his email 'Sorry but not looking to make friends or meet new people. Am on Orkut soley to stay in touch with my old friends..blah blah'
Response? 'I understand but what's the harm we can try nah?'
No, we can NOT try.
God, it's so bloody dull around here I want to barf! I wish I had lots of cheap china so I can pass some time smashing them against the wall.
And oh yeah, if anyone's going to outer space, mind letting me tag along? I terribly need the diversion.


dear_diary said...

Sounds like you're having one of those days.But the cardinal rule is that 'one of those days' should never happen on a Sunday.
But I am really glad to hear that your tattoo is fake. I have a real one and I regret it whenever I remember I have it :p
Anyhow, hope you'll have a great time with whatever is left of the weekend...

Macabreday said...

"Haiii.... will u want to make franship with me? pleaseee maam."

geezzz..it could be annoying but i sometimes wish we guys too got some of these weird messages, just so that we can read it and laugh. but on second thoughts, would we guys actually discard those messages?

claytonia vices said...

Hmmm... I love clicking the reject button! ;-)

I have also had these smart a** 'friends' whom you never met who add you. I just love clicking the delete button on the friends->edit page when they turn out to be irritating creatures!!

mnowluck said...

I'm one of those guys whom u've never met nor do i, but we(i met u) online in orkut.. yet if i'm not mistaken, never scrap u with that long Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..... i'm clean.. aight>>??? LOL!!!!

BTW.. thanks for ur comments.

virgochhas said...

datz da price u will pay....for not coming to delhi...




Sundancer said...

dear_diary haha I didn't know you got a tattoo - where do you have it? what's it a picture of? I was actually contemplating getting a real one, but now I think I'm going to give it a little more thought.

mac - I'll locate you on Orkut and bombard you with those weird messages, we can find out if 'you guys' will discard those weird messages or enjoy them! :)

Sundancer said...

claytonia, I think I'm going to start following your example :)

mnowluck - I've been nice to you because you have the advantage of being able to converse in my language! hehe

virgo - HAH! as if Delhi is all that happening, I know how dreary it can be there. Dullness combined with the extreme heat/cold only makes it worse. Here at least extreme boredom's the only thing I have to battle, not extreme temperature!

virgochhas said...

@ sundancer - watever makes u happy...



diary.. said...

Maimawm, even I dont know it is .lol. And its on my arm, my brother the artist (remember jerry?) got it done for me :p I got it before it became in. Now I'm trying to get it removed and it costs a ton. If you still want one, make it small, and in a place where the sun dont shine :)

Sundancer said...

dear diary - course I remember your brother! Maybe you can ask him to pay for the removal charges :p

Almost Unreal said...

'baby doll how can you forget me...You know I was the first person falling in love with you..'
...wiench...what a line, lolzzz

Jason said...

My friend is a dealer in cheap china!
Just incase you are interested!

virgochhas said...

up·date (ŭp-dāt') pronunciation
tr.v., -dat·ed, -dat·ing, -dates.

To bring up to date:


Everyman said...

Am yet to get one of those Haai messages..it doesnt matter now anyway since i am in Saudi Arabia where Orkut is a cardinal sin. I can understand u rejecting such messages from guys..but Mac's right..i donno how hard it wd be for me to reject a similar message from a female :-D.. If someone wants to 'hai and make friendship with me', well, :-DD

illusionaire said...

Hehe who's that orkut fren of urs from Bangalore? Amos? lolz....

hmun hran hran ah i common eee lawm matre, tiang ang mi lo tawng loh ngaihna a awm lo *BIG GRIN*

Sundancer said...

jason - gimme ur friend's # :)

virg - patience girl! NUla buai ka nih hi :DD

everyman - good luck out where you are? btw, what is NOT a sin out there?

sandman - chhun zo tawh che nih hi tiraw common lamah chuan :p

virgochhas said...

visit toh loh tur list.....


update khat emmmmm mai



FD said...

>>>'baby doll how can you forget me...You know I was the first person falling in love with you.<<<<

awwww and here I thought I was the first !!!!

Sundancer said...

fd - I thought you were the first too but seems like someone beat you to it :P