09 April 2009

General boringness

Let's chase it away. This picture I took of O a couple of nights back should do it. You have to look at that encircled body part and the magnitude of its size should have you doubling up with laughter. It's just a really weird picture because she's got a perfectly normal big toe but it came out all weird in this picture. At work with Macavity. We complain a lot. We work a lot. We laugh a lot. We dream about Keats and Shelley, zookeepers in Africa, and boring-red-haired-freckled-pale-yet-omg-I-love-him Irish men. We talk about our love for Billy Graham and Ritchie Blackmore equally passionately. And both our other computers are data centers :D Well, my other other computer. My other computer is tucked away in the kitchen shelves making friends with cobwebs.
And lastly - Hellboy!In fact, I actually feel like talking about movies a bit. Very unlike me. But I'm on the topic of Hellboy now, and I love both Hellboy movies. I love that scene in Hellboy II when that flower monster died and all the plant gunk spilled out of it but immediately sprang to life with green plants and white flowers. How beautiful was that! I love all movies with aliens, dragons, strange creatures, and vikings in it.

With the exception of Outlander. When that movie came out, I was excited as hell - dragons, aliens, Vikings, PLUS time-traveling all in one movie!! I thought whoever decided to make it was brilliant. But it was disappointing. The Vikings weren't hot. I know Wulfric was supposed to be, but he just wasn't somehow. He actually looked hot only finally in the end after he died.

And Smriti insisting on calling the Morwens 'Mormons' made it difficult to be serious. I mean you're sitting there trying to focus on the movie, and then Smriti chirps "Wasn't there another Mormon inside chewing up people?!?" She never figured it out till the end, despite us laughing every time she talked about them, she called them Mormons to the very end.

I also saw Watchmen recently. I can't stand what's his name - the Iron man guy..damn it I can't even remember his real name. Some Jr (the only name that keeps coming up in my head is Harry Conick Jr and I know it's not him). Especially with his woman beating role in Watchmen, I prayed fervently that he would die soon. My favorite character was Rorschach, but even he just made me think of Psychology classes in college and my much admired professor - Murthy Madam. It made me remember our Psychology classr0om with cracks all along the concrete wall and roof from a previous earthquake, and how Murthy Madam would say 'Roarrsshach' - always very deliberately.

Sigh. When do we get another movie like..Forrest Gump! There hasn't been any movie that I've seen in the last many years that has ever made a profound impact on me. No wonder I'm not a movie lover.


mydh said...

robert downey jr. :P
and yeah rorschach kept reminding me of my pscyh class too.. especially a test we had to do at our lab :D
And oh! if you wanna watch some serious movies.. i'm the one to go to :P

Jerusha said...

mydh - lol haha yep robert downey jr. Please tell me you're not a fan! :P Also will ping you to get a list of those serious movies!

Anonymous said...

i saw confessions of a shopoholic and grand torino directed by Clint Eastwood and confessions of a shopoholic...both of them ok ok..

hey its like the fact that many people write blogs but most are not as interesting and well framed as ur bolg is. so good things are few..!!

i hope some nice movies r on their way from hollywood to india..(-o-)

and ya- u said u will be adding me on yahoo msg- i have been waiting for u to do so... kindly add me before u forget me...zenstar4u@yahoo.com..

hows life? I saw ur recent blogs- u seem to be a bit low these days.. cheers and enjoy life.. hope u r having a party soon to cheer urself up(-o-)!!