09 May 2006

Happening Highderabad

I can't do anything! Too many things on my mind..
I can't believe it - two weeks from now, I'll be on Mizo land eating Mizo food breathing our cool Mizo mountain air...wearing leaves and hunting heads for fun! Can't wait! :-)

Check out those nails! I know, I know..that's ugly! But it was fun, a little too expensive for something that ugly though.

...only if you're high yourself!

Baba's statue in the middle of the park looked lonely in the middle of the night, just standing there all by itself. So I decided to play Good Samaritan and gave it a kiss.

Summer's here - and all the smart people are shaving their heads before the heat wave can get to them.
Uncle-ji's also one smart dude!

And the biggest flirts of all - the trees outside! Bright red, decked up in all their glory! But you have to admit, they're pretty!


Pavan said...

Those nails looked a little overtly colour done..kinda cute though! oh yea, Baba sure was lucky in " The middle of the night" ..lolz!

MockingBird said...

Oh, do we women ever tire of our obsession/experiments with nail colour/glitter! And then, there was a time when painting your nails black was the in-thing! LOL!

Sundancer said...

Pav, they weren't that bad! In fact, they actually look prettier in real life!
Bird, we can't tire of it now. Now that we have all these cool techonologies. I went 'nature' and had them painted with pictures of a pair of bugs, a fish, a butterfly - several types of flora and fauna...I'll go back next week for a different theme.

virgochhas said...

great photos, as usual...

lady, u shud go to Udaipur... those miniature painters are just awesome... y'know dey can paint pictures on ur nail, and dat too, a whole picture. itz very very tiny, but u can still make out wat picture dey painted, and it took dem about less then 10 minutes to paint all ur finger nails... :)

Almost Unreal said...

In ti haw tur hi inti thei viau suh, thlawhna kawng a min a nga, lei min in a dang reng che nga, lei min ah leave zong2 i hmang quid vek mai tur sin.

Chuan i let leh ringot a nga.

Lei mina in tanna, nisa tuarna velah i sun burn a nga, i zoi nguai a nga, office i let leh khan thawh char2 kha a ngai leh dawn sia

Sundancer said...

Trawng thu chhe lo ah ti nghal rawh! Ruahsur in min ti buai ang tih ak hlau ropui nia..

Anonymous said...

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