16 May 2006

Flowers, Screwdrivers, A Pharisee, Bad Movies....

Summer in Hyderabad! And so far so good. It has not been as bad as I feared it would be. Nothing great either, but after several years of braving the summers of Delhi, one's tolerance level goes up beyond what is considered normal..the heat mutates your genes, and you're forever changed! Qualified to be a member of the X-Men! Hooray!

I've got extremely thick hide now, like a rhino's - not exactly the sexiest of attributes but still pretty useful when you think of the extreme heat and pollution that you have to face each day.
It's been over 8 months now and I still haven't fallen in love with this place but I'm starting to see it in a much better light. It's really not all that bad, at least not as bad as I used to think it was. And I have to admit, when it comes to cleanliness, no other city I've ever been to in the whole of India can compare to Hyderabad.
One thing that sucks big time - the TV channels! Nothing worth watching, and most of my favorite channels are all dubbed in Telegu. I tried watching some a few days back, flipped through the channels - Telegu youths singing and dancing on the beach on one channel, a young Telegu couple singing and dancing in a park, staring, winking and smiling at each other on another, and on yet another - a young Amitabh Bachan was dying in his mother's arms, moaning 'Maa, maa..', his shirt blood-soaked, his mother screaming 'Beta, beta..'. Now that I understood! That was slightly better, but I was too late to see who had done what to him and what he(A) had done to him in the first place to make him want to do what he had just done to him, I decided not to watch it.
And the movies suck as well! For want of anything better to watch, I have seen some deeply crappy movies like Darna Zaroori Hai [the makers shamelessly copied Gothica in one of the stories but got nowhere close to being as scary, but the guy in the movie
(what's his name, Sushmita's boyfriend?)- well, he's hot!] and Mistress of Spices ***YAWN*** - both complete wastes of time and money!
Inspired by one of the shitty movies I saw recently, I tried to do some talking to the flowers...
'O flowers! Hear me, please don't abandon me! I promise to do as you say. I will devote my entire life to you! Ooo flowers blah blah and etcetera etcetera..'
They heard me! And they spoke to me too!!
I, their humble servant, obeyed.

"Eat us, eat us" they said.
I ate them.
Just call me Mistress of Flowers.

Look who I caught with a glass of vodka in his pharisaical hands!
Yep, Akshay - liked by many, hated by none - your general all-round good guy. Doesn't smoke, doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink - well, at least that's what everyone thought. And that I was the only bad one around here. Not anymore.

That IS him with a glass of screwdriver at the Taj's Under Deck or I'll eat my camera!


MockingBird said...

Quote :: most of my favorite channels are all dubbed in Telegu :: Unquote

Does that mean you have/had to watch American Idol in Telegu? :p Imagine Chris belting out a Telegu version of Wanted Dead Or Alive. Lol!

While we are still dwelling on TV shows and movies, I think I gotta tell you this. I was checking out the official X-Men: The Last Stand website the other day. Though they’ve included a lot of other X-Men like Archangel and Beast this time around, I don’t think I saw any mention of Kurt Wagner a.k.a. Night Crawler. Isn’t that sad!

Sundancer said...

Yep, it's going to be disappointing to not see Night Crawler! But I'm gonna be real pleased to see Archangel, another yummy X-man!

Almost Unreal said...

TV channel ho Telegu-a na dub vek chuan Telegu class i kal zok lo nih chu, Spanish class ai chuan...hlawk zawk phian lo mo??? Ka Unau.

See you in Aizawl on 6th Jun :)

(Pathian zarah)
God, I am so excited

Sundancer said...

Ka kal dawn lo, TV en loh ka thlang!
Yep, see you soon cuz! Just a few more days to go....CAN'T wait! Chak tawh lutuk!

virgochhas said...

@ sundancer - can't take ma eyez off ur hair...bootiful... and hey, lady, i was about to ask where Akshay is all deez dayz... nice to see him again :)

@ mockingbird - whoz ur fav. X - Man? Wolverine???

@ almost unreal & sundancer - bleh!!... go home if u wanna... itz ok.. fine... fineeee... fineeeeeeeeee

MockingBird said...

@ Virg :: Wolverine! Wolverine! Wolverine! Not Hugh Jackman though :p I'm just another Marvel comic book addict. LOL!

Sundancer said...

Virg - Thanks! But know what - if my my hair ever looks nice, it's only in pics, it's a nightmare in real life, real time! :)
Wolverine ***sigh***
Hugh Jackman ***sigh***
Hugh Jackman makes the sexiest werewolf I've ever seen. I can watch Van Helsing over and over and over again just to watch his shirts rip open ;-)

illusionaire said...

sheeesh... ladies, this is not the place for a pyjama party... :-P

"Under Deck", I really miss that place!!! Its the same one thats just a walking distance from "Touch" rite? Gawddd... first time in my life someone ever tried to pick me up. Paid for all my drinks and maybe more! And she was really hot too (but matured, definitely a mom) But then, the rest is all hush hush... :-P That was my first n last time at Under Deck... *GRIN*

virgochhas said...

Hugh Jackman, sexiest werewolf...wateva

sexiest vampire - Stuart Townsend In Queen of The Damned *slurppppppp*

Wolverine is a MAN... :)

Sundancer said...

Illusionaire - Friday nights I burrow 'under-deck' :) - Love that place!

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