08 December 2008

A post of poor taste

Aren't the mornings just so divine these days! They feel almost like my childhood Mizoram winters, just minus the chilling cold. And I love it so much that I go to bed early every night just so I can rise early the next day. And I'd wake up early, and a sleepy Bozo trying to appreciate the morning as much as I do but failing miserably would just melt my heart.

It's such a good thing to wake up feeling so much love I thank God for Bozo because he makes me think good and clean thoughts, and because my day starts so well, in thoughts and in actions, I think the quality of my days and everything else in my life has improved with it.

I also stay in most nights because I'd rather be warm and cosy at home with an adoring Bozo than be out with friends with loud music and loud voices. Bozo is really good for me, I'm an overall better person because of him.I'm only afraid that my friends may start resenting him because they complain about how I never join them anymore and how I stay home all the time, and they know it's because of Bozo. How do I explain that this is what I've always wanted to do but haven't been able to, but that Bozo helps me in achieving to some degree an attempt at self-improvement, that he's not the cause at all? Unfortunately, this part of me hasn't improved too much - my inability to explain me accurately.

Anyway, I was talking about mornings. I think it's because everything is beautiful I feel nostalgic all the time. I miss people all the time - sometimes my sisters and my mom, but mostly Kal-El.

Kal-El, my beautiful disaster, who drowns in his dreams, soft to the touch but frayed at the end and breaks, magic and myth, as strong as what I believe, as damned as he seems but more heaven than a heart could hold, a tragedy with more damage than a soul should see...He's never enough, and still he's more than I can take.....More mostly, he's just never enough.

Corniness overload :P

Back to a different kind of corny, we have a blog for Bozo :-) Please visit it if you have a couple of minutes to kill. I know this sounds kind of disgusting, I hate people throwing little parties for their cats and go crooning 'cho-chweeeet' and make smooching sounds and all that crap. Always made me want to bop them on the head and tell them to shut up. But this I guarantee is not annoying, cheesy maybe, but not annoying!

Bozo's blog is here.

If you think it's annoying, don't forget I tried to warn you on the post title.

And oh, our new video. Our version of M Sailo's Hmeltha sensiar :)


Sekibuhchhuak said...

Ni khua an vawt tak tak hi chuan CRP mut reng mai hi chu buaithlak khawp mai :D

Bozo Hmar website pawh nalh khawp mai :) By the way, mi lar hian uite hi ngatinge maw an neih zel le :P

haha. in video chu..nalh lutuk, ka nui kur kur mai :)

illusionaire said...

Hmmm something to watch once office hours get over and everybody goes home. Very nice.

lolz... Bozo Hmar an ti deuh kher a. Keipawh uite ka neih ve chuan Fifi Hrahsel ka ti ve dawn...


Jinx said...

Awwww, kava han awt tak che em Jerusha. Ui neih ve theih hi ka chak bon top top.

Chuan, i thiannu Orpi hi ka favourite Mizo actress ani e hehhehe! Insiam chhiat hrehlo, lan mawi tum lo - ka ngaisang tops!Seriously!You're soo lucky to have a friend like her-fun loving, carefree, independent and the list can go on :P

wonderboy said...

thlasik a zan a len chhuah ai chuan zan a movie thar en keuh2 te hi nuam ve riau a sin!!! Mahse zing thawh hma i sawi khi keichu ka peih lo eeeeeeeee!!! :P

video chu hmuhnawm luttuk!!! ninja part 2 kha eng tikah nge a chhuah dawn??? :D

mesjay said...

Animals really seem to help those who love them, it's wonderful. Bozo's blog is great.

amuana said...

Ka nui nasa eeeeeeeee mai hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Are u engage Jerusha? . . . I saw it with your red painted nails :-)

I am a regular reader of ur blog, so im curious.

Jerusha said...

Seki - haha Keini chu lar vang a uite nei niloin, lar hope in nia ka neih. Paris Hilton style deuhin uite hi kan han nei ve phawt ila..

Lil Kim - Hmar tih kher kha a pawimawh alawm, he has to take on the family name too if he's going to be a part of the family :)

Jerusha said...

jinx - Keipawh ui neih ka chakna rei turu tawh bawk a, nuam hi ka ti bon tawp. Min man ang tih hi nia ka hlauh ber mai chu.

Orpi chu ka lo hrilh ang, keipawh vanneih thlak ka ti teh mai ania! :)

wonderboy - haha a mak vai ram ah hian ka tho hma thei khawp mai a, mahse Mizoram ah chuan ka harsat leh bawn tawp thung, a pawimawh na berah!

Jerusha said...

mesjay - I know, it's not surprising at all that wise doctors have been shouting that animals provide the best therapy is it!

amuana - I rawn lut ve a ti lawmawm hle mai. I lo nuih chuan kan lawm ani mai keini chu, I nuih hi nia kan duh ber :PP

Jerusha said...

anonymous - :) Nope, not engaged. Are red painted nails supposed to suggest that? Now I know why all the men stay away from me. No more red polish from now!

sawmpuia said...

bruce lee te sakhmeltha sensiar anlo ni leh daih a! kungfu thiam hana pawh rapper a lo ni leh zel a..Director Magician jerusha dam reng rawh se. I fans te hian we miss you high :-)

DayDreamBeliever said...

nangni ho hi video camera hmang thra ber pawl in ni ta ve ang, a hmuhnawm leh pek hleee mai, mahse tinge I lan ve loh ooo. Director pawh lan ve tho tur lom, a changtunu ber!

As for the rest, all I can say is El-Khal (Khal- el?) and Bozo sure are lucky guys!

Jerusha said...

Sawmte - haha we miss you high tih hi kan duh lutuk a, Aizawl lamah ka han uar viau ang. Keini lam pawhin kan miss you high a che :)

Cherrie - video camera pawh kan la nei pha lo lol. Director nih mai bakah cameraman, producer, special effects supervisor, music director etc ka huam tel vek a, lan ve na hun hi a awm lo thin a lawm!

hruaia said...

a khai a, i'm a big fan of orpi- The Ninja Master!