10 July 2008

Meet Lucky - the Persian dog

Lucky is a dog that belongs to a friend of mine. He's a black German Shepherd, and can look absolutely terrifying in the dark, like some creature out of a horror movie. You'll know what I mean from this picture -
But then you know him better and you'll see he's just a big baby, he's just 4 months old, even though he already looks pretty big. He lives with his owner in this big house all by themselves, so I think he gets lonely a bit, and he's so thrilled to have visitors he goes crazy and he'll make you feel like you're the best person in the world ever. I'm mad about him.
He's teething, and he slobbers all over me, it gets messy but it's all worth it for the amount of good loving I get. I can stand a little canine saliva :-)

His owner, who I'll just call Gab, is a good friend of mine, and the funny thing is both master and dog speaks and understands only Persian. But despite the lack of verbal communication, we share a very good understanding of each other and enjoy each other's company.

It's funny how Gab can always sense my sadness when some people I spend hours pouring out my heart to can't. My blue days, he'd know it and he'd offer to come get me, and even when I don't feel like it, I usually end up going in the end more often because of Lucky than Gab himself, but I love them both like brothers.

When it gets late, we just all sit and watch TV, and I feel at peace because I know I don't have to talk or explain myself and that my silence doesn't bother them. We just have to sit and occasionally smile at each other and that's all that's needed. I like the simplicity of their lives and thoughts and the peace that comes with being with them. I want a dog of my own TERRIBLY!


Anonymous said...

Ui lam poh a ni lo... Kawpui i mamawh tak tak ta a ni e :)

A ngho a chawr hma hian tih mai hi a rem hriat thlak a sin :)

Jerusha said...
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Jerusha said...

anonymous - nangni ang ho kawppui hmuh leh hmuh loh ringawt hi kan damchhan emaw ti a, solution zawng zanwg awm emaw tih ve theih hi thra phian ang, ngaihtuah tawi deuh hi an hlim duh phian ania. Ui chu tun a ka duh ang reng hian ka naupan tet lai te khan ka duh sia, khang lai te khan kawppui ka mamawh tho tihna mi?

Kan purpose in life hi kawppui hmuh ni se chuan, kan happiness pawh a in depend ngei ang. Mahse ni si lo a buaithlak ani e. kawpui chu ka nei thra e, solution ani lo tih ka hre chiang thawkhawt.

Anonymous said...

Ekhai, hotunu..thil min ti hrechhuak..German Shephard hi a pa 2 leh a nu 4 kan nei tawh. Mahse a nu hi kan vulh lian thei miah lo, tinge mawni? kum an tlin hmain an thi zel..Chuan a pa 1 zawk phei chu Mizoram a a pure breed awm hmasa pawl a nia, a tv lai chuan a luck thei ania aw, a pu hian ka tluk mang tlat lo:) Aiz ah khian a thlah an tam ve viau ang..2005 khan kum 16 niin a thi ta nge nge..He was very much a part of our family..:(

-luliana (ka google account ka sign in thei tlat lo:()

DayDreamBeliever said...

You're so lucky to have someone (two of them, in fact) with whom you can share your silences and who can understand you without your having to speak. Sometimes we just mess up when we try too hard to fill the silence with words.After all, words are just ONE way of communication, and not necessarily always the best :)

Jerusha said...

boss lulian - german shepherd lian tawk mai, enkol thrat bawk si hi chu an pa ee lawm, in ui nangmah ai a a luck pawh chu tlemin ka hrethiam deuh mai e. A van dam rei em em, kum 16 lai kawl hnu a thih chu rilru a na duh awm. Ui hi ka vanduai an thi hma loh leh an bo a, a rei berah kum 2 vel chauh hi ka kol hman trok thin a, mahse an thi hi ka tuar thiam ngai lo, chu ber chu tunah pawh ui dang neih min ti hreh tu, rilru nat vel ka peih tawh lo.

Cherrie - I know, I thank my lucky stars for these two. And you're so right about words not always being
the best way of communicating. I mess everything up with words these days, even when I'm trying to make things better..

Anonymous said...

Heres mine...isnt she sweet!!!


I just love dogs...i'm totally anti-uisa.

Pi Black-i

Puia said...

Ekhai hotunu chu, ui i va hlaulo em em ve..:)

Kan tetlai khan Ui pakhat hi kan vulh ve reng thin, a hmingah Pari kan sa a. Kum 10 vel chu min dampuiin ka hria.

Ui hian tangkaina an lo nei nasa khawp mai. Police ho reng hian an chhawr. Mihring nunna lah an chhan hnem. Thenkhatte phei chuan mihring tlukin an ngai hlu mawle. Midel te tan hlei hlei hian an tangkai ma nge tiraw..

Naupang^Fel said...

I hate dogs! Doesn't matter if it's a German dog or tuikuk dog...I hate 'em all lest they're properly cleaned.

Jinx said...

I LOVE dogs! I often went past a place where they sell different breeds of dogs.Every time, I have to overcome the strong urge to get one for myself.The dilemma I'm facing is...If I get one, I can't imagine what is to become of them once I decide to come back to India. I don't feel quite at ease to just leave them at others care. I guess, I also have trust issues as to whether they'd take as good care for them as much as I would.So, here I am...drooling over the picture you've posted, as that's the only thing I can afford to do right now :)

I agree with you reg.ur reply to Anon. Why can't people accept the fact that just as there are people meant to be married, there are people meant to be single-and quite contented at that too!!

Jerusha said...

black magic - She is beautiful! I can't wait for Lucky to get this big. I am SOOOOOO anti-uisa! I want to be President just so I can ban uisa. Just one day to pass this one law, then step down and let the losers run the rest of everything else. I would be damned unpopular in Mizoram for sure LOL

boss Zorun - Ui te chu hlauh tur an awm hleinem, ui a hi ka rap full thrak thung. In ui hming chu a van chhe lo ve a, keini pawh kan tet lai a kan ui pakhat hming chu Siamthangi Hauhnar :)

Jerusha said...

jinx - I am not surprised you like dogs, I can kind of tell what kind of person would like them and what kind won't :) And I so know what you mean, I even thought about moving out of my apartment and find a dog-friendly one. But I have the same issues as you, plus like I already mentioned, I am unlucky with dogs, and I dread dread dread going through the pain of losing them, and if I was to go first, I wouldn't want it to lose me. Something like what you said about people not loving them and taking care of them the way we ourselves would....

And thanks for the support on the single issue. I'm not saying being married is bad, but if anyone with a partner comes and tells me they're happier than I am now because they're married, they would be lying and I'd know it and they'd know it!

claytonia vices said...

"When it gets late, we just all sit and watch TV, and I feel at peace because I know I don't have to talk or explain myself and that my silence doesn't bother them. We just have to sit and occasionally smile at each other and that's all that's needed. I like the simplicity of their lives and thoughts and the peace that comes with being with them."


BTW, can you guess if I like dogs or not?

Jerusha said...

Clay - you do! (am I right? :P)