16 December 2008

Dreaming of a not-so-white Christmas!

It's difficult to believe that in a couple of weeks, 2008 will be over! Kinda scary...but I love this season! It's gift receiving time, and I'm such a sucker for all things free and given :-) Just the other day, I got chocolates and super sinful tasty cake from an anonymous gifter. Bozo also got a card and a bone from I'm guessing the same anonymous person.

I'm leaving for home tomorrow, and I look forward to spending some free, restful time at home with my folks. But I am going to miss Bozo enormously :( After all, who else can pee with excitement on seeing me?

On to other things, did you see the news about Bush being thrown a shoe at and his 'size 10' comment? I just loved the man after that comment. And I thought it was such a shame that lots of people including Americans went around saying the man deserved it. No matter what he did, I thought it was just wrong of the thrower to be that disrespectful towards a leader of a country. And Americans not even knowing how and when to stand up for their own president is just sad!

Enough about politics, this is also resolutions making time, and I already have some idea about what my 2009 resolutions should be - learn to swim, see the Valley of flowers, learn a new language. Suggestions are welcome, of course, no promise that your suggestion will be taken seriously :P

We had a quiet farewell dinner already, because we're all leaving this week. And only Bozo and Orpi will be around in Hyderabad for Christmas. Poor things! I'll miss them both, even though I'm going to be away for only a couple of weeks.
Anyway, wish me a safe and happy trip! And have a happy a beautiful, lovely Christmas and New Year!


claytonia vices said...

awww... bozo looks lovely with that cap on :)

wonderboy said...

Safe journey!!
Chuan resolution ah dieting tel la

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Keipawh Bush a press confe an neih laia an vawm kha youtube ah khan ka lo hmu ve a, khawingaih thlak awm roh khawp mai :)

Masi nuam deuh leh hlim deuhin i hmang dawn nia! Aizawl masi thlalak te pawh rawn post thin la :)

Jinx said...

I haw vawn vawn tawh bik a....ka rawn zui ve vat dawn che :) Nuam deuhin omz..

Anonymous said...

>>>>No matter what he did,

That kind of sugests that its immaterial however evil he has been if he is a leader of a country. At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law , Hitler was also the leader of a country.
Bush is nothing but a war monger who declares ar unilaterally without sufficent evidence or justification.

DayDreamBeliever said...

Hey, it's great to hear you're coming home... do drop a line and maybe we can finally meet the inimitable Jerusha in person :)Hope you have /had a good trip back. Merry Christmas!

luliana said...

ewe..in lukhum ang khi min lo hawn ve..hehe

Chuan merry Christmas!!

Shirley said...

Jerusha, come back soon!

ranjith said...

many can swim, learn drowning dear :-)it's not easy and importantly, it's funnnn//

by the way, everything's interesting here... posts and the person posting