02 September 2009

Try this if you consider yourself smart

We had a big word we tried to play smart with and decipher and unravel without external help today but we're still nowhere and I'd like to see what you all think. Well it's a pretty average word, just too big for Macavity (whose only experience with Etymology was contemplating taking it up in college) and me (who recently read an Etymology for beginners type of book, and is still only halfway through).

I was looking at Larry Brilliant's Twitter page, which had this:

  • Name Larry Brilliant
  • Location San Francisco
  • Bio Philanthropedemiologist, President, Skoll Urgent Threats Fund; advisor to Jeff Skoll and Google
I immediately shot off an email to my friends saying this:

"What's a Philanthropedemiologist
? What is Skoll Urgent Threats Fund?"

Of course, Macavity being the literary genius that she is responded immediately with this:

"My guess is a demi (half) specialist in the philanthropic realm of feet (or children). And this is biological in nature.

Regarding the Skoll Urgent Threats Fund - I think there's this guy called Skoll who is constantly being tormented by danger and terrible threats that come in times of least expectation. Brilliant I think supports his cause. More so since he is also a lover of man."

Of course, being the half-taught expert Etymologist that I am, I had to reply with this:

"So, a half specialist in children's feet?? I might think - philan from phile = love, and anthrope from anthropos = man, logist from logos = study, lover of mankind and ...someone who studied edemio, whatever edemio is."

(Quite makeshift, but not all that bad you have to admit :P)

Macavity faithfully followed with this response:

"I can't even find any definition for it on Google. Edemio. Could be the study of skin? Or demons?"

Since my friend had resorted to Google, I thought I'd follow suit and sent Macavity what I found:

"If you search for 'edemiologist' or 'edemiology' there seems to be scientist type people validly using it, but there is no wiki page or a dictionary type page for it. It has to do with some disease I believe. The closest I could get to was 'Edema' - some sort of medical condition where tissues swell up. And if I borrow the 'PE' from my previous 'Anthrope' - I would agree with you on the foot part becauyse then we'd have 'pede' - so when it comes to pedemiologist, does that mean a specialist in the swelling of the feet??"

Macavity's response to this:

"I'd be concerned if Larry Brilliant was a specialist in the swelling of feet. Is that what it takes to be a recognised Google person? Not so much the showcasing yourself - as much as showcasing yourself in swollen feet."

And I had nothing better to add so there ended this deep conversation. Perhaps you can do a better job?


Shirley said...

lol I think this Macavity person is very wise as are you. Splendid thought patterns, if I may say so.

Jerusha said...

haha I knew you would be in much awe of this Macavity person, Shirley! Interesting thought patterns for sure (feet, or children etc), the splendidness I'm not sure about :P

Anonymous said...

If i'm making any sense, I guess its a combination of "Philanthropic" and
"epidemiologist" which kinda makes him a Doctor/scientist working with epidemic diseases and loves Humanity, which is why he took up this stream in the first place.. :D (What did I win??)
As far as the Skoll is concerned, check out their website.. SkollFoundation.org..

Jerusha said...

Black - Why do I get the feeling that yours is the most accurate attempt? Sounds so simple and easy that way. Very impressed! Re. mine and Macavity's very compl;icated results: proof that little knowledge can indeed be truly dangerous!