10 September 2009

Up for some Nepali sex, anyone?

Omg! I have to blog about this right now. It's friggin hilarious!

Okay so I was just casually browsing through my blog traffic stats, and I noticed that there were like TONS of leads from the search term 'Nepali sex.' I ignored the first few ones but after seeing it page after page, I became curious and clicked on one of the leads to see how users get to my blog by searching on 'Nepali sex' - content which my blog definitely doesn't have. It took me to some Indian porn site (?) and look at what I found on the site!
(Amateurishly blotting out the graphic details. I intend to keep this blog family safe!)

Did you see it? (In case you didn't, here it is again)
I think we need a close up..
HAHAHA! Looks familiar? Terribly striking resemblance to my friends from my When people start changing post don't you think? :P

I'm so dead. But I'll worry about that later after I finish laughing!

(Contacting the site owners immediately about removing it from there. Immediately meaning immediately after everyone have seen it :))


Macabreday said...

OMG... lol..this is so blogworthy..!! and hilarious....!
like two years back, one of the search words that kept leading to my blog was "mallu breast"
now im curious to trace how that led to my blog...!!

luliana said...

'Gay Porn' seems more appropriate, me think :D

illusionaire said...

lolzzzzz I sooo remember this particular post and pic!!! Yes of course you're dead, but its totally worth it! I am so making this the "Laugh of the week" post at misual.com :-)

VaiVa said...

He thil hi ni maw sawi thui chi loh kan tih kha! :D

Tetea said...

Haha! An mahni in an hmu tawh em? lolz. Ka chhaih dawn! :D

Jerusha said...

Mac - you definitely should check any unknown porno-sounding links. Who knows, your picture might be on some heavy porn site :P

lulian - I knowww, but I think maybe one of them was a woman ?

Jerusha said...

Kim - haha thanks! I'm going over to their place for dinner tonight, but i think it's more like I'm going over there to be skinned alive :)

vaiva - sawi thui loh ai a pawimawh chu hmuh thui loh :P

tete - MS-a chu ka va hrilh a, anmahni tak a hmuhtir em ka hre lo. Chhaih ngei ngei rawh!

Naupang^Fel said...

An duh lo ve ang chu khawp a lolz

OpaHmar said...

hahaaha a ni tiro????hmaana i post kha? some ppl will steal anything

Anonymous said...

Van hmu thei ve uJeru chu..

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