08 May 2006

Playtime For the Mice...

...cos' the cat is away!
A bowling alley right behind your workstation - does that sound cool or what!
Well, we created our own.
This -> is the bowling ball

These -> are the pins

Our #1 bowler Sohna -

Uh..just wondering, if we have only 5 pins instead of a 10, and the bowler knocks them all down, would it still be fair to call that a 'strike'?

She missed! Can you believe that? With a ball a big as that, you'd have thought even a new-born babe would've knocked all pins down.

Tried a smaller, shinier ball which worked way better...

That just goes to prove - not all big balls have to be necessarily better!
It's true, size really doesn't matter.


virgochhas said...

size dosen't matter but da shine does matter ..lolz

actually size dose'nt matter but it does help :D

Sundancer said...

How does it help? :D
Elucidate please!

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

the chick carrying the ball.. look at her malpui

Sundancer said...

Enge a malpui chu? A nalh I ti deuh mi..

Anonymous said...

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