14 December 2007

The Sweetest Things

The adorable, loving, but almost-stupid things friends say and do to keep you happy or just to keep you from being hurt:

1. You're out for a walk with your friend, and you've just spotted the guy you really like (who also just asked you out) kissing a girl, and your friend insists it could be his sister, when the guy is Caucasian and the 'sister' he's kissing is Asian.

2. A guy you're interested in suddenly seems to have lost interest in you, and your friend's explanation as to why? "He must be gay". And that's the only explanation there is.

3. You're in different continents, and they're going out to party without you and they send you an apology message - 'We're going out without you, sorry Jer, we love you!'

4. You sporadically keep canceling your travel plans, and they give you a farewell party and nice pressies each time. Three cancellations in three weeks can be pretty painful.

5. They refuse to talk to that 'friend' who didn't call you while you were sick.

6. You're going out with a new guy they don't trust, and they call you every one hour just to check if you're still alive. Not exactly funny when you're already 25+ years of age.

7. They lie for you. Even though they are terrible liars, and it most of the time don't work.

8. In their eyes, there's only one place you can go to when you die. Heaven.

9. They sit with me through a 4 hours long Church service in a language they don't understand a word of and still say it was fun.

10. Your contribution.

My friends have been my stronghold, my tissue boxes, my sleeping pills, my pick-me-ups . I don't know what I would do without them. Be bored stiff. Have no one to go out with, therefore stay home all the time. Grow depressed from all that staying home and self-companionship. Grow morbidly morose. Extreme clinical boredom. Lose all will to live. Start depending on chemical substances to want to continue living or shoot myself. So, technically, I owe them my life :D


Anonymous said...

That'd be 39.95$ + taxes.

Jerusha said...

LOL! How generous anonymous. Thank you! lol

Nags said...

we all do babes, we all do.

By the way, there is a tag I recently did in my blog. It would be great to see your responses to them :D Check it out and take it up if you wanna :)

Macabreday said...

i dont think i would have come this far without my friends. There was a point in my life, few years ago, when i believed that I did not need anyone, for my existance. I did have friends, but i could make it on my own if i wanted to. The last 8 or 10 years have made me change my views and really look back and see that if not for some of them, i wouldnt be here. i love them all *sob* *sob* *sob*

Jerusha said...

nags - lovely. I'm not a tag person, but this is one I'm going to love doing, so watch out! :)

mac - I can so relate to that, I think for a long time, I always believed that as much as I loved my friends, I could do without them, more like bonuses to life, but not necessities...

Anonymous said...

be glad u have friends that care girl there isnt much of those friends out there...

i think out of every1 i know i neva had a true friend they all stab u in the back..

cheers love ur blog..

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry anonymous. i didnt mean to.

Jerusha said...

LOL - now now anons..