27 August 2008

Want a fun job with oodles of money?

Oh! The many wonders the internet brings into our lives! Life would be so much more boring and less colorful if this world didn't have this amazing system.

Therefore, first, before I jump into my intended topic, a million kisses for Vint Cerf - the father of the internet (Have I ever mentioned that I've met him in real life? Not to brag or anything :P But yeah, Vint and I - we ARE tight! hehe..Not. But yeah, I've actually met the man! Woo-hoo!)

I've had two real jobs in my life, the kind that finally gave you the muscle to stand on your own. And both those jobs would not have been and will not be possible without the internet. Really, I think I would be jobless now if this world was internet-less. Unemployed, or I would be doing dishes in a restaurant or something. Or maybe I would be married with 10 kids and completely dependent on someone for my everything. **shudder**

Anyway, I just want to share with you the wonderful, exciting opportunities that lil' ol' me have been receiving through the internet, because these are offers I never dreamt even in my wildest imaginations would EVER come my way. Never ever. But here they are now, as clear as day :D

Okay, exciting offer #1: A Karaoke singer! hehe

Sample of offer email - "I am a solutions provider for Karaoke products and you being from the North eastern part I'm sure you are a good or decent singer and well, all of you look very presentable etc . I need to use you to canvas for biz dos, promos, meeting corporates etc . I am sure your renumeration will be attractive."

Exciting offer #2: Okay, brace yourself... A model! Woo-hoo again! LOL

Sample- "My name is ____ doing my own business in events & entertainment in Dubai. I went through your profile and it sounds interesting. If you are interested in modelling or fashion show or anything related to events & entertainment, please write to me on____"

There is something about events and entertainment and me! Sometime back, this one man walked up to me trying to hail a rick on the street and asked me if I would be please be 'the presenter' for some event he was managing. Of course, I told him no, and you know he was begging me to do it! Like really, seriously begged :-) I suck so badly at so many things, but I'm good enough for some people - hoorah!

Exciting offer #3: Oh, happy day! A model again. You can laugh all you want, I will not be offended I promise :-)

"I am looking for a good looking girl to create a fashion portfolio. I use the Nikon D300 camera...I'm a software engineer and you can check out my works at _____ I can pay you for the portfolio photo shoot. Please mail me at ______"

Exciting offer #4: This one is more up my alley - A housemaid. Or rather, a house made :-)

This one's email was not as 'eloquent' as the others, so I'll take out bits and pieces from it to make it easier. My gracious offer-er says he is "a Saudi man working far of my parents and they are 70 and 65 years old." Says he needs someone to take care of them, and that he will "provide the residences, I need them as a driver and house made." Preferably "trust full Indian couple (husband and wife)," which kind of disqualifies me :-( since I'm unmarried and can't drive.

Let me stop at #4, and maybe continue with the other interesting offers later. So now, I know what I would do if there was no internet, I think maybe I'd be a model and walk and sashay out my livelihood, or I can be a Karaoke singer, or I can be a house made! So I won't be completely out on my ass after all :P.

**sigh** tears of happiness !

If anyone's interested, you can pass along your details to me, I'd be happy to forward them on. **wink wink** @ sandman :-)


Nags said...

hehe i have received a few myself but not so interesting. model eh? go for it no? part time maybe? :D

Jerusha said...

nags - heheh good idea, you know I thik I would do a good job modeling pens..

toy soldier said...

Isnt it great how you get the idea to write such a nice post,from four stupid mails..

Go girl..I love your blog:)

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Post ngaihnawm deuh hi khawi kil atang pawh hian i rawn chhawpchhuak thiam thina, heivang hi ani i blog hi ka chhiar fo thin ni ka ti thin :-)

illusionaire said...

wink back rite at cha!

**wink wink**

How did you know I was the one who sent ya the model mail? :-P

mnowluck said...

Timesjobs.com ho alert a ang ka ti ...oh I mean those spam emails.... LOL!! Just kidding!!! :D

Jerusha said...

toy - heh heh something funny, when I typed 'toy' there, the first thing that came to my mind - 'boy toy' :D

And yes, thank you. I love stupid mails when I'm in a good enough mood to actually read them.

seki - Boss I ti lawmawm thin e! Hei vawiin chu mood a fuh leh nileng mai dawn nih hi :)

Jerusha said...

Kim - Wasn't that difficult, where could such an offer come from except from a veteran model like you :P

mnow - nope, those are not from any job site. Suprisingly, they are from a traveler-networkng community.

jothiek said...

Maybe, the offers have something to do with you being a girl, a NE girl for that matter, and the general notion of NE girls being easy-prey-for-whateva and that the 'offer-ers' were merely trying to lure you into their I'd-rather-not-say-it!!! LOL...just kiddin.

Seriously, congrats for the offers!!

Lucy said...

Whaaaa...it was Sandy???
I was going to send you my profiles... :D

Lucy said...

Oops..I forgot to sign-in..
re-commenting here allows me, at your expense(space),to keep track of the post... Sooorrry...

Jerusha said...

jothiek - Why do you say that? I wouldn't be getting those offers if I wasn't north eastern plus a girl? Sadly, too many of us seem to think so lowly of our own selves how do you expect people to look up to us if that's our mindset? Fortunately, I know better :-) And I'm not that easily lured so no worries there.

Lucy - 'Sandy' has lured many stupid young women into his lair this way, so yeah, it's Sandy here, so no profiles :P

Evangeline said...

me i'd go for the modelling job. I mean working for google as compared to the wonderful exciting world of modelling.. yep no competition there... :).. Hrim hrimah nang hi chu luck thei reng reng ka ti unaunu

Jerusha said...

eva - hahah luck thei tak ka ni! LOL Nia modeling lam chu search engine lam ai chuan a exciting zawk alawm, magazine vel kha lo thlir reng rawh ka hmel a rawn lang kur thut maithei ania haha