19 August 2008

War & Peace

I found this picture of a scene from the Georgian-Russian conflict, I've seen tons of graphic war pictures, and maybe it was because it was the morning when the heart is still good and soft that I saw this, but this just went to my heart.

The dead soldier lying in the puddle on the side of the road just breaks my heart. I keep putting people in his place. My dad, my brother, Kal-El, my cousins, my close friends...it'd kill me. I don't know how it would be for someone who loves him to get through the pain of seeing something like this. I know I would never recover.
This is the site where I got the picture from, you can check it out for more images, but I have to warn you, some of those images are REALLY graphic.

Again, I'm just really, truly sick of war and fightings and everything that comes with those. Sick with a capital S.

Okay enough about the war part. It's morbid and morose and utterly depressing and I don't want to think about it anymore unless I absolutely have to.

So now, for some peace and fun :-) Actually I should have captioned this (with all due respect to Mr Tolstoy) 'Peace & Lust.' And here is the Lust!
*sigh* Sinful thoughts, sinful thoughts!

And then, I've also fallen in love. My newfound subject of adoration is this man...
A Persian actor by the name of Bahram Radan. I happened to see one Persian movie called 'Santouri' one night. The movie turned out to be really good, and Radan acted brilliantly. I fell in love, and have been obsessed with him ever since. Now just picture a man with Radan's face and Phelp's body.. mmmmmm :-)


illusionaire said...

saalllaaa.... I got a new notification that you have a new post, so I opened your page, but went out with colleagues to smoke. When I came back, the whole creative department was smiling at me and asking me why I am admiring sites of (almost) naked men! hetssss This is character assassination!

I am asking our Tech dept to tag your blog as inappropriate!


i va tuah tawh awm ve a ka pi... mahse, ka hrethiam a lawm. lolz.

Concept said...
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Concept said...

hey thanks for visitn my blog . poetry is my passion . am writing constantly as there is inspiration everywhere . to me poetry is my soul . do feel free to visit me again.
i like readin ur enteries a lot .

Jerusha said...

hehe serves you right! One must pave the way for one's coming out :-)

Mihring pakhat it chu tuah na vak ani mi pawnga?!! A eng a pawh chu nise, phelphela lakah hi chuan kan tuah tlanmg ani e, nang ang em chuan it lo mah ila :)

concept - thank you! I love your writing too (I'm guessing you're the Anu whose site I visited?)

illusionaire said...

Mihring pakhat it chu tuah na vak ani mi pawnga?!!

Nia, mihring pakhat it hi chu tuah na vak a nilo. Mahse e, my dear pawngs, nang hi chuan mihring pakhat chauh it hi i nei hnem eeee lawm. Akekekekeke. :-D

Nuam eeeee.... :-)

Jerusha said...

Nangmah lo it tunge ka neih? A dang ho hi chu uangthuang vek ani e :DD

claytonia vices said...

It is these things that keep the human civilization from getting anywhere...
I am talking about war, not your admiration for Phelps and the other guy :)

luliana said...

lolzz..post topic atang ringawt kha chuan tolstoy a kan luan liampui vak dawn emaw ka tia..haha..

Jerusha said...

clay - of course! And it is (my fascination with Phelps and Radan) that ensures the human civilization gets somewhere :P

boss - i lo disappointed viau em? Nakinah hmeichhe lam nangni ho lawm nan kan rawn la dah ve ang!

anu kalikal said...

sorry i was logged into my company id called concept . its the same anu. will write comments next time from my id . that will make things easier for both of us lol!

amuana said...

Phelp-a hi a taksa sei ang hu aiin a bawp a tawi :) a ban hi a sei tha khawp mai. Ka hriat sual loh chuan a height hi 6.4 a nia, a hlam hi 6.7 a ni daih thung. Ramsa lamah pawh tiang ang deuh pian hi an awm mai thei :P. Mahse tuihleuh chak theihnan a pian duhthusam a ni thung :) Tuihleuh chu i zir ta em? Malpui tihrawl chak leh kephahhlai hian tui an hleuh chak duh an ti. Pu Phelp-a pian ang khi i neih bawk chuan :)