06 August 2008

9 Things I'm frackin' sick of

1. Barack Obama & the US presidential election. But mostly Barack Obama. I want to be able to watch the news and read the papers without seeing his face for once.

2. The Brangelina twins.

3. The Beijing Olympics.

Bollywood. The industry and almost all its actors, if they can even be called that - stuck in a state of perpetual "talentlessness" and idiocy. They're all still in the Stone Age as far as acting and making movies is concerned, and I have a feeling this state is going to be an eternal one. I see no light in the future. (But then, I also believe that the lack of genius in our actors is in perfect equilibrium and harmony with the hopelessness of our politicians and the way the country is being run, so maybe it's all good after all. Balance is always good.)

5. Fuel prices.

6. North Korea and Iran and their little nuclear programs.

7. Mars. Sorry Mars :( You used to thrill me and it's not even your fault but the endless speculation and the crafts that gets sent your way and the hype that goes on and on but you've never shown us even one weensy picture of little green men with antennaed-helmets, or even little wiggly worms. I saw on the news this morning about some more find - perchlorate! Oooh..perchlorate! They found perchlorate on Mars!!! So exciting I could barf! Perchlorate, whateverchlorate, don't give a flying fuck anymore. You're just boring now, except on Longfellow's hands. You know I wouldn't even be sick of you if these media people will just stop reporting 'news' that isn't there.

8. Bombs and bombers. Sick of being scared to go shopping, eat out, go see a movie with friends, do even the simplest things. All because of a bunch of retards who think blowing up poor, innocent people can further their cause or whatever shit they're trying to prove.

9. The ever unsafe, ever filthy Indian railways. I find it amazing that practically nothing's changed in the last decade. In this age when we're talked about not because of our poverty but because of our booming economy and amazing talent pool and power and progress, our trains still have the same stench, same ticketless passengers forcing their ways in, the same cruddy seats, the same Hijras demanding money, the same general chaos...Will there ever come a day when an average Indian can travel cheap, clean, and in peace?! If there is, judging by the look of things now, the moon will disintegrate into little pieces and the sun will die and turn into a black hole before that happens.

John McCain almost made it to the list, but I forgave him and left him out. Why? For being seriously hot at some point in his life :-)

Plus the fact that he's really funny, and not fakey lakey like Senator O makes it easy to forgive him.

And..he's not intent on taking my job away. Very important. :D


Nags said...

i agree on most especially bollywood. but trains.. hm.... i wudnt blame the ticketless cuz even the poor need to travel. but the cleanliness and safety, couldn't agree more!

Jerusha said...

nags yeah I know what you mean! But you know the ticketless passengers I have in mind are those rowdy youth types who'd jump in and just travel between stations, and they force their way in and act like they own the entire friggin train - make you open/close your windows, they come in and tell you 'move' as if it's their seat..and it's not even about not having money for fares for those kinds. Lots of those when you travel through the great distance of states like Bihar :)

Sekibuhchhuak said...

3.The Beijing Olympic - keipawh ka ningtawh khawp mai, zo vat vat se ka ti teh mai ania. Hei vang hian khawiah pawh, security a tight vek a, vak vel pawh nuamlo.

Mahse, eng nge i 'sick of' na chhan ve deuh ? :-)

Jerusha said...

Boss - kei hi chu mi patience tlachham tih takah, tia thil ngai ka hmuh ngut ngut hian min ti 'sick' leh tawp zel, chhan mumal awm mang si lo hian. Hahthlak thei khawp mai! Zing ah hian ak tih hmasak chu ka site hrang hrang enkual nghal, news chhiar etc, ka phur viau thin a, nitin news ngai, ka interest lam kawk vak si lo (read sports) nih leh phei chuan ka thin hi ka pe rim ve tawp zel ":P

luliana said...

amen to all..

independence day a hnai leh ta, kan khuaah chuan bomb a puak leh dawn hrim hrim..ka ning bawn tawp tawh..:(

Jerusha said...

Niaa keini pawh, chawlh tiin zin tum ila, tunah chuan a ngam awm si lo. Ka ning takzet tawp mai ni tunlai chu, anmahni hi bomb darh vek se thra ang ninawm lol

virgochhas said...

1. Barack Obama: he is such a fake...but then, id chose him over Mc'Cain...any given day...

2. Brangelina twins: i scarcely read the page3/celeb page watever... :)

3. Beijing Olympic: yea yea yea yea

4. Bollywood: i love lots of Indian movies...lately watch Munna Bhai M.B.B.S and the sequel Lage Raho Munna Bhai...both movies HILARIOUS...i swear...much much better than lots of Hollywood movies...id want everyone to watch it too..u'll love it...promise...P.S: we always ff the song/dancing part :)

5. fuel prices: yea...but no real effect on me...cos i go to office by autorickshaw (uses CNG) and usually use cycle rickshaw for veg shopping etc :D

6. North korea & Iran: yea....but i love Ahmedinejad :D

7. Mars: nahh

8. Bombs & bombers: yea yea yea yea

9. Indian Railways: yea yea yea yea...write a letter to Laloo-ji :D

McCain: eeeewwwwwwwww...

Jerusha said...

virg - khiriang Hanumana lem pai trit tret, anihna ah chiang hlol lo he mihring hi. Muslim deuh roh, Hindu deuh roh, into Kris leh hlee si, a intih Kris na chhan awmchhun = vote a duh vang. Thu! :P

Fuel prices - Zin la, ticket book la, a affect zia che chu I hre mai ang, even if you're a rickshaw-rider. Over lutuk tlat air fares.

McC tlangval lai pawh hian I eww a maw?? Awihawm loh tlkk

claytonia vices said...

How dare u speak like that about trains? Our trains are equipped with cutting edge technology of the swinging sixties!!! :D

VaiVa said...

I'm adding one for the tenth point : Cricket, cricket, cricket.... Dhoni and his men in blues! Ka ning bawn tawps.
Beijing thing pawh hi cricket space a tih tlem avangin ka lawm ti daih teh ang.

TV News channel ka nin 5-te:
1. India TV
2. IBN 7
3. Aaj Tak
4. Tej
5. Star News

DayDreamBeliever said...

good list. I'd add Paris Hilton to it. And I'm rooting for Obama, so there I beg to differ. Can't believe Maccain was so good-looking. *Drool*

Almost Unreal said...

kei poh ka ning hlom a nia

thil nuihzatthlak..Maxim ho mo ni hian sexiest 100 women tih vel emaw ni an thlang a..and No.1 is Deepika, No.2 Bipasha, No.3, Kareena...rotfl

mnowluck said...

I even hate to list them down.. :D

Jerusha said...

clay - LOL! You know you may be right, on hindsight, I thought that was unfair for me to write about the trains when I haven't traveled in one since I don't remember when...

vaiva - aww dik ltk! Ka lo telh o hlauh palh ani, ka hne bawnraa!~

cherrie - Obama duh pawl I lo ni ve laww...va han pawi vee! LOL ka ngei ka ning tawp

Jerusha said...

awi unaunu - Karina-i te chu lan loh chi ani hleinem, amah hi a hmel te hi a zahmawh kuit vek alawm LOL

mnow - Hne tawk tawh tihna ni maw chu :)

Calliopia said...

Same here, I'm sick of the ghoulish interest in the US Prez elections by people who aren't even Americans in the first place. Who cares who wins or loses? Come to think of it, who cares who the candidates are anyway. International US policies will remain basically unchanged, that's for sure.

But McCain sure looks a hottie in his heyday. Though in my book, the biggest hottie of his time was David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Pure molten hot va va voooooom ;)

mesjay said...

Kei pawh khing ho khi ka ning ve deuh tho. Mahse Paris-i leh Britney ka ning ber. Plus overcrowded Mumbai - you can't go anywhere without having to wade through moving human bodies.

apatea said...

I agree mostly with the bollywood thingie. But this is the same reason the people who watches & make them millionaires so disturbingly monotonous and all they care about is money. :)

I hate obama only cos McCain's pro-outsourcing. i think. :)

Jerusha said...

mesjay - I know what you mean about paris and brit, but I feel their popularity is waning. You can read celeb blogs/sites without having to see them everyday. So I forgave them too. And mumbai, haven't been there in a while, but I've never been all that fond of the place.

apate - yeah imagine watching every rajnikanth movie, and building a shrine for him, what kind of loser would one have to be! Sadly, there are too many of those types around..

Anonymous said...

dear jerusa u said that ur body is good than madona ,it may be true but only a man can tell u the truth
after spending a night with u

Jerusha said...

anonymous - I can tell you're a man with not a lot of chance of getting laid. That trick's way too old, and if it ever works it'll work on dumb people. And just to reiterate, I never said my body is better than Madonna's, I said I like it better than I like Madonna's.

A woman who's worth it doesn't need a guy to tell her she's good.