09 January 2009

Funny things

It's the new year, and it's starting out great (except for the slight air tickets hitch). Lovely things have been happening and I have so many things I want to write about I can't do it in just an hour. I think for the first time, I want to ponder and write and review a post for days before actually publishing it.

Funny things have also been happening, and seen. One is this guy's comment on some site about bloggers that goes "Most bloggers are hideously fat and ugly with low self esteem. They use their blogs to lash out at others in a desperate attempt to fill the superfluous void of emptyness that exists within their own miserable lives." It made me laugh, there seems to be a certain whiff of truth in it - in a scraggly way. In my case, while the rest of it may be true, the miserable live part is untrue. I have a fantastic life, just that people with miserable lives or just no lives at all say mean things and make me miserable but that's only always temporary so not a big deal.

The other funny thing is kind of rude. But it's still funny so I'm going to write it here anyway. I was reading a news article about a big Indian company whose CEO admitted to laundering money recently, or some such bad thing :P and whose CFO attempted suicide but didn't succeed. One reader had commented - "He was unsuccessful in keeping the company alive and equally unsuccessful in taking his life" which was quite funny enough. But funnier was Macavity's response when I pasted this piece of news and comment to her, she solemnly said "How cruel these press people!" :)

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BW said...

I hope TeH January and New Year 'feeling' has worn off..Ngaite bawk, ngaite bawk...New Year thoughts, Holi thoughts, Christmas thoughts, Diwali thoughts, Pooja Holiday thoughts...Ummm, I should blog about this occasion etc etc... :P As always, happy new year! :))