08 July 2011

Old Letters

I'm in the middle of heavy duty packing (moving to a new flat) but I have to quickly post this one before I stash it away again. Unearthed old treasures, and by that I mean of course old hand-written letters, way before the internet came along and ruined everything!

This lovely letter is around 5+ years old I think (forget what I said about the internet :P.) I used to be the big boss of all the neighborhood kids back home. So naturally when their big boss who teaches them inappropriate songs and make them eat parents-banned products went away, they wrote me relentlessly. I was missed! :)

This one is from a kid called Peka, the then 6 year old son of one of our neighbors.



how are you?

My name is Vanlalpeka

I am six years old

I am class-I

I go to school at ar-ellschool

I bring to you Nihawichi

My favorite fruite is Grape.
From Peka

Good by Dragon-ball Zee

(I used to promise them riches and wealth if they wrote me in English, this is one of Peka's attempt to ensure I return home with a Spiderman figure for him. And apparently he'd sent me some sunflower seeds along with the letter.)

Doesn't that warm your heart! I have more, funny ones where they tell me about their cats, or their neighbor's cats, or the dog that lives down the street. I'll share those too if I can find them.

(And my packing is going nowhere! Too many old letters to read...)


Maisek said...

So sweet!

caribou said...
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aduhi said...

Packing! aarggh don't mention that P word! We are moving in a couple of weeks and have a house full of junk accumulated over three years to clean out!

But seriously, old letters are so precious. And unfortunately nomad me has lost all hers :(

caribou said...

Peka chu a la naupang si a, lehkhathawn a thawn thei reng tawh mai si a leh. Naupang bright tak a ni chho ngei ang le...

Hmelthatea David said...

A van lo ngaihawm tak em aw? mahni kut ngei a ziah, thlum thei ang ber tura kan duan, kan duhber-i te han thawn kha chu a nuam dangdai ve riau asin, even though its a snail mail, but i prefer sometimes instead of going to Stationary and Gift stores which is well writen before and published in cards.

Btw, good post

Jerusha said...

Maisek - isn't it! It's a bit sad though because now that he's all grown up he refuses to hang out with in the company of a woman so much anymore lest his friends start calling him a sissy.

Aduh - I am unable to find the old cat letters :(( And those were really really good. Good luck with your packing, I'm all done with mine. Unpacking too. I feel like I should take a vacation just from that move.

Jerusha said...

Caribou - haha enge maw a an dawn khi. A upa telh telh a ho huih tawh mai :)) A hmel tha hle e tih mai loh chu

Hmelthate - dik chiah. Keipawh nuam ka ti tun thleng hian, paper I saiw angin stationery dawr ah nei leh nei lovin a sial sial kan han thlang ve a, paper ren em em chungin, uluk lutuk in kan han ziak a..ka lung a len :) Paper rim ringawt te hi ka ngaina

Lucy In The Sky said...

Haha Cute uluk tawp.
Kei pawh lehkhathawn hi ka paih phal ngai lo. Kar hmasa Sunday khan ka robawm ka hawng a, lehkhathawn hlui a lo la awm thrap a ka chhiar leh a lunglenthlak asin aw. Lehkha hlui rimte khan ka tah te a tichhuak.