12 December 2006

Composite Portraits of Scientific Men

Not Francis Galton's this time. These are my portraits - I don't know about the scientific part - but yeah, composite portraits of men!
(Also, I think this is what Rami wants and means by shouting 'update update' all the time :-))
Type I: Not much to say. Might surprise you in bed, though highly unlikely.
Type II: Very nice to look at. Tattoo on his shoulders looked sexy. Inked specimens not always healthy though.
Type III: Middle-heavy specimens = healthy for your nerves. You don't have to sit up nights wondering if he's got an affair with his secretary because most likely, he's not.
Type IV: I found type IV extremely interesting. Very quiet. Comes out for a walk every day at the same time at the same spot. Quiet, brooding, very mysterious, just like the hero of the books. In one word, very attractive.
...plus he's got terribly sexy feet!
Type V: What can I say? Type V is perfect...as far as visual assumptions go.
Type VI: Looks good but probably's a pain in the ass - male ego's in full bloom. Note the body posture..it's obvious isn't it?
Type VII: Nice to look at, probably's got a foul mouth.
Type VIII: The elusive specimen who comes out to hunt only in the twilight. Can't tell a lot about this type but he definitely sizzles in the dim light!

So what's your type?


virgochhas said...

Type I for Almost Unreal

Type III for You

Type V for me

Sundancer said...

Type V chu fuh hle mah se he's all yours..type IV for me!

Macabreday said...

ill be cautious on the beach next time.. on the look out for a lady with a camera :)

Sundancer said...

Damn...think maybe I'm scaring all the guys away with my camera :-)

Jason said...

LOL.. be on your guard!!
All the guys on the beach watch out! Miss CameraLady on the prowl!

Sundancer said...

C'mon guys...I'm pretty nice to people I know :-)

illusionaire said...

haha our very own voyeur expert! :-P

Hope you know you can go to jail / get sued in some countries for those photographs. :-)

Macabreday said...

ohh well.. dosent matter if i have my snap taken by a mysterious lady with a camera..... in the end what matters is which group type i fit into, type I,II,III,IV,V ??? LOL :)

Sundancer said...

Oh c'mon Illusionaire, don't spoil the fun!

Mac, how about posing for me then? I'll decide your type after the pics come out :)

Macabreday said...

guarantee me in/out of certain Types..then ill pose :)
plus its more fun when the subject is unaware.

virgochhas said...

hey you two...

stop flirting


Almost Unreal said...

I'll take the Type VII :D

virgochhas said...

almost unreal, we've already alloted Type I for you

Sundancer said...

mac give and you shall receive, pose and you shall be grouped, not the other way round :p

virgo what's "flirting"????? hehe

unreal - vel a che a! Nia type I kha I tan kan dah fel tawh, sawi buai theih tawh loh!