03 December 2007

Fresh Young Sexy = Kill 'Em All!

I'm not even 30 yet and I already feel so ancient sometimes! I will admit - at the risk of sounding like a loser, that I often feel threatened by young people, fresh blood with their unbeatable talents. But if you're anything like me, you will also find these brilliant, young, college graduate-types who seem to naturally excel in everything a little annoying too!

Unbeatable in looks and other physical attributes, including 'height', and general 'coolness'. Their grey matters are just bubbling over, while mine seems to be already starting to fizzle out. They are filled with a passionate yearning to learn. I'm sick of it.

They pepper their sentences with words like 'Incessant', 'Esoteric', 'Throbbing' (and not even mean anything remotely sexual by it!), and 'Asinine' (often in reference to me, I fear.)

They write about pain and loss - the kind that would put all the hurt I've known in my entire lifetime to shame. They write about the loves they've had, and my grandest dream of love cannot live up to their smallest reality love affair.

They usually have been in relationships that have lasted longer than their time on earth. Their hair's always neat and tidy and shines - even after a major roller coaster ride. Always sophisticatedly fashionable, always manage to look like they're either trendily a few years early or late in style.

They drink Martinis and cranberry juice and Vodka. They can wear 3 bulky sweaters and a heavy coat over it and still manage to look thin. They can even wear pretty padded bras and still don't look like they're carrying the world on their shoulders - chests, I mean. They mostly speak at least 5 different languages fluently.

Me - quickie relationships; wild, unruly, orphan-type hair; predictable with fashion; mundanely always manages to shuffle along with the rest of the masses - the less fashionable mass that is; drink masala chai when other people on my table are drinking earl greys and jasmine tea; beer when they're sipping their Chardonnays and Sherries and Chiantis.

I can inarticulately make-do with 3 or 4 languages/dialects (have never really been able to tell apart these two). 3 or 4 depending on who wants to know. 3 if it's someone who I know or who I think might speak French. 4 if it's someone I'm sure don't speak French. :)


Seen the Mighty Ducks 'Miracle' movie? If yes, you know how loveable the Mighty Ducks were in the movie. Made by Americans, all good things must come to no end for the American team, while the poor Russians could only haply play their dark roles and earn some money to pay for their vodkas.

So the result of the Americans making the movie is this: rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed young American boys coached by a blue-eyed, dimple-cheeked coach. The opponents are the Russians - rough, violent, and consistently displaying extremely bad sportsmanship. They also got Dracula's long lost brother to play their coach.

All this combined with the fact that the Russians are playing on the enemy's home turf results in this - the odds of them being the hot, or even minor favorites, are zero to none. The movie was made in such a way that you sit there and watch and think how absurd it is, and you start to feel a little sorry for the reds, but you still can't help but adore the Americans and cheer when they won.

I reckon I'm pretty much in a similar boat as the Russians in that movie. Odds stacked all against me. Born out of sync with my sophisticated world. I can't compete with the sexy fresh talent. Maybe I should move to Russia....

I'm leaving for a one week trip to the Great Barrier Reef tonight. Not exactly Russia, but it'll have to do for now.



Anonymous said...

add 4-5 years to your misery and you will know how a 31+ year old feels :p

Jerusha said...

damn anonymous - that sure helps! :-)

Macabreday said...

think of it like this.... our best years are yet to come, and meanwhile let the noobs explore. We can always sit back and say "been there-done that" with a smirk on our face :)

Wine only gets better with age :D

Jerusha said...

...vocabulary too mac? :-) I've learned a lot of words from you, noob being the latest.

illusionaire said...

Mighty Ducks was merely one of the gazillion American byproducts of the Cold war era. Remember who the bad guys at James Bond movies always used to be those days? hehe.

They use the word asinine to describe you? How crude! Not mustering the fact that it sounds so similar to "a senile". tsk tsk, youngsters these days. No respect for the elderly at all. Me, I still look up to you, u Jerusha. Bon "Voyaaaash" (since, ahem, you know only 3 languages in front of me. lolz).

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Wrong Trial. Was hoping to see sexy pictures. I will get back to work! breakfast break

Puia said...

wow, so nice reading.

Jerusha said...

kima - 'a senile'? see that's exactly the kind of smartass comment I meant. Too sharp. Scary.

ben - you won't get any sexy pics, it 's stinger season so even though I spent a lot of time in the water, it's mostly with ridiculous body suits, covered from head to toe to fingernails :D

puia - thank you!

apatea said...

y'know, You never know "the best time of your life" while its happening. This might be one of those moments.
The best thing to do in yur situation or anyone else's for that matter is, to enjoy every moment!!!

apatea said...

Oh btw nice read :-D

Jerusha said...

apate - thanks! And yeah, despite all this, I still believe this is the best time of my life so far...It's something I can laugh and joke about, me being too old, but I wouldn't never want to go back to being 21.

Nags said...

aha! now this has been taken out of my mind! i feel the same too. and i consider u as part of "them' :D :D

Jerusha said...

nags - no way, I consider YOU as part of them!! :)