05 July 2011

Cupcakes Vs. Male Strippers/Nepali Sex/Call Girls

Wow! Someone out there is crayyzayyyy for Nepali sex!

I'm just writing down this quick post because I am so AMAZED by the amount of people searching for Nepali sex on the internet. I mean I can totally understand a more mainstream search like Asian/Latina/or whatever porn but Nepali? That's like searching for 'toilet habits of the Olmec civilization' or 'how to tickle a hammerhead.' So niched, I wouldn't expect a lot of people outside of India to even be aware of the presence of Nepalis. But they are, and how keenly too!

And how do I know this? Because my blog stats show me tons of leads coming in from people searching for Nepali sex every single day. All related to my Nepali sex post (by the way you shouldn't click on the link if you're looking for real Nepali porn).

There are people searching for 'Nepali sex' every single day from every continent! Well, not exactly. I just love my hyperboles :D To be truthful, Antartica doesn't seem to give a damn. But perhaps only because the penguins there haven't yet figured out that fishing isn't the only way to waste one's time.

Now in the context of this post, if we were to say what the opposite of Antartica is, it would be the Middle East. Saudi Arabia to be more precise. And this is not one person. The searches are coming in from different regions of SA. And we also see some homegrown searches there too from Kathmandu.

I haven't checked but I'm guessing the thumbnail from my blog is still on that porn site. What mystifies me is how it got there. Did a human reviewer scan the site and decide that the guys in the picture look Nepali? But I find it unlikely. Was it a bot that has been taught how to recognise Nepali features? I'm mystified.

And another trend that is forever on the rise is male strippers - people looking for male strippers as well as male strippers looking for a client. Do you know I still get offers from unattractive sounding men? (Is it too much to ask if I want my strippers to have a stripper body AND is not a virtual stranger to punctuations and capital letters?). And these offers despite that blog post now being under layers and dusty layers of other clothed posts.

Closely following these is the eternal hunt for the 'sexy call girl blog.' Who is this call girl blogger? I'm almost tempted to do a search to find this mysterious person but I have packing to do so will leave this for later.

So anyway, I'm a little sad that most visitors to my blog are really just looking for Nepali sex and male strippers and call girls when all I'd really love is for them to read about how I baked a cupcake for the first time. Baking can be really exciting too..just not sexually but it's exciting in all other manners of exciting you know :) Or how thrilling it is to eat raw pork uterus.

Well such is life! I wish all you ardent seekers of Nepali sex and other such things the best in your endeavours. And I again sincerely apologise for the false leads. May your search lead you to the right destination. Eventually.


Sekibuhchhuak said...

Hahaha! Pengui khi i van ti khawngaihthlak ve ! :-))

caribou said...

Nepali sex mai mai en ai chuan uluk taka i cup cake siam ei ka chak fe zawk. ka chak fe zawk.

Jerusha said...

Seki - hehe Antartica lam a hmelhriat awmchhun penguin ho han kah ve deuh zok a chakawm em a

Caribou - I ti lawmawm thin e. Engtin ni ah emaw ka cake siam pawh I la ei ve theih ngei ka beisei :P

Cocktail Party said...

LOL! This was really funny... and informative too... So there are a lot of people in search of Nepali sex? Right... I enjoy ur writing style... keep writing :)

Jerusha said...

Cocktail - thank you! haha yeah isn't it interesting that people from Qatar, Riyadh etc are searching for Nepali sex (maybe even right this very minute?).

Anonymous said...

A large number of your disappointed blog visitors may actually be Nepali migrants living in the UAE. In 2008, there were 125,258 Nepali migrants in the UAE (these are the official figures; after reading your post, I tried to find the latest data but couldn't find any). Out of this population, around 50 per cent work as labourers, mainly in the construction sector, while the rest work in hospitality and security services. So it's possible the stats on your blog are not actually an indicator of the rising popularity of Nepali porn in the international market. May be just some poor homesick Nepali folks trying to catch the action back home ;)

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