21 June 2006

Yakkity Yak

I'm up late.. again! And to think just a few days ago, I resolved to be in bed every night by 11:00 P.M. Anyway, the reason I'm up late is that a guy I know's yellow face on yahoo suddenly glowed and we got into this real deep, extremely enlightening talk.
Lately I've been feeling dumber and dumber each day, thicker in the head, hell, I swear there are days I can feel the juice of ignorance seeping into my very marrow! And now I finally know the reason why - it's because of the company I keep! If you'll see the kind of intellectual conversations that goes on between us, you'll know what I mean!
And now, straight from my yahoo archives, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you an example of one of my more intellectually stimulating conversation with one of my more gifted friends -

_mee:so wat u been oin?
vice:howz u?
_mee: im bored
_mee:tell me a joke
vice:nar ok
vice:why did the man with the one hand cross the street?
_mee:um..dunno, why?
vice:to get to the second hand shop
vice:shitty really
vice:Did you hear about the 3 aboriginal terrosits? (terrosits???)
vice: they found 2 but 1 is missing, they found Bin Lazy, Bin Drinking
vice: but they haven't found Bin Working
_mee:who do you like better? superman or batman?
vice:cause he is trying to hide his insanity
vice:Superman is insanity, but hides it to become a human
vice:Batman is human but becomes insanity
vice:not some fuckhead that is crazy that wishes he was human
vice:Someone that wishes he was human has an identity crisis
vice:U understand ?
_mee:but i like Superman way better
vice:because u see his underwear?
_mee:he's the real superhero, not a human who's only superhero part-time
_mee: like batman, or some freak mutant like spiderman
vice:well spiderman has a life ... whereas superman wishes he had a life
vice:plus Superman is a homosexual
vice:i guess that's why you like him
vice:ha ha ha a smart ass
vice:i'd bash him
_mee:my tongue hurts
vice:ha ha ha well get your tongue out of my a**
_mee:why don't you get your a** off my tongue?
vice:cause my ***... is BIG
_mee:like how big? bigger than superman's?
vice:man u better not be a freak
vice:i'm trusting you here

You who? Me?? ***GRIN***


MockingBird said...

Revelation #1: Superman is a homosexual! LMAO! Now that is original. DC Comics, hire these people!

Marvel, sue Sundancer & Co. Despite his supernatural powers, Spiderman is not a mutant. I got enough Spiderman comic books to vouch for that... and the Madman & KS too ;)

If you'd ask me, I'd say I like the web-slinger better. Why? For the sole reason that he's human who feels like the rest of us, has his own share of doubts and fears. Yet he overcomes his 'human' shortcomings and, at the end of the day, does what has to be done. Plus, he has a sense of humour and doesn't take himself too seriously, unlike that caped crusader from Gotham City or the son of Kryptonite.

Zoe/Nico said...

Superman is not a Homo sexual....Little knowledge is Dangerous..So please do not comment if you don't know anything about his sexuality...Clark has a life,mind you a double life and he has a choice and he choose to serve...with great powers comes great responsibility. Spiderman Has the greatest sense of humour, I Vouch for the Mocking Bird....Sorry Folks we are Gr8 comic fans so be very careful where you tread...The mythology of superheroes lies deeper than what you know now.

Sundancer said...

@bird- interesting what you can learn from blogging huh? lol

Zoe -Hell, it's a free world! Are only intelligent people allowed to comment on things?? And as for Superman being homosexual, c'mon man..the guy was kidding!! You got to learn how to laugh dude! I'm a superman fan too, but I still thought that was funny.
And as for being marvel/dc comics fans, I'll bet I own as many copies as you do, if not more!
I didn't say anything about spiderman's sense of humor, I only called him a mutant and one reason I did that was becos the word 'mutant' is one of the few words from my limited vocabulary that sounds 'intelligent' :-), one of the few legacies from my genetics classes in college!

virgochhas said...

Spiderman mutant???.... sez who... lolzzz...

@ sundancer - so ur feeling dumber and dumber each day?....u ARE muaaahahahhaha....

and stop sticking ur tongue in people's a***s....

Superman homosexual?? lolzz... datz funny....

Sundancer said...

Okay listen up people, what did the spider bite do to Peter Parker? (Or should I say, Pavitr Prabhakar...) How did it change him? Where did the changes happen? In his genetic makeup, in short, he evolved, from a normal human being to a superhero. The spider was genetically altered, and it's bite changed our hero and those changes were genetic which resulted in his spider powers. And if we all agree on that(which I'm sure we must), then Spidey is a mutant! Simple as that!(I'm sure we all know what mutation is) HEH!

MockingBird said...

A compelling argument indeed there by our dear Sundancer but flawed nonetheless as far as Peter Parker’s – or Pavitr Prabhakar if you please – mutant or Homo superior status is concerned ;)

Since we are discussing Marvel characters, let’s speak Stan Lee’s language here, alright. What is a mutant? Since Marvel comic books are setting the guidelines here, the answer would be a human being who is ‘born’ with genetic modifications that allow for abilities not possessed by regular humans. A case in point being members of that elite New York school known as the X-Men – X standing for a genetic trait called the X factor, as has been inferred time and again.

It was Marvel editor/writer Stan Lee who came up with the idea of genetic mutants. As the legend goes, he concocted it to create a large number of superheroes and villains without having to think of a separate origin for each one. The most famous and powerful mutants, thus far, have been X-Men as we all know.

Those lovely editors at Marvel have always drawn a distinction between mutants 'born' with the potential for powers such as members of the X-Men, and others who 'develop' powers because of a mutagenic event, such as Spider-Man [irradiated spider bite] or the Hulk [gamma radiation]. The latter are referred to as “Mutates”, a shorthand term for ‘mutated human’, not mutants.

Conclusion: Hence, Spidey is a Mutate not a Mutant. Case closed :)

Sundancer said...

Bird, one last valiant fight ..:-)
The word mutate has never been so interesting! As I understand it, it is merely the verb form of mutation - To undergo or cause to undergo mutation. And a mutant - the organism/individual/Peter Parker whose cells/genes have mutated!
Man, that reminds me I really need to go dig up my old school books!

illusionaire said...

Jerusha-i chu mi a be CK zel a yahoo messenger ah. Nuam lo eeee... :-9

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pawh in la sawi lo.

illusionaire said...

Ben a ve hi o

Anonymous said...

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

Anonymous said...

comics ngah hmel tiah tiah....whats all this fight abt???
Spiderman is nt a mutant.