27 March 2009

RIP Dan Seals

My heart is breaking! Dan Seals died Wednesday. I just heard about it today, now I hate myself for overworking and not even checking up on the news! Just yesterday I and a friend were having this conversation about places where we'd like to settle down. She asked me to pick between Rome and Montana. I picked Montana, and she asked me why because she thought Rome would be a blatant choice for anyone - warmer, and it's not in America :)

I told her -

"Won't you meet me in Montana
I wanna see the mountains in your eyes
I've had all of this life I can handle
Meet me underneath that big Montana sky..."

It's Dan Seals voice singing about the mountains of Montana and the big Montana sky that I grew up with. All my life I've always had this lovely picture of Montana in my head because of this song. Mountains and clear blue skies, and meeting my cowboy under that big Montana sky. And even though I don't know what Montana really is like, picking between Montana and Rome was easy. (And I just Googled Montana, and it looks EXACTLY the way I've always pictured it )

And that was yesterday, and we laughed about it. And now I learn he's dead, and I am just so friggin' sad! :(

I love the man. Dan Seals - his voice, his songs - I don't even know where to start. How many of his songs have I cried to? And I have never grown out of them. I have my iPod here - full of new age, modern music, current hits, and heavy banging songs. And amidst all these, my Dan Seals songs - they're all still there. And I'm never taking them down. They'll rage on. And copying the following from a fan site:

"I think God must be a cowboy at heart He made wide open spaces from the start He made the grass, the trees, the mountains and a horse to be your friend And trails to lead ole cowboys home again..."

The cowboy made it home.

Rest in peace Dan.


vana said...

oo a va news loh theih ve, keipawh ka hre ve chiah!. Dan seals "greatest hits' kha pu te zarah kan ngaithla ve thin. Montana sky kha lung a tileng a, everything that glitters is not gold, GOd must be a cowboy, you still move me te hi nalh ka ti bawk. May his sol rest in peace.

Varte said...

Aw, a lo nih reng tak hi. Van pawi ve. I won't be blue anymore tih kha ka duh thei rap.

virgochhas said...

ka hre ve chiah...ka va ui ee...

i thil ziak hi ka chhiar a, ka trahpui trep mawle...

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Country hla ka neih zingah a hla hi ka nei tam te zing ami ani ve tlat. A uihawm ngawt mai, a aw te hi ngaihthlak hi a hahdam em asin !

Jerusha said...

vana - Keipawh ka duh zual ho chu I rawn sawi zing ami hi an ni deuh tlangpui. Ka tuar na hi ni tawo mai!

varta - Nia tiro! Kha hla kha ka ngaihthlak lohna a rei tawh ltk a, a thih ni khan nilengin a hla ho ka ngaithla kha ka ngaithla chhuak leh a ka lung a tileng khawp mai. Tet lai min ti hrechhuak thin.

Jerusha said...

Virg - trap trep lo khan trah tur che lawm le! :) Trah sak hi a phu hi ka ti khawp a, keichu ka trap treuh mai.

Seki - Mizo ho hi chuan Dan Seals ang ho hi kan lo duh ngawt mai, mi lungleng thei tih tak ah. Vai ho leh sap ho hi chuan an buaipui ve vak lo an mak ania.

illusionaire said...

Rest in peace, Sir :-(

OpaHmar said...

Everything that glitters is not gold, Tobacco road, tih vel a va lunglenthlak ve
Am listening to Meet me in Montana at the moment....hriat reng nan

Anonymous said...

Dan is in GOD's hands now, the cowboy
is home. His voice is with the Angel
band. He will always be remembered.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you visited a psychiatrist?